William Argelian Hammond

William Charles Argelian-Hammond


Name: William Charles Argelian-Hammond

Nickname: Wills or Will

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 2’1”

Weight: 20lbs

Hair: Light Blond

Eyes: Brown

Date Of Birth: 3283, June 23rd

Age: 2 years old

Place of Birth: USS Galaxy

Interests: His teddy bear, playing with his mother in their cabin.
He also likes grass and enjoys being on the holodeck.

Languages: Federation Standard :)


Mother: Stephanie Argelian
Father: Mitchell William Hammond
Parents are not married.


Born to Stephanie Argelian and Mitchell Hammond on the USS Galaxy in 2381. His parents are not married and have a custody agreement where William lives with his mother and then spends holidays where possible with his Father until he is 5. Then they will re-evaluate the agreement. As of 2383, The Custody arrangement with Mitchell has been voided by his actions and Stephanie is now sole custodian of her son

William is a happy child and loves to take baths and play with his mother.

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