United Federation Of Planets


The Federation has begun making plans for further colonisation programs outside of Federation Territory, the first of its type for 50 years. The Federation is still suffering the after effects of the War, with many Federation Starship, Starbases and planetary installations, even after 7 years, still awaiting repairs and replenishment.The Starfleet Advanced Design Bureau have only recently begun finishing their ongoing projects. The Hyperion Class, commissioned in 2379, is currently the Largest Federation Starship, closely followed by the Chariot Class. The recent addition of the new Luna Class Vessels, which include Captain Riker's USS Titan, is also proving successful. The Pathfinder Class Starships are developing as the elite of new Federation vessels. Capable of MVA mode, the Pathfinder class Starship is rising to become the new Sovereign Class. The Concorde Class Starship is also proving a success as the replacement for Starships such as the Typhon and Tirpitz. Another recent completion by the ASDB is the Montana Class, which after aggressive testing, has been abandoned, and the crew of the only commissioned space frame has been assigned to another vessel, which Starfleet has named Montana.

Tensions in the Bajor sector are still normalising since the end of the war. Trade-lines to the Gamma Quadrant have only recently been re-opened. Station Deep Space 9 has come under complete Starfleet control, as of early 2380. This is due to the acceptance of Bajor into the UFP. The Bajoran Militia has been absorbed into the Starfleet, and the Bajoran Provisional Government has been discontinued in favour of a new long-term Government.

Captain Kira Nerys, Commandant of Deep Space 9, has recently said that the continued Starfleet Presence near the Bajoran Wormhole is necessary. Starfleet are turning the station into a shipyard, and are currently making plans to open it as such. Amongst the proposed names for this Shipyard are the Opaka Yards, the Emissary Yards, and the Sisko Yards. Starfleet Polls are leaning more towards naming them the Sisko Yards.

The newest ships of the line inculde the Pathfinder Class of which the USS Resolution A is one, and the new Majestic class.

Current President: Morgan Locke

Presidential Elections : August 23rd 2385

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