Tom Simmons



NAME: Tom Simmons
RANK: 4th Year Cadet
AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 173 lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
BIRTHPLACE: Montana, Earth
DATE OF BIRTH: October 30th 2364
ACADEMY CLASS: Class of 2385 - Pending Completion
SPECIALITIES: Science Subsystems, System Management, Eps Flow Regulation, IM Pulse Operation,
FAMILY: Father: Force General Paul Simmons - Director-General - Starfleet Intelligence Corp; Mother: Maria Simmons, Civilian Scientist; Sister: Lieutenant Commander Lisa Simmons - Chief Operations Manager, USS Athalon

Montana Class Design Project Service Medal
USS Montana Service Medal
Starfleet Intelligence Service Medal
Battle of Janoa Service Ribbon
Romulan Cluster
Combat Merit
USS Resolution-A Service Medal

None on file

Civilian 2379-2380 Starfleet Advanced Design Bureau Designer - New Montana Class Development Project
Civilian 2380-2381 Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards Assistant to Lt. Commander Johnson
1st Year Cadet 2381-2382 Starfleet Intelligence HQ Studying Operations
1st Year Cadet 2382-2382 USS Montana Studying Operations
2nd Year Cadet 2382-2383 Starfleet Academy Studying Engineering
3rd Year Cadet 2383-2384 Starfleet Academy Studying Engineering
4th Year Cadet 2384-2385 Starfleet Academy Studying Engineering
4th Year Cadet 2385-PRES USS Resolution-A Midshipman Training Cruise - Engineering

Cadet Simmons was born on October 30th, 2364, in Central Montana, Earth. His Father was a Starfleet Captain who, for a short time, had no ship to Command. His mother was a civilian scientist who had interests in all areas of the sciences who was running a Laboratory in Montana.

Shortly after he was Born, his father got a Command of his own, the USS Kyushu. His sister Lisa went with him, while he stayed on Earth with his Mother. His Mother raised him alone for most of his early years. He resented his father for several years because of it. It wasn't until his parents got divorced and his father took control of Starfleet Intelligence in 2374 that he finally got closer to then Vice Admiral Simmons. He spent the next 8 years getting to know the man that was his father. He looked on as his father redeveloped Starfleet Intelligence. He looked on as his father began to take an active role in the Montana project. He looked on as his father put his signature on the documents that welcomed Bajor into the Federation.

It wasn't until 2379, when Fleet Admiral Simmons got involved with the Montana Project, that Tom became interested in Operations. He even helped to work on the project, helping to draft up the outline for the ship planform. Designs NX-86431-XP/1 through NX-86431-XP/6 were all his designs. They didn't work, the designs didn't hold up to computer simulations, but he still wanted to have an input in the project. He also designed the model NX-86431-XP/7, which showed improvement.

In 2381, he applied to Starfleet Academy. However when asked where he wanted to study, he said that he wanted to learn Operations at a location where he could be with his father regularly. When the USS Montana NX-86431 was commissioned, he was sent there, and began his education on board the very ship he'd helped to design.

When Toms father stepped down as Montana CO, Tom decided that he would finally go to Starfleet Academy when the next Semester began. He also decided to Transfer into Engineering, which he enjoyed even more than he thought he would.

With the Beginning of the Second Year, young Cadet Simmons made a decision that would ultimately turn out for the better for him. He transferred to Engineering. Tom studied hard throughout his second year, and he was rewarded with a position as a Student Mentor in his Third Year. Part of his responsibilities were to be involved with induction of new starters for the 2383 Academy Class. He was amongst 30 students of his year group to do this.

In 2383, Tom also joined the Starfleet Academy Soccer Team. Initially, he wasn't very good, although he enjoyed spending time with the people on the team, and that helped him. He enjoyed putting the effort into his training, which ultimately led to his improvement.

In September 2384, Tom became a 4th Year Cadet, and he spent the next four months applying to Commanding Officers for a place to begin his Midshipman Cruise, which would begin in the January of '85. Tom got accepted to the Starship Resolution, to train in the Engineering department.

Before starting at the Academy, Tom was quite a reclusive young Man, and had difficulties making friends. His only friends initially had been his parents, his sister, and the man who ran the Montana Project, Commander Johnson, whom he briefly worked for on the original Montana. Later though, as an Academy Student, he began to come out of his Shell, and make friends with others.

Amongst some of his close friends are Nathan Armstrong, David Alexander, and Mariah Knight, all Cadets from the Academy. Also, coincidently, all of those came from the next Montana, and all are younger than him.

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