Thomas Carey




Basic Information

NAME: Thomas Carey
RANK: Executive Commander
AGE: 47
HEIGHT: 6'6"
WEIGHT: 280 lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Brown
DATE OF BIRTH: May 23rd, 2337
ACADEMY CLASS: Class of 2359


Martial arts, cooking, girls, boxing, kickboxing, hockey, soccer

Fred and Mary Carey, (adoptive parents), Wife: Lieutenant Commander Juliet Adams-Carey, Chief Medical Officer USS Montana-A; Daughter: Lissette Adams, Civilian Child USS Montana-A

Academy Bar; Silver Cross; Dominion Cluster; Cardassian Cluster; Breen Cluster; Dominion War Service Ribbon; Purple Heart; Courage Under Fire; Medal Of Valour; Medal Of Honour; USS Challenger-A Service Medal; USS Montana-A Service Ribbon; Bronze Service Award (OOC Award); Exploration Ribbon (x4); Zeta Gelis Cluster Expedition; Graveyard Survivors; Simmer of the Mission (OOC Award) 'Ep. 5'; First Contact (x6); Breen Border Relief Force; Hrakert Rift Expedition; Deep Space Three Service Ribbon; Command Cluster

REPRIMANDS: Fighting with fellow officer, striking a superiour officer, Disobeying a direct order, Demotion for fighting with a klingon Diplomat


Cadet - Freshman Grade 2355-2356 Starfleet Academy Student
Cadet - Sophomore Grade 2356-2357 Starfleet Academy Student
Cadet - Junior Grade 2357-2358 Starfleet Academy Student
Cadet - Senior Grade 2358-2359 Starfleet Academy Student
Ensign 2359-2362 USS Minnesota Security/ Tactical Officer
Lieutenant JG 2362-2369 USS Hawkeye Assistant Chief of Security/ Tactical
Lieutenant 2369-2375 USS Iroquois Chief of Security/ Tactical
Lieutenant 2375-2377 Prisoner of War N/A
Lieutenant Commander 2377-2379 Deep Space Six Strategic Operations Officer
Commander 2379-2380 Dark Range Station Executive Officer
Lieutenant 2380 Suspended from Starfleet N/A
Major (SFMC) 2382-2382 707th Battalion [USS Challenger-A] Platoon Leader
Lieutenant Commander 2382-2382 USS Montana-A Chief of Security
Lieutenant Commander 2382-2383 USS Montana-A Chief of Security/ Tactical
Lieutenant Commander 2383-2383 USS Montana-A Chief of Security
Lieutenant Commander 2383-2383 EXTENDED LEAVE OF ABSENCE
Commander 2383-2384 USS Montana-A Head of Shipboard Defence Operations
Executive Commander 2384-2385 Deep Space Three Commanding Officer
Executive Commander 2385-PRES USS Resolution-A Commodores Chief of Staff


Born on Dorel IV, Thomas was the only survivor found after a massacre by an unknown race, he was brought to Vulcan where he was put in the local orphanage and awaited a new home. When he was two years old, a Human couple visited the orphanage and fell in love with him right away, a month later he was adopted, given the Carey name and brought to a small town in North America on earth called Gaspe. Growing up, his parents tried to show him the Vulcan ways, but Thomas didn’t want it, he stayed with the Human life and didn’t go through the rituals to get rid of emotion. When he was 16 he applied to the academy where he was accepted into the Security/Tactical field.

In the Academy, he excelled at every subject, he joined every sports team, his favourite being hockey growing up in Canada, their national sport. When he graduated from the Academy he was given a posting on the USS Minnesota.

His posting on the Minnesota was one of his least favourites, being only a small escort vessel it hardly ever saw any action, but when it did, it was a beauty in battle. It fought like a tiger and was able to hold off two or three small attacking ships. In 2361 Thomas received a reprimand for fighting with another security officer while on-duty, and another in 2362 for the same reason. At the end of 2362, he was given a promotion to LT. JG and to assistant chief tactical/security of a Yeager class starship. The USS Hawkeye.

Onboard the Hawkeye, the ship was old, almost ready to be decommissioned but Starfleet kept it in commissioned. During one mission to locate a missing ship in the Isis Sector, upon arrival the ship was found floating in space with no life sign's. During an away team, a Klingon bird of prey decloaked and attacked the derelict ship. All except the Executive officer made it off the ship safely. With the derelict being battered once again, and the Executive officer still onboard, Thomas decided to take matters into his own hands, with just minutes away from the ship exploding and against Captains orders fire he beamed over to the ship and rescued the executive officer who was inside engineering of the ship when a leak started and caused him to go unconscious. After beaming beaming over to the Hawkeye, once again, he was treated for plasma inhalation and first degree burns. Even though he was able to save the mans life he was given a reprimand for endangering his own life and disobeying a direct order. He later also received a medal for his heroic deed, but the reprimand still stands. In 2369 he put in for a transfer to the USS Iroquois, a large galaxy class starship.

The USS Iroquois was a different experience for him, he was normally given posts on small ships, but this being a galaxy class ship made him happy, finally something that would be able to hold up to anything. He received several more reprimands within the next few yeas for fighting, once even striking the executive officer. He also received a few medals, the purple heart when on an away team he took a Klingon knife in the back while trying to help out some civilians fend some Klingons off in a surprise attack. He spent nearly two weeks in the sickbay due to the extent of injuries. When the Dominion war started, the Iroquois was assigned to the 19th fleet, and assigned to guard the Cardassian border.

In 2375 the Iroquois was lost and all hands were presumed dead, but there were survivors, Thomas being among them, along with the chief Engineer, a doctor and several science officers, all that were left of a crew of over 500. It wasn’t until 2377 that Starfleet heard about the camp. Although unable to do anything about it right at the moment, the moment did arrive four months later when the Dominion was defeated by a Cardassian/Federation/Klingon/Romulan fleet. Upon the release due to the terms of the surrender, all the prisoners were sent to Starfleet HQ for a complete debriefing.

Six months later he was given a promotion to Lt. commander and given a posting as a strategic operations officer onboard Deep space six, where he was given the position of second officer of the Akira class starship assigned to the station. For two years of nonstop dullness ensued, and after two years he applied for a position on Dark range, a large station in the triangle sector.

Given the position, and promoted to full commander and executive officer, it was another dull posting, with nothing more than high-jackings, a few disappearances, threats from numerous species to take over the station, All was routine. In 2380, the station was being visited by a diplomatic envoy from the Romulan star empire, the groups safety was his responsibility, and he made every precaution to make sure nothing would go wrong. However when the envoy arrived, a bomb exploded killing all members of the diplomatic envoy. With the security in Thomas’s care, he was to blame, even if it wasn’t him that set the bomb, he had overlooked something and now he was going to pay. There was an inquiry upon Thomas’s duty on the station, and a court-martial soon came and it was said that Thomas had been neglectful in maintaining the safety of the envoy, and was stripped of commander, and demoted back to Lt. and was suspended from service for 2 years.

For the three years he didn’t take a break, but he was able to go back into training, he chose Marine training, for two years including marine leadership. When he got out of training his two years was up, he got a new rank of major and was given a position onboard the USS Challenger.

The Challenger, was a tough posting, he almost got killed when he blew the bridge of the ship, to stop the Captain which had then been possessed by an unknown entity. Then the mission later the ship was destroyed saving a people from an enemy that had enslaved them for centuries. He had decided after the second mission it was time to get back to the fleet, Upon request and a letter off Recommendation By his brother as well as his former Marine CO Col Jon Blythe, he was accepted back into the fleet with a rank of Lt. commander, and a posting on the USS Montana-A.

Before the Montana launched officially, the ships Chief Tactical Officer was unexpectedly reassigned, and so the Tactical and Security Departments were merged, and Thomas was selected to head up them both, on a temporary basis until a replacement could be found. That replacement came when the Montana returned to Starbase 117 after her four month expedition in the Beta Quadrant.

He resigned his commission in February of 2383, not citing any reasons. It was later learned that Captain Armstrong never submitted his Resignation to Starfleet, merely placing him on an extended leave from duty. He returned to duty in May 2383, heading up a Super-department, the Shipboard Operations Department.

Upon his return to duty, and subsequent return to his previous post, the sudden reinstatement, caused trouble with Lt Kalissa Kyler, his previous assistant which was now heading the security department. Upon his return, she quickly resigned her commission and the trouble with the two started, and came to a head when they fought in the lounge, resulting in the stunning of kalissa. This would cause Kalissa to leave the ship and he would have no contact with her for the next two years. It was during this time where he found out that he truly did have feelings for the Lt, and figured whatever he did, would not sove the problems created with this. This was even harder, since he was married and had a kid with Juliet. He was able to keep the thoughts of her away from his wife due to his implant making it possible to hide things away from the mind link.

Several months after Kylers departure, the Montana received a distress call from DS3, a starbase on the outskirts of federation space. Stating they were under attack by an unknown force, the Montana quickly responded but was slmost too late as the station was almost completely destroyed.

The Senior staff of the starbase was completely killed and was looking for someone to help coordinate efforts. With his previous command experience, Thomas volunteered, and was quickly accepted as the temporary commanding officer of DS3, while other Montana crew members came onto the station, and the Montana went off to fight against the people who attacked the station.

That was the last time anyone saw the Montana, the ship was reported mission about a week after she left port, and a month later after searching for her whereabouts, they considered her lost with all hands.

This was a hard time for him, so much so that it affected his and Juliets relationship to the point that they separated and she started seeing other people. With the marriage ended, she took a position on the USS Enterprise as the Chief medical officer, and took Lisette with her. Thomas meanwhile accepted the position as Commanding Officer of the starbase full time.

Within the next eighteen months, things started going on, first a well known ambassador and Admiral disappeared, which happened to be related, and under odd circumstances. Then their deaths and the complete defection of the second fleet save the resolution, whitestar and the routledge. It was then that Starfleet came to him with another assignment.

This assignment was more for the family than it was for himself. He could have stayed on DS3, but he owed something to his father and grandfather. So he took the position onboard as the commodores chief of staff, and it was here he found a familiar face. Kalissa Kyler, The two were almost at each others throats from the first moments, and steered clear from each other. But things came to an end when a fight came at the holodeck, Afterwards they went back to her quarters, and made amends, something he wishes that wasn’t a mistake, and almost killed him when the link broke, giving him a link to her. What the future holds for him now puzzles him even more. Making love to Kalissa and the fact that the link to his exwife broke and linked to hers was a sign that his love for her was even stronger than that for his wife.


Although he is Vulcan, he doesn’t suppress his emotions. He can get quite angry, which had gotten him in trouble numerous occasions. He is quite happy with the transfer back to the fleet, given his last assignment.


What strikes most about Thomas when they first see him is the implant on his face. During his time on the Challenger he was attached, massive damage to the dermal layer as well as his skull was the result of an encounter and could only be treated by replacement of his right eye and the placement of the implant to control brain functions that would normally be controlled by areas of the lobe destroyed in the attack.

Because of the severity of the damage and the urgency in the need of the treatment rather then the implant being made internal it was built on his face externally, all of the connections run above the skin.

Apart from its practical application the implant is equipped with a communication system with increased range that equals more then ten times that of standard communicators. There is also equipment that can act as a transport enhancer or inhibitor depending on how Thomas controls the settings of the implant. The eye that was lost was also replaced with the most state of the art bionic eye, that was experimental at the time. Not only does it allow him to see things not detectable by the naked eye, but it acts like a scope with him being able to see an object like an apple almost as if it was a foot away from him from three football yards away, making him even deadlier at his shots when using a Phaser-Rifle or even a Phaser.

In time the connections made by the implant can be made beneath the skin with smaller more advanced implants, it is only a matter of some small surgeries to do so. However, in the time since the fall of the Challenger Thomas has had little focus on them, instead keeping his attention on his assigned tasks.

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