The Carey Family

The Carey Family


The Carey Family is a very large family with a history of being Security Officers and commanding officers of skill and renoun throughout the fleet. Starting with Joshua Carey who after he retired started his own Civilian Security Company down to young Ensign Trevor Carey, the Carey's have a long history of doing things that make others question their sanity as well as Applaud their courage.

Joshua Carey and His Family

roth.jpg + Helen_Mirren_web_preview.jpg = Admiral-Hathaway-new.jpg AdmiralKostya-1.jpg
Joshua Carey + Veronica Wells = Mark Carey Horace Carey

Mark Carey and His Family

Admiral-Hathaway-new.jpg + isole.jpg = Carey-2.jpg TCarey2.jpg
Mark Carey + Lorraine Alexander = Alexander Carey Thomas Carey, Adopted Child
Admiral-Hathaway-new.jpg + isole.jpg = Kurt-Russell-392x400-16.339kb-media-1186-media-87722-1077632701.jpg paulgross01.jpg
Mark Carey + Lorraine Alexander = Jean-Pierre Carey Austin Carey

Alexander and Jessica Carey and their Family

Carey-2.jpg + wolfson4.jpg = harrisons-harrisons-3304.jpg kbrady-kbrady-c2e0.jpg
Alexander Carey + Jessica Winfield = John (deceased) Melissa
Carey-2.jpg + wolfson4.jpg = DamienAshton-DamienAshton-1746.jpg kimek12-kimek12-8f6j.jpg
Alexander Carey + Jessica Winfield = Jesse Jennifer

Thomas Carey and his Family

TCarey2.jpg + nayru_large.jpg = LisetteAdams.jpg
Thomas Carey + Juilet Adams = Lisette Adams-Carey

Jean-Pierre Carey and His Family

Kurt-Russell-392x400-16.339kb-media-1186-media-87722-1077632701.jpg + oracle03.jpg = JesseMMHayes-5.jpg
Jean Pierre Carey + Lynn Michaels(Deceased) = Daryl Carey(Deceased)
Kurt-Russell-392x400-16.339kb-media-1186-media-87722-1077632701.jpg + JessicaStadi.jpg = Image here
Jean Pierre Carey + Jessica Bannon = ?

Horace Carey and His Family

AdmiralKostya-1.jpg + Athena.jpg = DCarey.jpg
Horace Carey + Matilda Carey = David Carey

David Carey and His Families

DCarey.jpg + Calloway2.jpg = smith3.jpg
David Carey + Darlene Smith = Michael Smith
DCarey.jpg + CassandraJellico.jpg = No Children
David Carey + Amanda Cahill = No children
DCarey.jpg + Edwards-new.jpg = robertcarey.jpg betazoid60.jpg
David Carey + Christina Locrina = Robert Carey Trevor Carey
DCarey.jpg + 4727.jpg = BabyBengal1-BabyBengal1-2652.jpg
David Carey + Sh'an'ia = Jolene Carey, aged 6
DCarey.jpg + DFaal-Carey2.jpg = 7925.jpg MadisonPhilip-0.jpg
David Carey + Deanna Faal = Peter Carey,Aged 3 Vivian Carey, aged 3
DCarey.jpg + 13_jolie_lgl.jpg = Image here
David Carey + Brianna Stronghold = Rumoured children before death*

Robert Carey and His Family = deceased killed by HUNTERS

robertcarey.jpg + B'Lar.jpg = Kuvall.jpg
Robert Carey + B’Lar = Kuvall

Michael Smith And his Family

smith3.jpg + Shiarrael.jpg = Image Here
Michael Smith + Shiarrael T’Nairrehk = ?
smith3.jpg + aurelieclaudel.jpg = Image here
Michael Smith + Stephanie Argelian = ?
aurelieclaudel.jpg + human64.jpg = William_Argelian_Hammond.jpg
Stephanie Argelian + Mitchell Hammond = William Argelian-Hammond
  • *Deaths have been "confirmed" but Authorities are not certain
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