Terpsicore Kanakaredes

Name Terpsicore Euridece (Terpsy) Kanakaredes
Race Potidian


Rank and department. Lt Counsellor,
Height/Weight Terpsicore is a 5ft 10in/69kg
hair/Eyes Brown/green
age 36 born May 23 2347
Gender Female
Family Father Iolus Kanakerides; Teacher
Mother Callisto Kanakerides ;Housewife
Education 2352-59 Valesca Junior School
2359-65 Xena High School (Final year Valdictorian)
She was a member of the school Cheerleading squad
The Xena High Cervitaurs .Captain in her final year.
2365-69 Starfleet academy (passed 10th in class).
2369-70 Midshipman ;cadet cruise U S S Noble(Olympic
2370-77 Ensign USS Noble Counsellor
2377-80 Lt (jg)U s s Excalibur(Excalibur class)Counsellor
2380-83 Lt U S S Excalibur ;Counsellor
Awards Acadamy graduation ribbon,5 yr ribbon ,10 yr ribboln
U S S Nobel service ribbon, U S S Excalibur service
ribbon Exploration medal
Reprimands Non on record

Appearance Terpsy is a tall attractive willowy woman with 4 arms
her skin is a a pale purple skin ,long slim muscular legs
34a/26/36 figure.her lower arms are slender and willowy
Her upper pair are long and muscular .She has an oval
face With long brown hair ,green eyes a slender nose
moderatley thin lips and slender ears pointed at the
lower ends
Personality Terpsy is a charismatic gregarious girl with a playful
streak and a bit of a prankster
History Terpsy was born in Gabrellvill on Potidia on the 23rd
may 2347 having a typical potidian farm upbringimg
.Attending the local junior school Later she went to a
coed boarding school in Gabriell city where she was a
member of the chearleader becoming captain in her final
year .She finished school Valdictorian
After leaving school she entered Starfleet accademy
where she made many freinds due to her charisma and a few
enemies due to her pranks .She started a small
cheerleading club which had a few fans.
After that she was assigned to the U S S Noble as a
midshipman impressing Cpt Lorna Bennet enught to keep her
on as an ensign for the next 7 yrs where she did sterling
service getting 3 commendations for saving lives during
the dominian war.after 5 yrs she was promoted to Lt (jg)
After that she was transfeard to the U S S Excalibur to
fill in her decimated medical and counseling crew .Here
she servd undef cpt ch,Sharlik a quiet Andorian Chan who
is well liked by the crew of the Excalibur for the next
6yrs once again getting a commendation for talking the
ships X O fron commiting suicide .She was alslo promoted
to Lt serving as acting assistant chief counselour
She has just been transfered to the U S S Resolution
Special notes I will send a seperate file o n the Potidians and the
potidia system later
I will send a photo to the photos section .

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