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=S= The Tallix Sect =S=

Are they Evil or People trying to do the Right thing? The Tallix Sect is a complicated thing. Led by five unknown people, they are choosing to fight against the ideals of the Federation. Or Are they? They believe that the Federation is weak. They see the end of the Federation coming and have chosen to do something about it. Belief that such enemies as the Borg can be defeated by all major powers uniting under one banner is common. And most have joined the sect to preserve our freedom from such races. Others have joined it simply to take power.

The five leaders, known only by code names, as all members of the sect are to some extent, lead by force, by fear of Force or by example. The hierarchy is simple. You have as much as rank for as much time as you have been in the Sect. There is no rank ladder that one can climb and be promoted. There is only service to the Sect and those who can lead do so. Loyalty is paramount to the sect. And the penalty for disloyalty is death. One can not simply join and then walk away betraying all that it is. It is the quickest way to die. Disobeying or disregarding orders from those of higher status then you can lead to fatal consequences and most of those leaders in the Sect have encouraged their subordinate’s loyalty by enforcing the harsh penalties.

What the Sect wants is simple. They want all the powers to be united as stated above. And they will use any means to secure that. The attack on the Rihannsu was calculated by the number 2 in the Sect, who has been labeled by the Federation as one of the most dangerous operatives. Though they do not know his or her face and they do not know the person’s name, they only know that the death and carnage could have been prevented had the others in the chain of command had knowledge and had, had time to act. How this information came to them is unclear. Some speculate that there is a traitor in the Sect, very high up, if not the upper echelons, then very close. Others say that the sect sent a message, lamenting the loss of life under the command of the 2nd in Charge and vowed not to allow it to go to such lengths again. But to the general populace, it is clear, the Sect means business.

Some liken the Tallix Sect to the Marquis during the years leading up to the Dominion war, others yet label them Terrorists for hire. But nothing could be further from the truth. Members of the Sect come from all walks of life, from all the major powers in the two quadrants. Among them as stated, there are those that believe that the only way to survive is to join the sect, and those among them who are striving to take the power that will be gained for themselves. The Sect’s fleet is a diverse group of ships, all with stolen cloaking technology and the ships sizes range from fighter craft to large capital ships either stolen or captured from the Federation, The Klingon Empire, The Romulan Star Empire, The Cardassian Union and even from some of the Gamma Quadrant races. This ‘rag tag’ fleet works well together and should not be under estimated.

Ok so you are thinking well if they are just a bunch of Terrorists with some cool ships why haven’t the Federation taken them out?

Some intelligence operatives say that any attempt to take out the Sect has been thwarted because of the of the sleeper agents within the Federation ranks. It is estimated that on any one ship with a crew of over 1000, At least 50 to 100 of those officers and crew are Sect agents, merely waiting for the time to leave their posts and to join their brethren in the fight. But that is mere speculation, that number could be higher or it could be lower, and in some cases, it could be an entire ship, as in the well documented case of the USS High Guard.

In 2383, the USS High Guard was sent on a routine patrol of the area near Breen space. Their task as ordered by Starfleet Command was to merely watch and scan the edges of Breen territory. But the High Guard did more then that. They did scan, they did watch and when the time was right, against Starfleet orders, they took out 5 unmanned Breen listening posts along the Breen/Federation Boarder. Starfleet had no choice but to declare the ship and its crew Rogue. That didn’t bother the Crew of the High Guard who calmly sent out the following message.

[“The Federations Days are numbered. They merely stood by while millions are slaughtered by the Dominion, they allow the Borg to attack and barely hold their own. Needs Must and we must unite! The Tallix Sect will not stand by while incompetence rules the Federation and its Starfleet and more innocents die needlessly because of that. Needs Must. And We are loyal to those ends. The Tallix Sect has your number Starfleet. Be Prepared, the End is coming.”]

All attempts to find the USS High Guard, her crew and certain members of the crew’s families, have failed.

This was the start of a number of attacks on unmanned targets through the Federation and her Allies’ home sectors. But as the attack on the Romulan homeworld showed, the attacks could and would escalate.

Ok so they say the Tallix Sect is a bunch of insane idiots. What about that? Are they really insane?

That depends clearly on the person. Take for example the dictator Hitler in the early 20th Century Earth. He was insane. But those around him were documented as sane, if not completely loyal to his cause. Some within the Sect could be totally insane and others yet perfectly sane and still strive towards the same goal.

What about those who really are evil, doesn’t that just prove that the Sect itself is evil?

Was Chakotay evil? Like the Marquis before them, it takes all kinds to win a war. You may not like their methodology or you may not like what you see as Terrorist actions but even Terrorists have their day when they are seen as something more. As stated, some are in it for the power. After all, you are talking about over throwing three entire empires, (For the sake of argument, lets call the Federation an Empire for now) and bludgeoning them into submission. So yes, there would be a lot of power involved. Someone would have to lead after it was all said and done and there are those who believe it should be them.

Then there are those who seek to temper the blade aimed at the hearts of those empires, those who seek the overthrow for the greater good, to protect their families, to protect their homes. There are those who go to great lengths to stop the carnage and seek a peaceful resolution to the crisis. But they know, that their voices can be over shadowed and if the Federation Government refuses to listen, then yes more drastic measures must be taken.

So am I saying that the idealists in the Sect will be drowned out? One never knows. They are well organized, and well funded. Their attitudes towards such archaic laws and boundaries imposed by the Federation on its citizens has drawn all kinds of people.

It is said, one of the main laws that will be abolished by the Sect will be General Order Number One. The Prime Directive Which states the Following:

As the right of each sentient being to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred, no Starfleet personnel may interfere with the normal and healthy development of alien life and culture. Such interference includes introducing superior knowledge, strength, or technology to a world whose society is incapable of handling such advantages wisely. Starfleet personnel may not violate this Prime Directive, even to save their lives and/or their ships, unless they are acting to right an earlier violation or an accidental contamination of said culture. This directive takes precedence over any and all other considerations, and carries with it the highest moral obligation.

The Sect sees this as silly as they believe all sentient beings should have the chance to grow if they desire it, even if that growth is helped along by other races with higher technology.

They also believe that other oaths and orders are obsolete and that personal freedoms should not be curtailed in the way Starfleet curtails them.


Known Races In the Sect: (Please note this does not mean that all members of the race are members.)

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