Syrenna Chen



NAME: Syrenna 'Storm' Chen. By Japanese tradition,
it would be written as Chen Syrenna though.
She also goes by Syr or Storm.
RANK: Ensign
SPECIES: Chameloid (see special notes for more details)
AGE: 28
HEIGHT: nominal 5’11”
WEIGHT: nominal 148 lbs
EYES: Nominal is brown. Actual is yellow & cat-like. While she can easily change them, sometimes, they switch back without her realising occassionaly when she is excited
HAIR: Nominal is light brunette. Sometimes goes blonde, sometimes very dark brown.
DATE OF BIRTH: Unknown exact date. Put down April 1st on Academy application
ACADEMY CLASS: Class of 2378
SPECIALITIES: Field Agent. Seduction, infiltration, assault, covert operations
HOBBIES: diving, cooking, singing, dancing, gambling, reading detective novels, linguistics, hunting as a predator, collecting wierd bottles, trapieze & high-wire work, martial arts, acrobatics, wrestling, kick-boxing, marine animals, hang-gliding, fighter jet simulations, piloting, mountain climbing, archery, gymnastics, running, adrenaline sports

FAMILY: No known family. Adoptive father & mother are Patrick and Julia Darrow. No siblings.

Academy Bar Starfleet Intelligence Graduate Starfleet Intelligence Service Medal Marksman Award Piloting Certification

- 7 counts of grevious bodily harm
- 8 counts of gross insubordination
- 4 counts of minor insubordination
- 9 count of excessive use of force
- 8 counts of 'abuse of shape-shifting ability for mischief' (various - scaring arachnaphobic counsellor, impersonating senior officer to cause mischief)
- 4 counts of assault


R-Cadet1.png 2375 Starfleet Academy Cadet
R-Cadet2.png 2376 Starfleet Academy Cadet
R-Cadet3.png 2377 Starfleet Academy Cadet
R-Cadet4.png 2378 Starfleet Academy Cadet
R-0.png 2379-2379 USS Greyhawk Security
B-Cadet4.png 2379-2380 Starfleet Intelligence Training School Student
B-1Lt.png 2379-2380 Various Intelligence Field Agent
B-0s.png 2380-2382 Various Intelligence Field Agent
B-0s.png 2382-2383 USS Rapid Intelligence Officer
B-1Lt.png 2383-PRES USS Resolution-A Intelligence Officer

Public History
Syrenna was found on the steps of a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, San Fransisco on April 1st, 2356 by the owner, a Japanese man named Chen Kenichi who was also the head chef, as he was leaving. Looking around, he found that she was alone so he took her to the nearest hospital even though it was April Fool's Day, where she was treated for exposure and malnutrition.


The hospital doctors confirmed she was close enough to one year old and a Chameloid. Local law enforcement & Starfleet personnel were unable to track down her real parents, so she was adopted by Chen Kenichi and his Chinese wife, Chen Li. Her adopted parents named her Syrenna, and she took their family name as her own when she was old enough. She took up Buddihism as a way of life, but doesn't really follow it as well as she should.

When she was old enough to, she used to help Chen Kenichi in the kitchen, carrying cans and stirring. She was good at it because she could give herself multiple arms when no one else was around.

Growing up in San Fransisco, she was taught by a local Chameloid instructor from Starfleet Academy, who took a shine to her, and she became very good.

It became very evident to Syrenna that she was very different and she became very angry with the local children who called her names & picked on her. It was about this time that she learnt how to use her fists to settle differences.

When she was old enough to go to school, she was very worried & fearful. Syrenna assumed a human form so that she would hopefully blend in, and practised only at home. Her parents & instructor tried to convince her not to hide her nature, but she was too scared to. Often, she had to be dragged kicking & screaming to school.

After one day in early high school when she was 13, some of the local boys found out and started picking on her. They cornered her in a corner and she just exploded out at them, putting three of them in hospital with serious injuries.

Shortly after, Syrenna ran away. Joining a circus after changing to a different human form around her age and using faked credentials, she trained and worked for the next year as an acrobat in a trapieze act with another woman and a man & studying to make up her schooling. Leaving the circus, she travelled around for about 6 months before heading back to San Fransisco.

Her adoptive parents welcomed her back and she spent the next 4 years in San Fran again, working in her parent's restuarant after school & on the weekends. She found that it relaxed her a lot. She became friends with a group of cadets, who taught her about hang-gliding. She became quite passionate about it and loved flying.
Syrenna also got a part-time holiday job at Monterey Bay with the rangers, and enjoyed it immensely. Once the park staff got used to a chameloid, they didn't mind if she went off to play with the dolphins and seals that lived in or visited the park after changing into a suitable marine form.

Joining Starfleet after leaving school, she excelled in all her studies and found that the other cadets were not so harsh on her being different. Although her studies were in Security, she also applied to get piloting certification.

During her time at the Academy, Syr recieved a number of reprimands for excessive force during pracs, insubbordination, assault and misusing her shape-shifting abilities for mischief. In addition, she was reprimanded after it was found that she had a sexual relationship with a Commander in the Academy's security department. He was transferred out and they didn't meet up again till much later on.

Apart from that, she fitted in well and afterwards, was stationed aboard the USS Greyhawk. Syrenna was quite proud that her time at the Academy led to the development of a new series of charges for shape-shifting beings.

Meeting an equally misfit woman named Kira Murphy, they became close friends & lovers. After the Greyhawk was decommissioned, Syrenna was assigned back to Earth where she found that Fleet Intel had been watching her, wanting her to join.

She transferred over and recieved training as a field agent for a year. During this time, she was instructed heavily in all sorts of areas, including seduction, weapons traning, languages and piloting.

Syrenna succeeded in some very dangerous missions and spend long times undercover as various races.

On one mission, she was raped and became pregnant. However, when she was able to return to Federation space, she had the child aborted. She has not been troubled at all about the decision.

Classified Intel History
Starfleet Intelligence Commanders or Above -
Top Secret Eye's Only
Failure to comply will warrant execution.


Field Agent #7469329 (Syrenna) has spent over over four years working in Starfleet Intelligence as a secret field agent. Her duties involved performing infiltration and espionage operations against both home, allied and foreign governments & corporations, as well as assassinations & recovery ops. She has performed over 300 successful missions with a no-failure record. Syrenna was also trained in the ancient martial art of Ninjitsu, and reached the high levels of skill. She regularly performed stealth assassination missions into hostile territories.

At times, she had to spend a lot of time looking like a tame, simple & unintelligent-seeming mostly nude slave, since no one would believe that she could do soo much damage, especially when all evidence pointed to a heart attack while in the middle of incredibly passionate intimate activities. She seems to have no issues with using murder, betrayal or seduction to get the job done.

Syrenna's aggressive nature mean that she fitted in very well for duties with the Klingon, Romulan and Gorn Empires.

Starfleet Intelligence was not very pleased in some ways that she pretty much was a loose cannon, but did not have any problems with aiming their volatile cannon at subjects then sitting back to watch her slash through.

When it seemed like one of her senior handlers was involved in selling sensitive classified information to the Rihannsu, Syrenna led an unofficial investigation and helped publically expose the handler & a series of high-up spies. However, afterwards, her bosses thought it would be best to give her time away from field work as her cover was pretty much blown for a fair while. She accepted the transfer, with plans to eventually shift back to field work.

End of Classified History

Due to a recent incident, she has been transferred from active field duty and stationed aboard a regular Starfleet vessel, the USS Rapid, as an Intelligence officer. Not much is recorded about the incident apart from her returning with signs of servere whipping, torture and obvious piercing marks in various intimate places.

Syrenna worked on the Rapid for a years before an incident occurred where she was demoted back to Ensign. Starfleet Records of the incident are marked private, but medical reports on the USS Rapid show that one Lt Commander Davick, Syrenna's superior, was admitted to sickbay with serious injuries to his body, including vital parts of his male anatomy which were crushed.

After that, she was transferred to a new vessel, the USS Resolution-A.

Underneath, Syrenna has a quick temper and doesn't really ever hold back during a fight. She has a tendency to lash out if provoked, and has a number of insubbordination charges. Syrenna also has an absolutly superb ability to create cutting insults and a very large swearing vocabulary from many languages.
However, she has a very good poker face and is very devious & cunning, probably why she is a very good hustler. She tends to plan for the unexpected.

Despite her emotional instabilities and anger, Syrenna has a very warped sense of humor and delights in playing jokes on others. She has been known to spent weeks setting up a practical joke that will only last mere minutes.

Syrenna is distinctly bisexual, and enjoys experimenting with new ideas and positions. Since she is a Chameloid, this is very broad. She does not believe in monogamy, but has had a number of relationships. Syrenna lives for the moment, and prefers pleasure over pain. However, she is willing to accept some of the later. She has tried being on the male side of a relationship once, but found it was definitly not the sort of thing she liked so has never done it since.

When she is cornered, she fights like a tigress. She is very alert and cautious, which has saved her life numerous times from traps. People also find her very trustworthy and honest.

She has to attend regular counselling sessions for anger management, but it doesn't work that well. She tries herbal baths sometimes, but finds they just make her smell of flowers and don't help her temper. What does seem to work well is meditation, and she practises it when she can.

She reacts on instinct mostly, and goes with her gut feelings and impressions. She believes in the spirit of the law rather then the word, which sometimes causes problems with bending the rules a bit too much.

She loves to learn new things and delights in new challenges. She can often be found reading something from the ship's computer or in the holodeck trying something new. She also enjoys being around marine animals, such as dolphins, since they react to her without any emotional baggage.

Syrenna has a fascination with the underworld, and she seems to exude a presence of non-confrontation that allows her to blend in well undercover. This helps her a lot with scrounging, information-gathering and dealing with shady figures.

She tends to bottle things up and become moody & sulk if she doesn't get her own way.

Some of the stuff she has saw and had to do during her Intel work has led her to have nightmares sometimes, waking up screaming in a sweat.

Due to the way they shape-change, Chameloids cannot be detected or read by telepaths, which is a distinct advantage. However, it would stand them out as possibly different. Chameloids have an almost sixth-sense in detecting their own in whatever form that they are in though.

Syrenna's nominal measurements are 34C/24/34 with a height of 5'11" and weight of 148 lbs. She says that size and shape just feels right.
She does like eating raw meat, as she can adjust her dietary tract to compensate, and prefers Chinese cuisine and she also enjoys Italian food. This is because pasta and noodles is easy for her to digest.

Expert in Chameloid, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin, Shanghai), Federation Standard, Romulan, Klingon, Vulcan(High, Ancient, Modern), Betazoid, Gorn, Tellarite, Andorian. Can swear in many others. While in a suitable form and underwater, she can communicate with dolphins and seals well enough to get by - despite the radically different thought patterns.

Syrenna has reached the highest levels of Ninjitsu, the ancient martial arts of the Ninja. She has learnt how to blend into the shadows, and owns a Japanese Katana sword specially prepared with blackened steel to ensure it doesn't catch the light when drawn. She will bring this and a supply of shurikens with her when on a stealth mission sometimes.

Syrenna also holds various standings in two other forms of martial arts - aikido and Vulcan Suus Mahna. Since she doesn't hold back, this led to numerous reprimands for fighting.

Because of her Ninjitsu training, she has cat-like agility and balance. Being a Chameloid helps a lot, since she can easily adjust her internal makeup. Tests by Starfleet Medical at one point showed scientific proof that her ability to manipulate her feet, hands and rest of her body allows to keep her centre of gravity low & perfectly centered, even at fast speed.

She has a very feline way of moving when she isn't undercover and is very quick. She is particuarly deadly during martial arts combat. If needed, she will make extra limbs as needed to help in tasks if not undercover.

She knows a number of shady and semi-legal skills, such as forgery, hiding in shadows, moving silently, listening, spotting and searching. She is an expert in many forms of dance, from basics ones to ballet to tangos to waltzes. Syrenna practises yoga, acrobatics, and ninjitsu daily.

What most people do not realise is that what looks like clothing on Syrenna is nothing more then the illusion of it. Although she changes to make it look like she is wearing clothing when in public due to protocol because most species have modesty, she does not bother with it in private, seeing nothing wrong with it as it is her natural form. She will never wear clothing since it only makes it harder for her to do her job. Having her 'simulated clothing' forcibly removed would be like skinning a human and just as difficult to do while conscious.

She uses a modified combadge that adhers safely to her flesh, since she does not like having sharp pins pushed into her skin if she can help it.

During her off-time, Syr likes to sometimes go to a holodeck, change into the form of a predator and just hunt to kill prey.

Medical Profile

Due to the way Chameloid shape-shifting works, there will be no cellular signs of any previous damage or sicknesses.

However, during her life, Syrenna has had a few injuries that temporarily stopped her from shape-shifting. The last incident occurred on the USS Rapid when she was transferred into the form of a Terran feline on a mission. She fell off some rafters as a building collapsed, and she had both back 'cat' legs broken before being beamed up.

She was taken to medical, and because of Chameloid nature, she was forced to stay in cat form until it healed. She had her back legs put in plaster and was given a small replicated cart to rest her weight on, pulling herself around by her front 'paws'. During that time, she was furious and slashed out with claws at anyone or anything she could.

Syrenna does not normally drink alcohol, but does when her cover or the moment demands it. As with most chemicals that are known poisions, Syrenna is able to filter them through her body without major interaction.

Race Details

Chameloids are a race of intelligent shape-shifters, who have been around in the Federation since at least the time of Captain James T. Kirk. Unlike the Dominion changelings, they do not need to revert to a liquid in a bucket or harbour xenophobic tendencies towards non-Chameloids. However, they do not have as broad a range of shapeshifting, and can only impersonate living beings. Syrenna has practised a lot and can simulate the look of tight clothing but not really with the feel or ability of loose clothing to move with the air around her.

During the dominion war, all Chameloids were required to be registered but still allowed to serve in Starfleet, as their DNA can be readily found with special blood tests to be a non-changeling.

As a Chameloid, Syrenna can change her size, voice, gender, life-signs and characteristics at will. Specially trained chameloids can mimic others but only when they have heard a fairly decent sample of how they speak, and Syrenna used this talent during her intel agent years. Chameloids cannout suddenly speak a language fluently that they haven't learnt or mimic someone's voice without hearing or touching them. She will sometimes assume a male gender or gender-neutral, but most of the forms she will chose are female.

Numerous times, she posed as different species. Chameloids can only change into forms they have seen before. Physical contact allows them to perfectly mimic all aspects of any particular being of a particular species. This includes external and internal state plus life-signs except for telepathy.

Stuff she CAN'T do:

- Suddenly speak a language fluently that she hasn't learnt

- Withstand more damage then a normal Chameloid could if she is changed into the form of say a Klingon

- Perform telepathy or have telepathy performed on her

- Cannot shape-shift at all if injured badly. Minor injuries are okay though.

- Cannot shape-shift outside a particular mass range. So far, she has able to change forms between say a cat and a Klingon. A flea or a Brikkar are outside of the suitable range as an example

- Cannot shape-shift into inanimate objects, such as a telephone box, a chair or a tree. However, she is able to simulate the illusion of clothing due to intensive training, but nothing more.

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