Stronghold Family

Stronghold Family Tree

NoPic.jpg + NoPic.jpg mark_harmon.jpg NoPic.jpg NoPic.jpg Kellya.jpg
James Stronghold I + Judith Zimmerman = James Stronghold Stellaphina Stronghold Jason Stronghold Kelly Stronghold Deceased
NoPic.jpg + NoPic.jpg KyleS.jpg Kellyb.jpg
Jason Stronghold + Maria Edwards = Kyle Stronghold Kelly Stronghold
mark_harmon.jpg + Rebeccacruz-Rebeccacruz-d709.jpg 13_jolie_lgl.jpg
James Stronghold + Emily Stronghold = Brianna Stronghold Adopted, aged7
NoPic.jpg + NoPic.jpg morgans.jpg sophie.jpg
Stellaphina Stronghold + Jackson Walker = Morgan Walker Sophie Walker-Scott
13_jolie_lgl.jpg + DCarey.jpg NoPic.jpg NoPic.jpg NoPic.jpg
Brianna Stronghold + David Carey = Rhade David Carey William James Carey Jasmine Telsia Carey
KyleS.jpg + elena.jpg NoPic.jpg NoPic.jpg
Kyle Stronghold + Elena Morgan = Joseph Stronghold Aged 4years Julie Stronghold Aged 2 years
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