Steve O Malley



NAME: Steve O'Malley
RANK: Lieutenant Commander
AGE: 35
HEIGHT: 6'6"
WEIGHT: 245 lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
BIRTHPLACE: Dublin, Ireland, Earth
DATE OF BIRTH: December 12 2347
ACADEMY CLASS: Class of 2369
SPECIALITIES: Warp field Harmonics/containment and Structural Integrity Fields
HOBBIES: reading Designing small craft and riding horses
FAMILY: Father: Commander Steve O'Malley Sr. SFSC (RET.) Mother: Caroline O'Malley
DECORATIONS: Academy Bar Nebula Star Dominion Cluster Cardassian Cluster Breen Cluster Dominion War Service Engineering Commendation 10 Year Service Medal Purple Heart USS Resolution Service Medal USS Resolution-A Service Medal
REPRIMANDS: None on file


Y-Cadet1.png 2365-2366 Starfleet Academy Student
Y-Cadet2.png 2366-2367 Starfleet Academy Student
Y-Cadet3.png 2367-2368 Starfleet Academy Student
Y-Cadet4.png 2368-2369 Starfleet Academy Student
Y-0.png 2369-2371 Advanced Engineering School Student
Y-0.png 2371-2375 USS Hood Engineer
Y-01.png 2376-2381 USS Avenger Assistant Chief Engineer
Y-00.png 2381-2381 USS Firebrand Assistant Chief Engineer
Y-00.png 2381-2382 USS Resolution Assistant Chief Engineer
Y-00.png 2382-2383 USS Resolution-A Assistant Chief Engineer
Y-001.png 2382-2383 USS Resolution-A Chief Engineer

Steve Jr. was born on a calm day in Dublin Ireland to Steve and Caroline O'Malley His father had plans for Steve to join the SFMC in its Air Corp as a Fighter Pilot, like he had been. To this end he pushed Steve hard to study areas that were important to fighter pilots. However by the time Steve was old enough to join the fighter corps he had, had enough of his fathers pushing and to spite him he enrolled into Starfleet Academy as an engineer.

The Academy time went by fast for Steve and he graduated in the top 10 percent of his class. While this was not exactly were he wanted to be it was good enough to get him into the advanced engineering school. Here he absorbed everything the school could throw at him.

Though he graduated at the head of his class from the school his first assignment was anything but glamorous. since the ship he had been assigned to had a full engineering section Steve was assigned to the fighter wing as their head maintenance officer. He remembered a lot f his tinkering from the days before the Academy and put it to good use. though he did not particularly like the job by the time he left the Hood he had a glowing letter of recommendation from the chief engineer as well as the wing commander. both were sorry to see him leave, but as a parting gift so to speak the wing came together and gave him one of their older fighters something he could play around with and fly from time to time. They also game him the Callsign 'Mech' short for what he did as a job but also as a term of respect.

The fighter they gave him went with him to his next assignment and to every assignment after that though at times it meant with a little resistance some CO's did not like having their shuttlebays taken up by a fighter especially one that did not really carry any arms.

On his other assignments he really did not get the chance to use the fighter much but he tinkered with it constantly and slowly over time he made it into what he wanted. Though he never neglected his duties to the ships he was assigned it would not be surprising to find him in the shuttle bay or hangar deck tinkering on his off time. This habit followed his to the resolution where just like on other ships the Chief shuttle bay officer did not care for his ship but it was there and it would stay there none the less.

Steve is a very easy going man but he is devoted to Starfleet in every way. This devotion does have a price though he tends to spend a lot of time working on the engines and not much socializing with others out side of his own department. This is something that he is trying to correct but has a rather hard time doing so. Though he is a very social person he hates social gatherings as he always feels out of place.

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