Star Trek : USS Resolution

Star Trek : USS Resolution

It is early 2385, and at the current time, the Alpha Quadrant is NO longer stable, and here's why:

With the end of the Dominion War in 2375 the Alpha Quadrant is attempting to return to some sense of normality. With the Romulans and the Federation having recently entered into a scientific and military alliance and Federation-Klingon Alliance looking stronger than it ever has before, the Alpha Quadrant Super-powers began working together in Large Scale Scientific Explorations.

But there was something lurking in the dark, ready to spring and take over.

Current Political Situtaion Concerning the Tallix Sect:

The Tallix Sect has under gone many changes since it came to the for in 2384. Once led by 5 people it is now been rumoured that 3 have taken the lead. With the confirmed death of known Sect Agent Commodore Katie Sullivan and the rumoured demise of the leader known as Black Knight, the leaders Wolf, Leonis and Hawk have taken the reigns.

Determined not to let such horrors as the attack on the Romulan Homeworld happen again. The Sect’s changes while not total are heading in what one Sect officer calls a “more peacful direction”. Senior officers within the federation however are not so convinced.

The new Triad are working to stamp out the ‘Old’ Sect members who followed the lead of Commodore Sullivan.


The Powers That Are and to be:

United Federation Of Planets Klingon Empire Romulan Star Empire
Cardassian Union Breen Tallix Sect
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