Starfleet Marine Personnel

82nd Marine Battalion, Assigned, USS Resolution A

Marine Commanding Officer (MCO):

The senior Marine in a given command. (For example, a Starbase, Starship, or planetary base.) They are in charge of the defense of the command against external threat, or internal threats at the request of TAC/SC, as well carrying out the orders of the CO in regards to projection of power ( action against the enemy)

Marine Executive Officer (MXO):

The aide and understudy to the MCO. Also responsible for Admin. and maintenance of the Marine specific equipment. Generally remains at the Marine Station in Ops or on the Bridge in combat, to allow the MCO to lead from the front.

Marine Officer:

Any officer on the staff below the MCO & MXO. The MO is responsible for the well being of his unit.. be it squad, platoon, etc., and taking the general orders given by the MCO and translating them into specific orders to the Squad leaders.

Command Sergeant:

Usually the most senior Non Commissioned Marine for the unit. In charge of discipline, and assisting the MCO and MXO with Admin. and maintenance.

The title depends on the contingent.. The Command Sergeant in a Platoon is the Platoon Sergeant, etc…

Squad NCO:

Squad leaders are responsible for ensuring that the preparations for missions are made, and direct Tactical control of the Squad while on a mission.

Sample Enlisted Positions or Operational Occupational Specialties:

While Starfleet Officers tend to be very broadly skilled, it's enlisted personnel tend to focus on narrower areas. For a Marine, this is known as their OOS or Operational Occupational Specialty

Rifleman - Regular Infantry- the most common OOS in the Corps.

Grenadier/Rifleman - Issued Grenade Launcher, squad level support

FO/Sapper - Artillery Spotter and low level demolitions, detection of enemy booby traps

Sniper & Spotter - Two man team, with the Sniper taking out enemy at extreme range, the spotter covering the sniper.

Mortar/Rifleman - Two man team, carrying, assembling, and operating the Mortar

Support Phaserman - operates and carries the support phaser, needs strength and endurance

Cannoneer - Operator of the Phaser Cannon, and their paired

Rifleman/Tender - rifleman who carries extra power pack for Cannon Even stronger than Support Phaserman

Unit Clerk - Head administrative aide to MCO, leads Clerical Staff

Armorer - Leads Marine Armory maintenance staff.

Corpsman - Specially trained Medical Branch member, the Medic

Combat Engineer - Specially trained Engineering Branch member in C/FE Unit.

Pilot - While individual Marines may have flight training, all PO's and Techs are Flight and Engineers on assignment to the SFMC.

Com. Specialist - Communications specialist, guarantees information flow and integrity in the field. Gear is integral to armor, thus decreasing mortality to sniper fire.

Starfleet Marine Personnel
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