Sorcha Kavanagh

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sorcha Kavanagh


Basic Details:
Name: Sorcha Kavanagh
Rank: Ensign
Serial Number: Kav-3647-Sor

Personal Details

Gender: Female
Species: Human (Irish)
Marital Status: Widow
Age: 28
Date Of Birth: April 3rd, 2357
Place Of Birth: Dublin, Ireland

Physical Features

Height: 5f10
Weight: 112lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Build: Slim
Complexion: Olive
Notable Features: None


Primary Education: Notre Dame de Missions Primary School (Grades 1-7)
Secondary Education: Notre Dame de Missions Secondary School (Grades 8-12)
Tertiary Education: Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Medical-Internship

Starfleet Service File:

Year Rank Posting Position
2374 T-AC1.jpg Starfleet Academy Cadet
2375 T-AC2.jpg Starfleet Academy Cadet
2376 T-AC3.jpg Starfleet Academy Cadet
2377 T-AC4.jpg Starfleet Academy Cadet
2378 T-AC4.jpg Starfleet Medical, Counseling Unit Internship
2379 T-AC4.jpg Starfleet Medical, Counseling Unit Internship
2380 T-AC4.jpg Starfleet Medical, Counseling Unit Internship
2381 T-0.jpg USS Mirage Counselor
2382 T-0.jpg USS Endeavour Counselor
2383 T-01.jpg USS Endeavor Assistant Chief Counselor
2384 T-01.jpg LOA LOA
2385 T-01.jpg USS Resolution Pediatric Counselor


Born into a middleclass Irish family, Sorcha is the youngest of 4 children born to Tiani and Michael Kavanagh. Her father and mother worked hard to send their children to the best schools often working two jobs each just to make tuition. As all four children were born close together, it made it even more difficult. Sorcha was a quiet child, who followed her siblings in their antics when they were home from school. Adored by her older brothers, she often took the blame for any pranks and got out of trouble just as easily. She enjoyed school as well and all her friends found her easy to talk to.. well she listened while they talked.


At fifteen Sorcha began to think about the future. She began studying for the entrance exams for Starfleet. After graduation she packed her bags and moved to San Francisco and entered the Academy. She choose Counseling courses. Her first year passed easily and she worked hard. At the start of her second year she met another cadet, named Devlin O’Callaghan. He was a medical cadet year ahead of her. They dated for nearly two years before they got married. Against his parent’s wishes. Married at twenty, she graduated from the Academy at the top of her class, Devlin finishes his internship on Earth and goes to the USS Hydrana as a medical officer. Missing him she undertakes a counseling Internship on Earth. A year into the marriage after one of their short times together, Sorcha found out she was pregnant. Devlin tries to get a transfer back to Earth.

But while on his way to see her, his shuttle was shot down and he died instantly. She was 22 when she gave birth to twin girls, three months after their father, her husband died. Happy and sad that Devlin had never seen them she was not expecting the next thing that happened. Her Parents in Law took legal action and removed the twins, named Kayla and Kiera from her and asked the judge to grant her minimal visitation rights, giving the reason that Sorcha was an unfit parent and in-experienced in the way of children.

In 2381, she finished her three year internship and tried again to get custody of her children but was denied. She was transferred to the USS Mirage at the rank of Ensign. While there she worked hard and saw a few patients. But rumors reach her In Laws that she was fraternizing with senior officers, a rumor that is unfounded yet used to curtail her visitation to her children even more. Heartbroken she went and saw them for 30 minutes before being escorted from the property. In tears she headed for her next appointment, The USS Endeavour.

On the Endeavor, Sorcha finally got full custody of her kids along with a lot of stress and heartache, which inculded being given Chief counselor and then demoted when she spoke out about certain senior staff not going to counseling at a staff meeting. Despite her tenetive friendship with the captain and his kids, She left after one year and took an LOA where she studied on Betazed to upgrade her quals to become a pediatric counselor. Once the Resolution arrived at Betazed, she applied and was given the post of Pediatric Counselor on board.

Psychological Profile:

Married, Widowed and a mother at a young age, has left its mark on Sorcha. She is solitary figure who keeps to herself for fear of screwing up again.


Sorcha enjoys Horse Riding, Reading, Spending time with her children when she can, and working on her art. Sorcha is a wonderful painter who specializes in portrait art work.

Mother: Tiani Kavanagh age 60
Father: Michael Kavanagh age 65
Husband: Devlin O'Callaghan (deceased)
Children: Kayla and Kiera O’Callaghan, aged 6
Mother-In-Law: Brenna O’Callaghan age 64 (Deceased)
Father-In-Law: Alan O’Callaghan age 68(Deceased)
Brothers: Kyle Kavanagh, age 35, Cian Kavanagh, age 32
Sister: Moira Kavanagh-O’Connell, aged 30
Brothers-In-Law: Aidan O’Callaghan, Nathanial O’Connell, aged 33
Sisters-In-Law: Serena Kavanagh,28, Sue Lee O’Callaghan, 29
Nieces: Jordan Kavanagh, age 8, Micha O’Callaghan, Age 10
Nephews: James O’Connell, age 6 and Stewart O’Callaghan age 12

Special Notes:

Sorcha is extremely allergic to peanuts.

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