Shiarrael T Nairrehk

Erie’Riov Shiarrael t'Nairrehk

Romulan Liaison to the Federation, Assigned to the USS Resolution


Basic Information:

Name: Shiarrael Ael t'Nairrehk

Nickname: Shia, Rael

Race: Romulan (Rihannsu)

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Dating

Date Of Birth: Federation Year 2355, 4th September

Age: 27

Place of Birth: ch`Rihan

Interests: Swimming, Reading, rock climbing, Ke`veshrek

Languages: Rihannsu, Vulcan, Federation Standard and Klingon

Education: Home schooled until 2367.
2367-2371, Galae Academy

Military Record:





Service Record:

Year Romulan Rank Posting Position Federation Rank
2367-2371 Farein Galae Academy N/A Cadet
2372-2374 Erien GSN Devoras Amei'Saehne (Tactical Officer) Ensign
2375-2375 Erien GSN Dividices Amei'Saehne (Tactical Officer) Ensign
2376-2377 Erie‘Arrain GSN Generex Amei’Saehne (Tactical Officer) Lieutenant Junior Grade
2377-2379 Erie‘Arrain GSN Khazara Dheno’Saehne (Security Officer) Lieutenant Junior Grade
2379-2379 Arrain GSN Talvath Dheno'Saehne (Security Officer) Lieutenant
2380-2381 Enarrain GSN Dhivael Rhaetelh'Saehne (First Officer) Lieutenant Commander
2382-2382 Erie’Riov GSN Terix Rhaetelh'Saehne (First Officer) Commander
2383- Present Erie’Riov USS Resolution Romulan Liaison to the Federation Commander



Shiarrael was born to the prominent family tr'Nairrehk. The, middle child, of 5. From the beginning it was obvious to her parents that she was not normal. The doctors explained that Shiarrael suffered from a genetic defect that left her without the ridges normally found on full Romulan offspring. She was genetically their child, no the mother had not played the father false and she still had the ears of a romulan. Her parents however were not fully convinced. But they still educated their child in the Romulan ways and manners though she was not allowed out of the house, as neither of her parents wanted the embarrassment of walking with a child who looked human. When she was 12, she was sent to the Romulan Military school with her meager belongings and her brand new honor blade. That was an extremely young age for any romulan to be sent there, most waiting until they were 15 or 16. But it was there she learned that she had been sent away because of her appearance. It was an insult to the Mnhei’sahe of her family. And the Mnhei’sahe was important.

So at 12, Shia started forging her own path. A path that would lead her to be the youngest graduate with honors from the Galae’s Academy. Shia took on the tasks put to her with zeal and earned a reputation for being stubborn and her teachers had a lot of praise for her, though her parents were not that enthusiastic about it. At 14, she broke her arm in a training exercise and despite the pain, continued. She had to have the arm re-broken and re-set after the exercise was over. She graduated top of her class and none of her family attended her graduation as her younger sister chose that day to be born. Hurt, Shia shoved her emotion deep down.

At 16 she was assigned to the GSN Devoras as a tactical officer. She made little in the way of friends and was called Fvai by her fellow crew members because she did not look Romulan. Fvai meant Dog in romulan and she put it from her and worked hard.


In 2375, she was transferred to the GSN Dividices for a year before finally being promoted to Erie’Arrain and sent to the GSN Generex as a Tactical Officer. It was there that her genetic mutation was put about from the beginning and even though she was still called Fvai she had some respect. Upon her transfer to the GSN Khazara in 2377 she was put in the security department where she earned the nickname Khellian meaning hunter. She worked hard and soon she was recognized in the war against the dominion and brought much honor to her house. Though she never returned to her family home. Nor did her parents acknowledge her privately. After her time on the Khazara she transferred and was promoted to Arrain to the GSN Talvath.

After a year she was promoted to Enarrain and transeferred to the GSN Dhivael as its first officer. This promotion brought much honor to her family and she was the youngest First officer in the fleet at the age of 25. And her parents made much of her publically, going so far as to be present at her promotion ceremony and to try and talk to her. Shiarrael ignored her parents and siblings and went her own way. She spent a year on the Dhivael before being transferred to the GSN Terix as their Xo with a new rank of Erie’Riov, a full commander.

But before she could even finish a year there, she was called back to ch`Rihan. There she was informed that because of her exemplary record she would be given an important post. Rihannsu liaison to the Lloann’na (Federation). Shocked at this Shiarrael but she dutifully packed her bags for the Resolution. The hour before she boarded the Resolution she learned that her parents had arranged for her to get the post, as her neglect of the family was embarrassing them and they wanted her away from the Star Empire. So with her head held high she boards the Resolution and is determined to show everyone how good an officer of the Galae she is.

Shiarrael fell into a relationship with Michael Smith shortly after her arrival. Since then she has become more accepted by the crew. She has proven that she can be loyal to those she trusts and even though some suspected her telling confidential information about the whereabouts of Admiral David Carey and his fiancee Shiarrael never did.

Personality Profile:


Shiarrael is a typical Romulan. Both cold and Calculating as well as hot tempered and deeply passionate. She is not above using her feminine wiles to get information from people or to get what she wants. Because she looks human with pointed ears, most do not treat her as a Romulan, to their peril. She has one obsession. She ADORES comfortable surroundings. And silks and other finely produced goods (Asian styles). She ALWAYS decorates her cabin in what can be termed as Eastern style with lots of reds and gold. She brought with her a number of romulan furnishings from her cabin on the Terix and intends to decorate her cabin in a style that she chooses. She is a true child of the Jorani Clan from which her house stems.

Physical Profile:

Height: 5f8
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Amber
Skin Tone: Tanned

She has not got the normal forehead ridges of a Romulan. She does however have pointed ears and Green blood.

Psychological Profile:


Family Information:

Position Function Name Relation to Shiarrael
hru'hfirh Head of House Aev tr'Nairrehk Paternal Grandfather
eri'hfirh Heir of House Valdus tr’Nairrehk Father
Rianov Weaponsmaster Taev Uncle
hru'diranov Grandfather Hvaid tr'Nerik Maternal Grandfather
hru'nanov Grandmother Arrenhe tr'Nerik Maternal Grandmother
hru'nanov Grandmother Thue tr’Nairrehk Paternal Grandmother
ri'nanov Mother Ael Mother
ira'dianvm Oldest Brother S’Tcaevra Eldest Brother
ia'rinam Oldest Sister Ssaedhe Eldest Sister
Dianvm Brother Nnerhin Younger brother
Rinam Sister N’ale Younger sister
Vadi Uncle Taev Paternal Uncle
Vadi Uncle S'Tokkr tr'Nerik Maternal Uncle
Vada Aunt Khiy Paternal Aunt
Vada Aunt Llaiir tr'Nerik Maternal Aunt

The most important person in a House is the hru'hfirh or Head of House. The hru'hfirh is responsible for the members of the House, maintaining the House's Mnhei'sahe, and the day-to-day financial and social dealings of the House. The eri'hfirh, or Heir, assists the hru'hfirh. The status of the House and the responsibilities are decided by the hru'hfirh, but usually the importance of House members is as follows: hruíhfirh, eri'hfirh, Auethnen, and then Llaugh and Rianov with equal rank.

Special Notes:

Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Favorite color:Unknown

Jorani Clan


Compared to the other major clans, the Jorani were relatively small in number. What they lacked in numbers they made up in currency and cunning. Like their perpetual social opponent, the Jorani were politically and socially based in power …… more than militarily so. As they preferred the softer, gentler side of life, their style of dress shifted away from the light, formless and thin (Greek-Roman) styles of Vulcan. Not moving into the realm of leathers and heavier gear the 'barbaric' Zorek wore, they settled on silks and other finely produced goods (Asian styles). Stayed relatively near the capitol…… but scattered to the east. Notable adeptness with: Elementa (wind + earth + telepathic), Observation skills, Silent movements

Early sub-House factions:

Modern Sub-House Factions
tr'Nairrehk – Shiarrael’s house
tr'Nerik- family of her mother
tr’Mandak - Praetor’s house

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