Security Cadet, 4th year, Shera


Name: Shera daughter of Makar
Race: Klingon
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: July 13, 2367
Place of Birth: Q'onos
Age: 18
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Klingon and Federation Standard
Interests: Weapons and diplomacy
Family Information:
Grandfather: Dou'be
Father: Totlh(Major) Makar; IKS Yar'igan
Mother: Kora
Brother: Lagh(Warrior 1st Class)Kenco(18); IKS T'Pah
Brother: Moor(11)

Klingon Service Record:
2381-2382: Klingon Defense Forces Academy
2382-2383: Klingon Defense Forces Academy

Starfleet Service Record:
2383-2384: Starfleet Academy, Cadet, 3rd Year
2384-PRES: Starfleet Academy, Cadet, 4th Year

Reprimands: Fighting with other Cadets(Two different occasions)

Shera was born on the Klingon homeworld Q'onos in the year of 2367, along with her twin brother Kenco to parents Major Makar and Kora. Major Makar who's own father Dou'be has a seat on the Klingon Council is very respected among the Empire as well as himself. Shera knew from an early age that success was expected and gave nothing less in all that she accomplished.

By the time she was ten, Shera noticed the influence that the Fedaration played on the Empire. Certain things had occurred, like some Klingons allowing Humans to become members of their houses, which would never have been acceptable in the past.

For the first time in Klingon history an Klingon Defense Forces Academy to train officers was set up on Q'onos to train officers, much like the four year Starfleet Academy on Earth, but this one was only two years. Shera and Kenco were one of the first to attend this Academy along with thousands of others who managed to get accepted. Though the Academy is still considered in the experimental state, its proving to be a success and is eduacating officers more than ever before.

During her last year at the Klingon Academy, Shera contemplated the future of the Empire. There were really no chance of future battles with their allies the Federation. And the battles with Romulan Empire were now coming to an end, due to the Federation peace talks, that was now bringing the three major powers together.

It is Shera's theory that within the next ten years, the Klingon Emire will merge with the Federation and the Klingon way of life will no longer exist. Before graduating from the Klingon Defense Forces Academy, she applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted. After graduation she informed her famnily of her decision, which upset Makar more than anything. Shera even explained her theory to him, which upset him even more. But a lot of what she was saying made some sense and therefore, he decided to respect his daughter choice to attend the Academy.

Personality Profile:
Shera unlike most Klingons thinks before acting, most of the time. Being raised around a war hero for a father and trying to keep up with her twin brother, she has become very competitive.

Physical Profile:
HT: 5'10
WT: 150lbs
Psychological Profile: Normal
Special Notes: None

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