Shanna London



Basic Information
NAME: Shanna London
POSITION: Commanding Officer
RANK: Fleet Captain
AGE: 29
HEIGHT: 1.73
WEIGHT: 67 Kilos
EYES: Blue
BIRTHPLACE: Bridgend, Wales, Great Britain
DATE OF BIRTH: 7.8. 2353
ACADEMY CLASS: Class of 2375
SPECIALITIES: Computer Operation, Helm, Karate, Horse-Riding, Sensors, Martial Arts, Phaser, Sword
HOBBIES: Horse-riding, swimming, reading, gardening, Martial Arts
Son: Michael
Father: Dylan London
Mother: Mary London-Jones
academy_graduate.jpg bridge_officer.jpg blank.jpg battle_of_juanitor.jpg blank.jpg blank.jpg
Academy Bar Bridge Officer Qualification USS Resolution Service Medal Battle of Juanitor Medal Combat Merit USS Resolution-A Service Medal
REPRIMANDS: None on file
Y-Cadet1.png 2371-2372 Starfleet Academy Security Training
Y-Cadet2.png 2372-2373 Starfleet Academy Security Training
Y-Cadet3.png 2373-2374 Starfleet Academy Security Training
Y-Cadet4.png 2374-2375 Starfleet Academy Security Training
Y-0.png 2375-2376 USS St. Louis Security Officer
Y-01.png 2376-2376 USS St. Louis Security Officer
Y-01.png 2376-2378 USS St. Louis Chief of Security
V-001.png 2378-2379 Starfleet Academy Lecturer
R-000.png 2379-2382 USS Resolution Executive Officer
R-0000.png 2382-2383 USS Resolution-A Commanding Officer
R-00000.png 2383-PRES USS Resolution-A Commanding Officer


Shanna was born in Bridgend, Wales. Her parents are Dylan London and Mary London-Jones. They belong to a sect called ‘New Wales’. This cult believes that the Welsh are better off on their own. And they renounce all contact with the outside world. That means they are racist and bigoted. The family is a big one, there are ten children in all. From an early age Shanna was different from her other siblings. She liked to rove about and discover things. Once she learnt to read she went to the library often and read all she could about different races and planets and she is truly interested in them. This posed a problem with her father, who disciplined her severely.


At the age of fourteen she ran away from home, desperate to get away from her father’s influence. Shanna was lucky that her mother’s brother, Robert Jones a Starfleet officer, was just then serving in San Francisco and he took his niece in. It took him all his influence to get a court order to allow the girl to stay with him. Robert enrolled her in a special school were her teachers coached her to catch up on all the learning she had missed. Which she did at a very fast rate. Robert was however worried at her lack of making friends. She was so distrustful of other people that she didn’t give others a chance to get close.

The first friend she made was Robert’s friend Philip Jouvert a young medical officer. He was finally able to gain her trust and she let him into her life. And to show her how valuable other people could be in her life. Shanna has broken off all contact with her family. It hurts her deeply as she still loves her mother and her siblings. But her father has declared her dead to the clan. The only one who breaks that rule is her baby brother Owain, ten years her junior. He sneaks off letters to her. Shanna fears for him as he has the same inquisitive mind she has, and he longs to follow in her footsteps. She vows to try to protect him from their father.

Her last year at the academy was hard for Shanna. She suffered a severe blow when her uncle Robert was killed in action. He and most of the crew of the vessel he was serving on were killed by pirates in the Orion sector. It took Shanna a long time to get over that. Shanna first tried out at helm at the academy, but did not enjoy that very much. So she later decided to do security. So she majored in Security procedures and did Helm as a minor. She did well on the St Louis, rising through the ranks rapidly and becoming the chief of security. In 77 she married Jair Lorce, the ships counsellor and her boyfriend since the first day on the academy.

In 78 her son Michael was born and Jair was lost in action. Shanna moved back to earth with her young son, and became an instructor at the academy, a place where she had always been happy, and raised her son there. 2 Semesters of Academy Teaching later, she was promoted to Commander, and made the Executive Officer of the USS Resolution. In 2382, she was promoted to the rank of Captain, and subsequently made Commanding Officer of the USS Resolution-A.



She is a bit of a perfectionist, and wants to be best at what she does. Shanna likes to explore and learn new things. After her dull childhood she yearns for action. She has a temper, which is not completely under control yet. If you taunt her enough she will flare at you. She is apprehensive around telepaths. She has now learnt to be more open to others, and tries to see the best in people.


There is a slight psychic ability in the family, which is not controlled at all. But Shanna is on rare occasions able to feel emotions of people close to her. She does not like this trait and does not talk about it and certainly doesn’t want others to find out or conduct tests into these abilities. She hates torture and abuse, because she was abused both mentally and physically as a child by her father, but that is another thing she will never talk about. Shanna is not very tall. She is a little above average for a welsh woman. She has to exercise to keep her weight down. She has bright green eyes and long curly red hair. Off duty she wears her hair long over her shoulders, but on duty she has it in a bun behind her head. She is pretty to look at.

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