Samantha Darin

NAME: Samantha Darrin
RANK: Lieutenant
AGE: 36
HEIGHT: 1.59
EYES: Green
BIRTHPLACE: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
DATE OF BIRTH: 3.1.2346
ACADEMY CLASS: Class of 2365
HOBBIES: Motorcycles, paragliding, painting, playing the piano, dancing
DECORATIONS: Academy Bar 10 Year Service Medal USS Resolution Service Medal Battle of Juanitor Medal Combat Merit USS Resolution-A Service Medal
REPRIMANDS: None on file


T-Cadet1.png 2363-2364 Starfleet School of Psychology, Betazed Student
T-Cadet2.png 2364-2365 Starfleet School of Psychology, Betazed Student
T-Cadet3.png 2365-2366 Starfleet School of Psychology, Betazed Student
T-Cadet4.png 2366-2367 Starfleet School of Psychology, Betazed Student
T-0.png 2367-2369 Starfleet Psychiatric Hospital, Betazed Counsellor
T-01.png 2369-2371 Starfleet Psychiatric Hospital, Betazed Counsellor
T-01.png 2371-? USS Damocles Assistant Chief Counsellor
T-01.png USS Rotterdam Assistant Chief Counsellor
T-00.png USS Ajax Chief Counsellor
T-00.png ?-2380 USS Cairo Chief Counsellor
T-00.png 2380-2382 USS Resolution Counsellor
T-00.png 2382-PRES USS Resolution-A Counsellor

Samantha was born on earth as the youngest of four daughters. Her parents are Douglas and Yvonne Darrin noted diplomats and ambassadors for the federation. Because of that Sam travelled all over the universe when she was a little girl and made friends easily wherever she went. She was a very bright child and had no difficulties with her education.

When her parents settled on Betazed it was not difficult for Sam to chose psychology. She thinks there must have been some alien influences in her family tree for Sam is slightly psychic. The Betazed found this fascinating, and studied her as the studied hard to become a psychologist.

As she had always loved Starfleet it wasn’t very hard for her to chose a career in the fleet. Her parents are retired now, but two of her elder sisters are Starfleet officers.

After her service on the Ajax Sam was travelling on a Starfleet vessel to her next assignment, when the ship was hijacked by pirates and slavers. Sam was severely tortured and raped. When she was rescued by the crew of the Cairo not much was left of her personality.

She is still trying to recover, and realised that the post as chief councillor is not wise for her at the moment. That’s why she and her boyfriend Kit decided to move to another ship.


Kit however did not feel happy on Resolution and he thought Sam was not recovering soon enough, so left her. She is trying to recover and pick her life back up. She is not seeing patients at the moment, but doing a little work again doing research. Her speciality was deep space trauma and she finds it very ironic that she seems unable to recover from it herself.

She is easy-going, and always ready to listen to people. But is honest in her advice. Sam has many friends, and makes them easily. She does not judge people on first sight, but once she dislikes someone it is very hard to change her mind back again. Sam is a petit woman, but not one you can bully, she has no trouble getting what she wants from anyone regarding their rank. At the moment though she’s not herself, easily frightened by others especially men.

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