Sam Fisher

Character Name: Sam Fisher


Rank: Lieutenant Major
Race: Human
Age: 32
Height/Weight: 6’ 1”/195 lbs
Eyes/Hair: Hazel-Green/Dark Brown
Birthplace: Earth
Date of Birth: Jan 8, 2351
Academy Graduating Class: Class of 2377
Specialties: Squad Based Command, Special Operations Coordination, Marksmanship
Hobbies: Holodeck Golf
Family: Father- David Fisher, Mother- Regina Shea-Fisher, Wife- Riley Morgan-Fisher (Former Enlisted Marine)

Decorations: SFMC Service Award, SFMC Basic Training, SFMC Academy Bar, Elite Marksmanship Ranger Training, Special Forces Training, Combat Infantry Certification, Combat Merit Combat Readiness, Semper Fidelis Cross, SFMC Medal of Valor, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Marine Exceptional Service Medal, Dominion War Service Ribbon, Dominion Cluster, Cardassian Cluster,

Reprimands: 2382-Relations with an Enlisted Soldier, Action Taken-Reassignment

Service Records:

Marine Enlisted Training: 2369, Private
DS4: 24th Marine Battalion, 2369-2375, Lance Corporal-Sergeant
Starfleet Marine Officer Academy: Green to Gold Program, 2375-2377, 2nd Lieutenant
USS Ramparts: 71st Marine Battalion, B Company Officer, 2377, 2nd Lieutenant
USS Ramparts: 71st Marine Battalion, B Company Commander, 2377-2379, 1st Lieutenant
Ranger Training/Special Forces Training: 2379-2380, Lieutenant Major
USS Andromeda: 172nd Marine Battalion, Special Operations Commander, 2380-2382, Lieutenant Major
USS Resolution: 171st Marine Battalion, Executive Officer, 2383-Present, Lieutenant Major


Sam has become a very self sustained man due to his experiences in life. He was born to a family of artists during a time when everything in space was not quiet. After a very long and painfully boring childhood, Sam took the necessary steps to get as far away from his hippie family, he joined the Starfleet Marine Corps. Having no problems with Basic or Advanced Infantry Training, he was quickly assigned to Deep Space 4.

Sam’s time as an Enlisted Marine was the most eventful of his life. His unit was constantly being deployed to fight against the Cardassians and then the Dominion. Never the less, this was an exciting time for him. He was quite good at soldiering and quickly became a valuable member of his company. Sam was usually chosen when it came time for squad operations and was quickly moving up the ranks and taking charge when it needed.

Most of Sam’s awards came from his time as an Enlisted Marine. It’s easy to say that most of the combat he saw, it was during his time as a soldier. He has had his fair share of combat experience. Through all of the fighting, Sam gained a very strong sense of leadership. This shows in his work as a Non-Commissioned Officer during the Dominion War. His ability was so evident that his commanding officer offered him a place in the Green to Gold program that would make him an officer. Sam jumped on the opportunity and left his home on DS4

Starfleet Marine Officer Academy was everything he thought it would be, complete hell. Sam had thought the war was bad, but the new and improved Academy was by far the worst thing he had ever lived through. Thinking on little sleep was something he had gotten good at, but thinking on no sleep after a few days got hard. After two years of absolute pain and torture, he made it through. It was time for Sam to get a well deserved break, and the USS Ramparts was exactly that.

The USS Ramparts was on a full on exploration mission. Three years of nothing, but lifeless planets was more than enough for Sam. After doing nothing but holodeck training for two years, he started putting out requests for new assignments to anything that was better then what he got stuck with. After a year, he finally got an approval back.

No one in the history of Starfleet probably had ever thanked the Dominion War so much as Sam did. Sam had gotten approved to do an express course in both Ranger and Special Forces training for the pure purpose of commanding a Special Operations Squad on the soon to be completed USS Andromeda. Now the thanks to his awards only went as far as his first hour in his new training. The training officers singled Sam out for just about every crappy job they had thought up. It was all because of how pretty his chest looked when they were wearing there full dress uniform. The year of training was more than worth the assignment though.

The USS Andromeda was a rather fruitful assignment to Sam. He learned much while he was there and had many successful ops for Starfleet. His squad was revered as one of the best the ship’s command staff had ever seen. Luckily for them though, the orders for most of their awards got lost in translation or something. Never the less, the assignment and the praise was something to work for. Too bad for Sam though, certain decisions he would make would end his assignment with the Andromeda.

What is there to say, Riley was a beautiful young woman. Charming, intelligent, sexy; she had it all. Sam thought much of her and what developed between them on the Andromeda was more than an honest friendship. Their passionate love affair had to be kept hidden for the fact that she was an enlisted marine. Their sneaking around and hidden love stayed hidden only for a short while though. Thanks to an envious fellow officer, Sam and Riley’s relationship was put out in the open. This news quickly hit the commander’s desk which resulted in a very hasty dismissal of Sam from his command position and the Andromeda.

Sam did not leave the Andromeda alone though. Riley ended her career in Starfleet so that she may stay with the man that put so much on the line for her. They got married shortly after leaving and took an extended honeymoon. The time had come though for Sam to try and get a new assignment and luckily for him, the USS Resolution was in need of a Marine XO.

Personality: Basically, Sam has been shit on for most of his life. He’s dealt with this and has gotten over it since he found such a nice girl. He feels bad for those that have gone through similar circumstances, but doesn’t show any kindness or mercy to his soldiers. He figures, they should have crappy careers just like he did so they can grow to become great soldiers.

Special Notes: Has a SFMC tattoo on his chest as well as “Semper Fi” tattooed across his back. Owns custom golf clubs that he can be seen carrying to the holodeck from time to time.

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