1.) The most important rule…. have fun!

2.) No killing or maiming of other PC's with out a player’s permission. This will get you removed from the sim. If you're going to kill an NPC, make sure it's not 'owned' by anyone by asking on the list.

3.) Posting is at least once a fortnight, we're a much slower game than most though, and understand that some people can't post as often as others.

4.) DO NOT Spam the mailing list. This includes forwards, virus warnings, and, unauthorised recruitment attempts.

5.) Usage of other player's characters:

Common courtesy first of all. Remember, these people have as much invested in their characters as you do in yours. Don't do any developing of their character. Revelations, private thoughts, et cetera et cetera. It causes more problems than it's worth. If you are going to be using someone's character in your post, PLEASE, read the BIO first. And if you really want them to have Revelations and private thoughts in your posts, contact the writer behind them and request a JP. It encourages posting, which can be good for the game, and both writers who get to develop their respective characters.

6.) I cannot emphasise this enough, but superhero characters are not allowed! They have a tendency to ruin the game for everyone.

7.) Problems with other players: Handle them off the list. Either by contacting them directly, or preferably, sending an e-mail to the GM, who will respond accordingly.

8.) The GM has the final say on anything. In their absence, an appointed AGM does.

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