Romulan Star Empire

After the Incident between the joint Federation-Romulan Task Force in 2379, the Reman Ascendancy has been granted sovereignty and the Star System Galvanis as their home world. The Federation and the Romulan Empire have been negotiating peace treaties. The Reman's have said that if another war against the Dominion Broke out then they would remain neutral. This has been evident in the treaty documents that they have drawn up. They will only get involved in a galactic conflict " like the Dominion War " if they are directly threatened by said conflict. Starfleet and the Romulans can appreciate this as it follows the lines of the Prime Directive.

The Romulan Senate has re-established itself off the back of the Shinzon incident of 2379, and is thriving. There is hope for a lasting peace between the Romulans and the Federation, but some are not holding their breath to find out.

In late 2381, lasting through to mid 2382, the Rihannsu Tal'Shiar and the Starfleet Intelligence were engaged in a brief Supremacy War, that was apart of the Tal'Shiar's failed attempted coup on ch'Rihan. That event involved the Starship Montana, and her crew. Also in late 2382, the Romulans suffered a great loss, as Romulus was bombed by the Tallix Sect, including the near levelling of Ki Baratan, the Romulan Capital.

After the leveling of Ki Baratan, the USS Resolution was assigned the task of providing aide to the people of Romulus and to start negotiations. After Months of negotiations, the end result of the negotiations was the removal of the neutral zone and the treaty of Algeron being lifted, and a new era of Romulan/Federation relations begins.

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