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Federation Naval and Marine Ranks

Naval Rank Insignia Abbreviation Grade Marine Rank Insignia Abbreviation
Fleet Admiral r-a5.png FAdm. A5 Field Marshal g-a5.png FMar.
Admiral r-a4.png Adm. A4 General g-a4.png Gen.
Vice-Admiral r-a3.png VAdm. A3 Lieutenant-General g-a3.png Lt. Gen.
Rear-Admiral r-a2.png RAdm. A2 Major-General g-a2.png MGen.
Commodore r-a1.png Comdor. A1 Brigadier-General g-a1.png BGen.
Captain r-o6.png Capt. B6 Colonel g-o6.png Col.
Commander r-o5.png Cdr. B5 Lieutenant-Colonel g-o5.png Lt. Col.
Lieutenant-Commander r-o4.png Lt. Cdr. B4 Major g-o4.png Maj.
Lieutenant r-o3.png Lt. B3 Marine-Captain g-o3.png MCapt.
Lieutenant-Junior Grade r-o2.png Lt. (jg). B2 1st Lieutenant g-o2.png 1Lt.
Ensign r-o1.png Ens. B1 2nd Lieutenant g-o1.png 2Lt.
Cadet 4th Year SCUC-Duty-AC4.jpg C4 T4 Cadet 4th Year SCUC-Duty-AC4.jpg C4
Cadet 3rd Year SCUC-Duty-AC3.jpg C3 T3 Cadet 3rd Year SCUC-Duty-AC3.jpg C3
Cadet 2nd Year SCUC-Duty-AC2.jpg C2 T2 Cadet 2nd Year SCUC-Duty-AC2.jpg C2
Cadet 1st Year SCUC-Duty-AC1.jpg C1 T1 Cadet 1st Year SCUC-Duty-AC1.jpg C1

Federation Ambassadorial Insignia & Titles

Ambassadorial Rank Insignia Naval Rank Insignia Abbreviation
"5-Bar" Ambassador Ambas-5-Bar-Ambassador.jpg Fleet Admiral r-a5.png FAdm.
"4-Bar" Ambassador Ambas-4-Bar-Ambassador.jpg Admiral r-a4.png Adm.
"3-Bar" Ambassador Ambas-3-Bar-Ambassador.jpg Vice-Admiral r-a3.png VAdm.
"2-Bar" Ambassador Ambas-2-Bar-Ambassador.jpg Rear-Admiral r-a2.png RAdm.
Ambassador Ambas-Ambassador.jpg Commodore r-a1.png Comdor.
Envoy-General Ambas-Envoy-General.jpg Captain r-o6.png Capt.
Envoy Ambas-Envoy.jpg Commander r-o5.png Cdr.
Legate Ambas-Legate.jpg Lieutenant-Commander r-o4.png Lt. Cdr.
Consul Ambas-Consul.jpg Lieutenant r-o3.png Lt.
Vice-Consul Ambas-Vice-Consul.jpg Lieutenant-Junior Grade r-o2.png Lt. (jg).
Attaché Ambas-Attache.jpg Ensign r-o1.png Ens.

Comparison Of Naval & Marine Insignias & Rates

Naval Rate Insignia Abbreviation Grade Marine Rate Insignia Abbreviation
Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet r-e9b.png MCPOSF B4C Sergeant Major of Starfleet g-e9b.png SMaj. SF
Master Chief Petty Officer r-e9a.png MCPO B4B Sergeant Major g-e9a.png SMaj.
Master Chief Petty Officer r-e9.png MCPO B4 Sergeant Major g-e9.png SMaj.
Senior Chief Petty Officer r-e8.png SCPO B3 Master Sergeant g-e8.png MSgt.
Chief Petty Officer r-e7.png CPO B2 Gunnery Sergeant g-e7.png GSgt.
Petty Officer 1st Class r-e6.png PO1 B1 Staff Sergeant g-e6.png SSgt.
Petty Officer 2nd Class r-e5.png PO2 C5 Sergeant g-e5.png Sgt.
Petty Officer 3rd Class r-e4.png PO3 C4 Corporal g-e4.png Cpl.
Crewman r-e3.png CM C3 Lance Corporal g-e3.png LCpl.
Crewman Apprentice r-e2.png CMA C2 Private 1st Class g-e2.png Pvt 1.
Crewman Recruit r-e1.png CMR C1 Private g-e1.png Pvt.

Warrant Officers Insignias & Ranks

Fleet Insignia Marine Insignia Rank Abbreviation Grade
r-w4.png g-w4.png Chief Warrant Officer 3 CWO3 B4C
r-w3.png g-w3.png Chief Warrant Officer 2 CWO2 B4B
r-w2.png g-w2.png Chief Warrant Officer 1 CWO1 B4
r-w1.png g-w1.png Warrant Officer WO B3

Other Races


Romulan Rank Title Romulan Wording Insignia Equivalent SF Naval Insignia
Fleet Admiral Galae'Enriov R-M-S1-Admiral.jpg r-a5.png
Commander Riov R-M-S1-Comdr.jpg r-o6.png
Sub-Commander Erei'Riov R-M-S1-Sub-Comdr.jpg r-o5.png
Centurion Arrain R-M-S1-Cent.jpg r-o3.png
Lieutenant Eriei'Arrain R-M-S1-Lieut.jpg r-o2.png
Sub-Lieutenant Erein R-M-S1-Sub-Lieut.jpg r-o1.png


Klingon Rank Klingonese Insignia Equivalent SF Insignia
General yo' 'aj K-10-General.jpg r-a5.png
General yo' 'aj K-10-General.jpg r-a4.png
Brigadier wa'DIch 'aj K-09-Brigadier.jpg r-a3.png
Colonel cha'DIch 'aj K-08-Colonel.jpg r-a2.png
Major totlh K-07-Major.jpg r-a1.png
Captain HoD K-06-Captain.jpg r-o6.png
Cdr. ra'wI' K-05-Commander.jpg r-o5.png
Lieutenant ra'wI' Sogh K-04-Lieutenant.jpg r-o4.png
Warrior 3rd Class Sogh K-03-Warrior3.jpg r-o3.png
Warrior 2nd Class Sogh lagh K-02-Warrior2.jpg r-o2.png
Warrior 1st Class lagh K-01-Warrior1.jpg r-o1.png


Bajoran Rank Insignia Equivalent SF Naval Insignia
General B-GY-07-General.jpg r-a1.png
Colonel B-GY-06-Colonel.jpg r-o6.png
Major B-GY-05-Major.jpg r-o5.png
Captain B-GY-04-Captain.jpg r-o4.png
Lieutenant B-GY-03-Lieutenant.jpg r-o3.png
Lieutenant (jg) B-GY-02-Lieutenantjg.jpg r-o2.png
Ensign B-GY-01-Ensign.jpg r-o1.png


Tholian Rank Insignia Equivalent SF Naval Insignia
Fleet-General TA-11-Fleetgeneral.jpg r-a5.png
General TA-10-General.jpg r-a4.png
Colonel-General TA-09-Colgeneral.jpg r-a3.png
Major-General TA-08-Majgeneral.jpg r-a2.png
Commander-General TA-07-Cdrgeneral.jpg r-a1.png
Colonel TA-06-Colonel.jpg r-o6.png
Major TA-05-Major.jpg r-o5.png
Commander TA-04-Commander.jpg r-o4.png
Lieutenant-Commander TA-03-Ltcommander.jpg r-o3.png
1st Lieutenant TA-02-1Lt.jpg r-o2.png
2nd Lieutenant TA-01-2Lt.jpg r-o1.png


Cardassian Officer Rank Insignia Equivalent Starfleet Naval Insignia
Fi'ta Gul Fi%27ta%20Gul.png r-a5.png
Vi'ria Gul Vi%27ria%20Gul.png r-a4.png
Vi'kar Gul Vi%27kar%20Gul.png r-a3.png
Ri'en Gul Ri%27en%20Gul.png r-a2.png
Ri'ta Gul Ri%27ta%20Gul.png r-a1.png
Gul Gul.png r-o6.png
Glinn Glinn.png r-o5.png
Gil Gil.png r-o4.png
Glen Glen.png r-o3.png
Kara Kara.png r-o2.png
D'ja D%27ja.png r-o1.png
Cardassian Enlisted Rank Insignia Equivalent Starfleet Naval Insignia
Ja C-ja.jpg g-e7.png
Ja'ral C-jaral.jpg g-e6.png
Ja'rel C-jarel.jpg g-e5.png
Chi C-chi.jpg g-e4.png
Chi'ral C-chiral.jpg g-e3.png
Chi'rel C-chirel.jpg g-e2.png
Iral C-iral.jpg g-e1.png

Important: The title Legate is NOT a military title.. it is a government official title: "Legate. Title given to a high-ranking Cardassian government official. - Star Trek Encyclopaedia"


Gorn Rank Insignia Equivalent SF Naval Insignia
Fleet Admiral GH-11-Fleetadmiral.jpg r-a5.png
Admiral GH-10-Admiral.jpg r-a4.png
Vice Admiral GH-09-Viceadmiral.jpg r-a3.png
Rear Admiral GH-08-Rearadmiral.jpg r-a2.png
Commodore GH-07-Commodore.jpg r-a1.png
Captain GH-06-Captain.jpg r-o6.png
Commander GH-05-Commander.jpg r-o5.png
Lieutenant-Commander GH-04-Ltcommander.jpg r-o4.png
Lieutenant GH-03-Lt.jpg r-o3.png
Lieutenant-Junior Grade GH-02-Ltjg.jpg r-o2.png
Ensign GH-01-Ensign.jpg r-o1.png

Ferengi Alliance

Ferengi Rank Insignia Equivalent SF Naval Insignia
Daimon-Ress FC-Daimon-Ress.jpg r-a5.png
Ress FC-Ress.jpg r-a4.png
Taar-Ress FC-Taar-Ress.jpg r-a3.png
Letek-Ress FC-Letek-Ress.jpg r-a2.png
Zok-Ress FC-Zok-Ress.jpg r-a1.png
Daimon FC-Daimon.jpg r-o6.png
Taar FC-Taar.jpg r-o5.png
Sub-Taar FC-Sub-Taar.jpg r-o4.png
Letek FC-Letek.jpg r-o3.png
Sub-Letek FC-Sub-Letek.jpg r-o2.png
Zok FC-Zok.jpg r-o1.png


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