Persephone Zarethan

Marine 1st Lieutenant Persephone Zarethan


Zarethan, P.T c. 2380

Name: Persephone Topaz Zarethan
Nickname: Sephie
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Serial Number: ZRTHM7346
Current Assignment: Marine Sniper
USS Resolution-A
Previous Assignment: Sniper/Commando team member
Starbase 75

Personal Details

Species: El-Aurian
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Privately Owned Transport Vessel "Rising Sun"
Date of Birth: 3rd July 2360 (25)
Marital Status: Single and NOT Looking

Physical Profile

Height: 5f 8
Weight: 70kg
Build: Fit build.
Complexion: Olive
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Notable Features: She has a burn scar on her left hip. Made by a Cigar.

Personality Profile:

Interests: 3-d Chess, Reading novels, holodeck programs, swimming, Spending time with her siblings.
Preferred Food: Pinapple (Though she is allergic to it) and cheeseburgers
Preferred Drink: Orange Juice and Vodka
Preferred Music: Bryan Addams, 20th Centry Music
Favourite Colour: Red and Yellow
Likes: Bright colours, and happy people
Dislikes: Abusive people and her Father
Habits: Persephone is a shy person who never goes out except with her siblings and she does not date anyone, male or female.



Father: Kratos Zeus Zarethan, 53, Currently serving a life sentance in New Zealand Penal Colony for Murder and child abuse.

Mother: Sara Elizabeth Staedler Zarethan, 51, Deceased. Died 5th July 2372.


Older Brother: Hyperion Zircon Zarethan, Born 15th december 2355, Commander, chief of science on the USS Hydrana, 30, under new name of Jason Charles Staedler, changed in 2372.

Older sister: Artemis Amber Zarethan, Born 21st June 2357, 28, Civilan teacher, USS Miranda, Married to Mathew Jaensen. She changed her name in 23 to Amanda Jackson.

Younger Brother: Tyr Jet Zarethan, born 30th November 2365, 19,Yale University, LAW.

Younger sister: Iris Jade Zarethan, 10, Born 2375 Ward of Persephone Zarethan, Schooling on USS Resolution

Younger sister: Kali Opal Zarethan, 10, Ward of Persephone Zarethan, Schooling on USS Resolution

Half Sister: Victoria Garnet Luciana-Zarethan, 18, Location Unknown.

Friends and Associates:

Deana Troi-Riker, Commander, USS Titan, Chief Counsellor.
Beverly Crusher, Commander, USS Enterprise E, CMO


Primary: Home schooled on "Rising Sun"
Secondary: Home schooled on "Rising Sun"
Tertiary: Starfleet Marine Academy 2376-2380

Starfleet Career Record

Specialities: Marine Sniper and Commando Training

Academy Graduation: 2380

Languages: Galactia,El-Aurian, Vulcan, Romulan

Service Record:

Rank Dates Ship Position
g-c1.png 2376-2377 SFMC Academy Cadet 1st year
g-c2.png 2377-2378 SFMC Academy Cadet 2nd year
g-c3.png 2378-2379 SFMC Academy Cadet 3rd year
g-c4.png 2379-2380 SFMC Academy Cadet 4th year
g2-o1.png 2380-2381 USS Melbourne Commando Team Member
g2-o2.png 2381-2383 USS Melbourne Sniper/ XO Commando Team Member
g2-o2.png 2383-2385 Starbase 75 Sniper/ Commando Team Member
g2-o2.png 2385-Present USS Resolution-A Sniper

Medical Profile

Date: 2381, Doctor Jacques Yeats, USS Melbourne

"Persephone is a fit and healthy individual. She hates invasive medical exams due to her past and she is allergic to pinapple though she loves to eat it and she takes regular injections to combat that. She has a burn scar on her left hip that was made by a cigar. She is however deaf and uses sign language to communicate and has a hearing device in her ears."

Allergies: Pinapple.

Conditions: Is hearing impared.

Psychological Profile

Date: 2379 Counsellor Deana Troi

"I have been Persephone's counsellor since we met in 2375. She has come a long way from the timid girl I met back then. She is willing to talk about her past and it does not in anyway interfear with her work though she still avoids being alone with males other then Commander Data (Deceased) and her younger brother Tyr. She is a strong person
and is working hard to make her sibling's lives better"


Shy who hides her emotions from other people. She is often over looked by others and she works hard both in her career and her personal life. She is striving to give her siblings a better life in the hopes that they will grow up happy and not sad. She has a deep fear of men.

Background-Personal Life


Kratos Zeus Zarethan (Prefered name Zeus) met Lt jg Sara Elizabeth Staedler on Vulcan. She was a scientist on the USS Orion, aged 24. He is the captain of the independant Transport Vessel "Rising Sun", aged 26.


Zeus proposed to Sara while Snorkling on the Great Barrier Reef on Earth. Both lots of parents disaprove of the match.


Zeus and Sara marry in a private Ceremony in April. He asks her to leave Starfleet. The then full lieutenant does so without argument. Sara falls pregnant in december. Zeus hits her for the first time in November but he appologises to her.


Sara, five months pregnant, is shoved into a bulk head for calling her parents by her husband. In August, Zeus gives Sara a black eye while discussing baby names. He states that all their children will have the first name of an acient god or goddess and the middle name of a gemstone. Sara though scared stays with her husband.
Hyperion Zircon Zarethan is born on december 15.


Zeus hits 7 month old Hyperion for Crying too loud. Sara tries to intervine. She falls pregnant again in June of that year.


Artemis Amber Zarethan is born on the 21st of June. Abuse of Hyperion and Sara continues, Zeus forces Sara to have sex with his best friend.


Zeus hits both children daily and removes all children's toys and belongings other then clothing from their room. Sara falls pregnant again in July. Sara is raped by Zeus and his friends.



Persephone Topaz Zarethan is born on the 3rd of July. Angered by the birth of another girl, Zeus beats Sara so badly she is transported to the USS Kalinger for medical treatment. No charges are laid and the family remain together. Hyperion is 5 and Artemis is 3


Abuse continues daily. Children are moved into one room with three cot beds. The room is devoid
of all colour and toys. All they have are simple clothing and threadbare blankets and pillows. Sara home schools her children. Zeus takes Helena Luciano as his mistress in 2363. In 2364, Sara falls pregnant again. She hopes for a boy.


Tyr Jet Zarethan is born on the 30th November. Hyperion is 11, Artemus is 9, Persephone is 6.
Zeus continues to abuse the family and begins drinking heavily.


Zeus' mistress gives birth to a baby girl they called Victoria Garnet Luciano-Zarethan. She leaves the ship 6 months later due to Zeus' abuse towards her and Victoria. Zeus sexually abuses Artemis, aged 10.


Sara falls pregnant but abuse from Zeus causes a miscarriage of a baby boy. Zeus bashes Persephone severly causing her to loose her hearing in both ears. She learns sign language and to lip read as her father refuses to get her hearing implants.


Zeus tries to rape Persephone, but she escapes and hides in the cargo bay.


Zeus rapes both Artemis and Persephone in their beds in the children's communal bedroom. He forces Hyperion and Artemis to perform Oral Sex on each other. Hyperion is 17, Artemis is 15, Persephone is 12 and Tyr is 6.


Hyperion runs away from home and changes his name to James Charles Staedler. He joins Starfleet and severs all contact with his family.


Artemis is forced to have an abortion. The child was her father's. Sara falls pregnant again.


Sara gives birth to Iris Jade and Kali Opal Zarethan on the 27th of August. Persephone shields her mother
from her father's fists. Artemis leaves home at 18. Changes her name to Amanda Jackson. Severs all contact with the family. Zeus rapes 17 year old Persephone with his first mate while at Risa. The Crew of the USS Enterprise D is called in and they attempt to remove the children and Sara from the ship. They fail. Deana Troi and Beverly Crusher befriend
the eldest remaining daughter Persephone.


With Troi's help Persephone applies to Starfleet without her fathers knowledge. In March Zeus and his male crew gang rape his wife and daughter. Badly beaten and raped, Persephone manages to get her family off the ship at deep space 13. The doctors help them and hide them from Zeus. She was badly mal nutritioned as were her siblings when they left her father. None of the older two have put on much weight since then.


Sara moves the children to Earth. Persephone starts at the Starfleet Marine Academy. Zeus finds them and kills Sara in a rage. Persephone at 16 finds herself as guardian of Tyr, 12 and the twins, 3.

Background-Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy:


Persephone lives off campus while studing at the Marine academy. Her siblings go to day care and school respectively. She studied hard and all of her professors stated that she was no problem to teach. She passed all
her classes and worked hard with counsellors to overcome her past. She is fitted with hearing implants to
help her hear. She uses her sign language and lip reading still. When on Missions, she wears special head gear that has a holographic eye piece that translates her team members words into text.

First assignment: USS Melbourne

Persephone and her three siblings moved to the USS Melbourne, a Galaxy class vessel. The twins and Tyr seemed to settle in with others their age which made Persephone very happy. Though for her it was harder. She was the lone female on the Marine Roster She had to work hard to stop herself from hiding from the other Marines or shaking when they grew near. She worked hard and in 2381, was promoted to First lieutenant. She was also made XO of the small Commando team. Persephone herself underwent changes as she had to adjust to a closer working relationship with the male CO of her team But she adjusted as best she could. Despite her year on the Melbourne she never made any friends, something her counsellor, Deana Troi despaired at. But she survived.

In 2383 she left to Starbase 75.

Second Assignment: Starbase 75

Transferred to Starbase 75, Persephone found herself a basic member of the team she was assigned to. Not at all concerned she set about doing her job. But she found her CO did not want a deaf woman on his teams so she was often left at the Starbase during this time. She lasted 2 years before asking for a transfer.

Current Posting: USS Resolution-A

She was transferred to the USS Resolution-A as a sniper. She brought her sisters with her but her brother is currently on Earth Studing law at Yale. She is unsure how things will go on this assignment.

Special Notes

Persephone communicates with her Peers via talking as she can still speak well and her hearing loss has not affected it, though she still laspes into her sign language at times though the computer translates.

Persephone has not spoken to her older siblings since they left home and she does not want to. She has a lot of resentment towards them.

In 2377, Persephone brought a large house on a cattle farm in outback Australia. It has been called by the family home when ever they are on shore leave. It is called "Octonan"

Last Will and Testament placed on record and updated upon 2385.

In case of Persephone's death, custody of Iris and Kali goes to Tyr as does all of Persephone belongings and aquisitions.

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