Miw Sher Heru Tehuti

Lieutenant Junior Grade Miw-Sher Heru Tehuti

Princess Miw-Sher Heru Tehuti


Basic Information

Name: Princess Miw-Sher Heru Tehuti
Nickname: Miw or Kitten (Fed Standard form of her name)
Race: Siriusian (Descended Human)
Rank: Sub-department Chief of Archaeology, Anthropology & Linguistics/Assistant Chief Science Officer
Age: 28
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'
Weight: 2 lbs
Place of Birth: Ankhmet, Sirius
Marital Status: Single.
Physical Profile:
Miw-Sher is tall with long brown hair, and is quite agile due to an athletic, gymnastic and martial arts regime. She has a regal manner to her when she walks.
She has a tattoo of the hieroglyphs for Isis on her back, who's religion she is a priestess of.


communications, languages, writing, studying her ancient descendents and culture, archaeology, anthropology, self defence, dance, theatre, music, cartography, the Isis religion


Miw-Sher has a natural ability to quick pick up, understand and speak new languages and in total, Miw knows over 40 different languages from around the Galaxy. Her native language is Siriusian (an old form of Ancient Egyptian). By the time she was six, she had learnt Siriusian fluently and began on Latin, Ancient Greek, Federation Standard, Klingon, and Linguacode - which she had mastered by the time she was twelve. This expanded to around thirty by the time she joined Starfleet Academy, including Modern & Ancient Vulcan, Romulan, Gorn, Tellarite and Andorian. She learnt Jem'Hdar and Breen while at the Academy, and has been expanding her language list since.


2357-2373: Tutored
2373-2377: Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics, Archaeology & Anthropology) cum laude, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
2377-2381: Starfleet Academy

Service Record:

2377-2381: Cadet, Sciences, Starfleet Academy
2381-2383: Ensign, Sciences, USS Holmes
2383-2385: Lt JG, Sciences, USS Holmes
2385-pres: Lt JG, Sciences, USS Resolution-A



Miw-Sher Heru Tehuti was born into the royal house of the Siriusian Kingdom, a displaced group of humans taken from the land of Egypt on Earth. She has a number of brothers and sisters, and is a bit down the line of succession - something she is pleased about due to not really having any interest in ruling. As a princess, she became a priestess of Isis when she was old enough, and has continued with it.

The god, Osiris and his wife, Isis - actually two Preservers, told the Pharaoh of the time, Ramesses II known as Ramesses The Great, that he wanted to take a group of loyal subjects to a far off place to ensure that Egypt would always continue. Ramesses agreed and the group was selected, along with one of Ramesses' own sons, Prehirwenemef, included. They left to Sirius aboard one of the alien vessel that resembled a pyramid.At first, life on Sirius was very different and they struggled despite Preserver help, such as helping block out the effects of binary stars. Prehirwenemef proved to be wise, and led them to a nearby river system similar to the Nile, and began restarting the civilisation as it had been in Egypt. It took a number of generations before the displaced Egyptians recovered, but eventually, their civilisation flourished - unlike back on Egypt which collapsed less then two hundred years later.It was true like Ra Atum had said that they would continue even after Egypt grew decadent and collapsed into a Roman province. One thing that was different was that the Siriusian royalty was much more centred and less extreme then Egypt's pharaohs had been. Their culture continued and they spread across their new home world. Technology advanced well enough, although not at as sharp of a peak as on Earth.

Sirius was one of the earlier planets contacted by Earth in the early days of Starfleet, and the Siriusians happily welcomed their fellow humans. By that time, the Siriusians had tinkered with their own version of warp drive, and come up with something quite similar albeit not as powerful. Stories had not been lost of their origin, and a formal alliance was made between the Siriusian Kingdom and their country of origin, Egypt. They were a bit saddened to learn that the original Egyptian culture had collapsed, but openly embraced Egypt and donated back various historical items to help recover some of the lost past glory. The Siriusian Kingdom petitioned the United Nations government to be given status as a colony of Earth, and was accepted. The Siriusian space program and defence forces joined into Starfleet. When the Federation was created, Sirius joined as part of the Earth delegation.


Miw-Sher, or Miw for short, was brought up in the royal palace, and taught by private tutors. She learnt all about her ancestors, back to Hespurut and further through the Egyptian pharaohs, and given quite a classical education - including mathematics, science, literature and language. She showed a talent for languages and investigating cultures from the past from an early age.When she turned sixteen, she applied to a number of prestigious universities. After a number came back with acceptance, she chose Dartmouth College on Earth, where she studied a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, Archaeology & Anthropology. She did very well and graduated cum laude.

After completing that, she decided to join Starfleet. She was accepted, and took the Science track. She had contemplated Operations due to the communication aspect, but had no interest in the resource side of that track. After completing the required four years, she was assigned to the USS Holmes, a science vessel named after the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Aboard that ship, she did rather well, and was promoted to Lt Jg in 2383.

Two years later, she has been reassigned to the USS Resolution-A as Assistant Chief Science Officer and head of the sub-departments of Archaeology, Anthropology & Linguistics.

Personality Profile:

Miw is friendly to others, and gets on well with others. She has a tendency to lose track of time when she is devoted to a task at hand, and is quite untidy.


Her office is full of old books and artefacts from various cultures, and has a dusty smell because of it. Maps cover the walls.

She is proud of her heritage from Sirius and Egypt.

Psychological Profile:

Miw is quite stable, but has a tendency to look down on incompetence. She has high standards, and tries not to take it too far, but has trouble sometimes.

Medical Profile:

Despite the time period away from Earth, not much really changed in way of biology for the Siriusians. They are more tanned then most, about the same amount as people in Northern Africa.

Miw is quite fit and keeps herself in good condition through an exercise program.


Special Notes:

Miw follows the ancient Egyptian religion that has died out millenia ago on Earth. She is a priestess of Isis.

Miw prefers to handwrite notes rather then use the computer or padds, and usually uses a Siriusian script descended from hieroglyphs. As pets, she has a 9 foot non-venomous Siriusian python snake named Set, and a female spotted cat of the Egyptian Mau breed named Buto. Buto is a savvy house cat that makes certain nothing out of the ordinary takes place as long as she's around, which is apt because she is named after a cobra goddess that was a deity of protection and specialized in keeping those she favoured hidden from the sight of evil.

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