Margaret O Doyle

Captain Margaret O'Doyle, Chief Medical Officer

Name: Margaret Medea O'Doyle. On-duty, use her rank. Off-duty, she goes by Maggie.
Nickname: Matchstick
Race: Human
Rank: Marine Captain
Date Of Birth: November 11, 2352 (age 33)

Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'1
Weight: 102.5 lbs

Place of Birth: Dundalk, County Louth in the Republic of Ireland
Marital Status: Single.

Current: 210 Chief Medical Officer, 201/222 Chief Surgeon
Past: 106-A Logistician, 243 Independent Duty Medic (I-Medic), 242 Battlefield Evacuation Medic (E-Medic), 243 Combat Medic (C-Medic), 215 Medical Officer, 750 Sapper, 755 Demolition Specialist, 703 Combat Engineer Leader, 136-A Radio Operator, 308 Scout/Sniper, 300 Infantryman

Physical Profile: Maggie is very beautiful and lithe with long legs and not much body fat. Maggie is very agile and athletic with great reflexes - something that is obvious in the way she moves. This is partly due to many years studying ninjitsu, and also a natural agility. She always carries a survival knife in one of her boots and an old compass at her waist. When she is off-ship, she will bring a FMD-260A3 Combat Medglove.

Parents: Colonel Jason O'Doyle (deceased), Maria O'Doyle
Siblings: Ten older brothers (Col. Jackson, Marco, Maj. Holt, Perseus, G Sgt. Moldoon, Samson, James, Andrew, Matthew, Henry)

Interests: communications, geology and rocks, medicine, martial arts, boxing, firearms, singing, folk & Celtic & rock music, dancing, Gaelic Football, tracking, hunting, orienteering, land navigation, athletics, stealth & scouting

Languages: Fed Standard, Ulster Gaelic (Irish), Tellarite, Andorian, Modern Vulcan

2358-2370: US Schooling System
2370-2372: Half of Bachelor of Science in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2372: Federation Marines Boot Camp, Earth, 4 months
2372: Federation Marines School of Infantry, Alpha Centauri, 2 months
2372: Federation Marines Rifleman School, Tellar Prime, 2 months
2372: Federation Marines SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) School, Level C, Andoria, 1 month
2374: Federation Marines Academy OCS (Officer Candidate School), Earth, 2 months
2379-2383: Federation Marines Academy - Medic Branch School, Vulcan, 4 years

Service Record:
2372: Recruit, Federation Marines Basic Training, 8 months
2372-2373: Private, Rifleman, USS Ganymede
2373-2374: Private First Class, Rifleman, USS Ganymede
2374-2375: Lance Corporal, Alpha Platoon Communications Coordinator, USS Ganymede
2375-2376: Cadet, Federation Marines Academy
2376-2376: 2nd Lt, Battlefield Evacuation Medic, Alpha Flight, 3rd Aerospace Medical Evacuation/Heavy Lift Company, USS Pandora
2376-2377: 2nd Lt, Combat Medic/Alpha Flight XO, Alpha Flight, 3rd Aerospace Medical Evacuation/Heavy Lift Company, USS Pandora
2377-2379: 1st Lt, Independent Duty Medic/Alpha Flight XO, Alpha Flight, 3rd Aerospace Medical Evacuation/Heavy Lift Company, USS Pandora
2379-2383: 1st Lt, Federation Marines Medical School
2383-2384: Marine Captain, Surgeon, 2nd Mobile Surgical Hospital Company, USS Pandora
2384-2385: Marine Captain, Chief Surgeon, 2nd Mobile Surgical Hospital Company, USS Pandora
2385-pres: Marine Captain, Chief Medical Officer (Naval)/82nd Battalion Chief Medical Officer, USS Resolution-A


Margaret O'Doyle was born in Dundalk, County Louth in the Republic of Ireland as the youngest of eleven children of a Federation Marine Corps officer & his wife - and the only girl. Consequently, she was pretty much brought up as a tom-boy and preferred to be called Maggie - not liking being called by her full name, and had no problems in her childhood. She would reguarly go out on walks with her parents or brothers, and drag home pounds of interesting looking rocks which she collected and sorted. Her dad gave her picture books which let her sort them into different types.

However, she wasn't more then maybe seven or eight when they emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts where she would grow up, nothing more then memories of the 'Old Country'. However, they lived in an Irish enclave, and she learnt about her native culture through there.

As she grew older, she started to lose her tom-boy nature, but not much. At home, she was fine with jeans and a t-shirt, and only really acted like a girl outside of the house sometimes. She was always a very athletic and outdoors kind of person, and would regularly go camping with her brothers & dad for days during the holidays. He taught them all how to defend themselves and shoot when they were old enough, and Maggie was a natural. One of the things that she dragged either her brothers or parents into taking her to was martial arts classes. After trying a few, she settled into the style of ninjitsu, and would later on also take up aikido.

One thing that she shared alone with her dad was a love of radio communications. They would spend long nights tuning and adjusting a HAM radio setup that they ran, and recorded the rough locations of everyone they managed to talk to with tacks on a large map of Earth. Her dad even received approval and managed to open up a channel to an orbiting Starfleet vessel on time, something that delighted Maggie.

She did pretty average at school, and although she was very popular, she did not go in for the sort of superiority complexes that the most popular girls did over the others. In fact, she would not stand for it and got in a number of fights which she won, including sticking up for others who she saw as weaker. Once she was old enough, she began starting relationships, and although her brothers were very protective & threatened to collectively pound the hell out of anyone who broke her heart, she did manage to have a few nice relationships.

When she was leaving high-school at the age of seventeen, she originally got into a course on earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but dropped out two years into it when she changed her mind on what she wanted to do. It was partly due to her general tomboyish attitude and dislike of being stuck behind experiments that lead her to a Federation Marine recruitment centre, although having her dad & three of her brothers also in the Corps & their stories did have some part in it too. She passed the initial strength tests with distinction before moving on to Boot Camp.

As expected, Maggie passed through her four month Boot Camp basic training with excellent marks, coming in the Top 5 of her group. During Boot Camp, Maggie did quite well with hand-to-hand combat, and enjoyed the compulsory martial arts training - which she excelled in due to her previous styles. She also did very well with boxing, and won the Boot Camp boxing competition for her group of recruits.

Moving to Alpha Centauri for her time at the School of Infantry, she learnt a lot about how to become a combat ready marine, with training in combat marksmanship, grenades, IED's, convoy operations, military ops in urban terrain, combat formations, land navigation, patrolling, defence of a position, fire team assaults, Intel reporting and necessary skills to know aboard space-vessels. Her marks for practical subjects, such as combat marksmanship, land navigation, field-craft and communications, were distinctions or better, but her theory classes, such as intel reporting and starship protocols, were passes. She excelled in first aid courses.

Her chosen MOS speciality at the time was as a rifleman, and because of her interest, she was selected to receive extra training as a field-radio communications operator - although she had to work hard on the necessary theory classes. She aced all the comms works, due to her radio experience with her dad.

That was followed up with Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) School, where she and her fellow Federation Marine recruits were taught the Marine Code of Conduct along with survival skills, evading capture, recovery and dealing with captivity. Maggie did equally well as she had for SOI.

Assigned to the USS Ganymede, she served with distinction. Her company commanding officer, Captain Baker, and platoon commanding officer, Lieutenant Davis, all noticed her determination, and she rose to Lance Corporal after a few years, being given the role of Alpha Platoon Communications Coordinator despite being a grade short. During this time, USS Ganymede travelled across the Federations, dealing with things such as riots, piracy and border patrol - there was plenty of work for the Federation Marines, and she was involved in a number of important campaigns. Maggie performed very well as a rifleman & sniper.

While aboard the Ganymede, Maggie was pursued by a Naval officer, Lieutenant Warren McGregor, who was quite attracted to her. Initially, she thought that it was A) creepy, and B) against every regulation & told him that. He didn't give up and convinced her to go out on a date. When she finally relented, she realized that he was very charming and they started a relationship, albeit an awkward one due to various issues.

When Lieutenant Davis and two other squads with hers were killed during a boarding mission on a pirate ship, Maggie had to step in and take charge when the sergeant who was her squad team leader fell to pieces. Leading her fellow marines forwards in a fire-team assault charge, they overwhelmed the remaining pirates and put down any resistance. No other lives or equipment were lost on the Marine side, and they successfully completed the mission objectives. Afterwards, Maggie took charge in treating the wounded, and her skills caught the notice of one of the combat medics. Maggie received a commendation for quick thinking and showing leadership in the spirit of the Marine ideals, while the staff sergeant was given an honourable discharge due to combat post-traumatic stress. Maggie also realised that she had enjoyed it.

She was called into the Company CO's officers later and told that her services would be far better put to use if she applied to become an officer. He also told her that the field medic had written a glowing report, and suggesting that she be given a MOS transfer to medicine as well.

Maggie thought about it and talked to Warren about it, which he told her to go for it. A few weeks later, she was on a flight back to Officer Candidate School on Earth at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, which still provided superb training for the Federation Marines. She lost touch with Warren during this time, and heard he had died a few months later. However, she eventually received a letter from him that he handwritten from his hospital bed, telling her that he loved her and wanted her not to grieve but to move forwards. During her OCS time, she was taught to the level necessary to become a Battlefield Evacuation Medic before being transferring to the USS Pandora, a joint Starfleet/Federation Marines carrier, as part of 3rd Aerospace Medical Evacuation/Heavy Lift Company.

On the Pandora, she was assigned to Alpha Flight, where she worked on one of the S-30 Valkyrie sublight medivacs, and performed very well. When the CO was promoted six months later, she was promoted to Executive Officer of Alpha Flight and given Combat Medic status. From the planet of Betanix Prime shortly after, she obtained a most unusual pet which her rank allowed her to keep aboard - a genetically-recreated Smilodon, which she has named Aonghus. She also finally started dating like Warren had wanted her to, but hasn't really found anyone. She continued rising in rank to 1st Lt aboard the Pandora along with Independent Duty Medic status - a role she held for two years.

At this point, Maggie's medical training had meant she had hit the ceiling, and to go on further, she would need more formal training. She applied for permission for a medical degree, and was approved to complete a four year medical degree. When she returned in early 2383 as a Marine Captain (the entry level for doctors), she was assigned as a Surgeon in 2nd Mobile Surgical Hospital Company, dropping down well behind the front lines and close enough to danger. She did very well, and eventually, the company commanding officer ignored standard protocol and made her the Chief Surgeon despite her not meeting the rank requirements on approval from his commanders.

Maggie was promoted to Marine Captain & assigned to Federation Marine Corps HQ to broaden her experience, and she was give the MOS of Logistician in Quartermaster department for 6 months. After that, she was rotated to a Medical Administrator MOS in the Medical branch, doing medical administration work in a Mobile Surgical Hospital company HQ which moved around the Federation as needed.

After a particularly brutal series of missions at the end of the next year, it was decided that the Pandora would need to be put in for extensive refit and repair towards the end, so the Marines have been reassigned.

Maggie has been transferred to the USS Resolution-A as Chief Medical Officer for both the naval & 82nd Battalion positions. On request of Maggie, two S-30 Valkyries have been assigned as well, along with crews.

Personality Profile:

She hates her full name, and won't answer to it unless it is from a senior officer, who she will correct. Anyone else might get a fist or a verbal bashing. She also really hates being put down.

Maggie joined the Marines because of a lack of confidence in her own intelligence & academic skills. Her confidence in her smarts and skills has grown since joining the Marines.

Maggie has a very unassuming and quiet demeanour to her - something that is not very Marine-like. However, when she needs to, Maggie can unleash hell and become very loud & intimidating. She can be a very hard taskmaster when leading others, but fair and brings out loyalty in her fellow Marines & naval comrades. At heart, she is definitely an optimist.

Maggie holds all of the Federation Marine Corps values dear to her heart, and is determined to ensure that she doesn't bring dishonour to the Federation Marines. She is extremely loyal and feels just as much for the Marines in her unit as to her family.

Non-Marines will probably find her to go a bit over the top with the formalities and ceremonial aspects of the Marines, such as close-order drills, the spirited 'Ooh-rah!' cry, but that is only because she knows that they are there to reinforce camaraderie, teach discipline, instil habits of precision and automatic response to orders.

Although she can get on with civilians and naval personnel, she prefers dealing with Marines. She puts dealing with civilians as a necessary evil, and definitely won't let anyone push her around. She can be a bit too by-the-book with Marine matters but can be quite accommodating towards non-Marines though.

As a Marine, Maggie tends to be quite uncouth and swears quite a lot, partly due to her Irish upbringing. She is very un-ladylike and although she is just as happy in a dress as she is in the heat of combat wearing BDU's and battle armour, she does tend to stand out as different. Maybe it is because of her upbringing or being in the Marine Corps for so long, but it just looks like something is wrong. Her normal choice of off-duty gear tends to be on the slinky un-restricting side. Aboard the ship, she wears Marine medical uniforms rather then the Starfleet naval one.

Off-duty, Maggie has a very compassionate and friendly personality. She does have a bit of a temper at times though as well. She enjoys drinking, singing and dancing, with a wonderful vocal range and voice. She is quite good at cards and enjoys being outdoors on a planet when she can. If she has a choice, she would sleep outside in a tent or whatever rather then spend it in a shuttle or on a starship.

Maggie is a practising Roman Catholic, although she isn't the best example of one, especially since she is a bit more liberal on intimate relationships outside of marriage. She has a number of lovers, but nothing permanent.

Psychological Profile:

As a Federation Marine, Maggie typically responds to situations with an equal show of force and can be a bit heavy with excessive use of firepower or ammunition. With She also hates being seen as weak - partly the Marine mentality and partly because she has to be strong in a man's world, and doesn't like having to go to medical or see psychologists. Maggie hates 'bleeding-heart pacifists'. She is deeply loyal to the ideals of the Federation Marine Corps, and the Marine Corps motto 'Semper Fidelis'.

Even so, Maggie values the life of every Marine or Naval crewmember under her command, and would go to hell and back for any one of them as she epitomizes the Marine oath of never leaving a man behind, especially from her time in the E-Medic corps. In return, she expects a very high standard for all those who serve under her, and has been unofficially been given the nickname of Matchstick because she always ready to go off at an instant as well as physically being quite thin and short compared to many female marines although what mass she has is lean cut muscles similar to a runners build. Maggie suffers from insomnia due to stress and worry at times, but she has learnt to cope without much sleep.

Medical Profile:

Maggie has a number of healed injuries sustained over the years. Spends a lot of time exercising or training, wanting to keep herself in perfect form. This includes various sports as well, but she isn't into body-building though.

Her eyesight is very good, and she can hit targets at range with excellent accuracy.

Maggie has a tattoo of a velociraptor on her back from her time back on the Ganymede, where it was her company's emblem. The Federation Marine Corps emblem is also tattooed on her arm, and her serial number as well. She uses gun oil as perfume at times, enjoying the scent.

Special Notes:

Although she does well with physical activities, she really has to push herself hard with any academic pursuits, but she eventually made it with medical theory.

When Maggie is out in the field, she brings a small old-fashioned sextant (ancient seafaring navigational device) with her just in case.

As a Federation Marine officer, Maggie is granted the permission to obtain and possess a Federation Marine ceremonial sword about ship, which she normally keeps locked in a cabinet unless in use for dress uniforms.

Maggie has reached black-belt, 3rd degree of the Federation Marines Martial Arts Program, which is an eclectic mix of various ancient and modern martial arts along with other close-combat fighting styles, all blended together seamlessly. In addition, she has reached the highest levels of aikido and ninjitsu.

Maggie is proficient with many forms of firearms, ranging from pistols to carbines to rifles and shotguns. She also excels with hand-to-hand combat and melee combat involving knives, daggers, swords and bludgeoning weapons. She ensures that the Marines she is leading are equally proficient with many different forms of weapons through constant drilling and training, allowing them to do their job in any situation.

Maggie is very particular about keeping her weapons in good condition, following the Rifleman's Creed faithfully:

This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.
My rifle, without me, is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will…
My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit…
My rifle is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strengths, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will ever guard it against the ravages of weather and damage as I will ever guard my legs, my arms, my eyes and my heart against damage. I will keep my rifle clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will…
Before God, I swear this creed. My rifle and myself are the defenders of my colonies. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life…
So be it, until victory is the Federation's and there is no enemy, but peace!

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