Ambassador Lu'Pal

Name: Lu'Pal
Age: 56
Race: Vulcan
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 165
Hair: BK
Eyes: BR
Birthdate: June 19, 2329
Birthplace: Vulcan
Hobbies: Kal-Toh, Studying anything involving science and Vulcan martial arts

Gender: Female
Languages: Vulcan, Federation Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Bajorian, Cardassian and Breen

Father: Soverk
Mother: Vadel

Outstanding Cadet Award
Academy Award
Good Conduct
Service Ribbon
Breen Cluster
Klingon Cluster
Cardassian Cluster
Dominion Cluster
Bridge Officer Certification
Dominion War Service
10 Year Service Medal
USS Henrick Service Medal
Deep Space Five Service Medal
USS Washington Service Medal
Starfleet Academy Service Medal
Federation Embassy on Breen
Federation Embassy on Romulus


Service Record:
2345-2347 - Student, Vulcan Science Academy
2347-2351 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2351-2353 - Ensign, USS Henrick; Science Officer
2353-2357 - Ltjg., USS Henrick; Asst. Science Officer
2357-2364 - Lieutenant, Deep Space 5; Chief Science Officer
2364-2368 - Lt. Commander, Deep Space Five
2368-2372 - Commander, USS Washington, Executive Officer
2372-2375 - Captain, USS Washington, Commanding Officer
2375-2380 - Captain, Starfleet Academy, Instructor of Sciences
2380-2380 - Ambassador, Starfleet Ambassadorial Corps, Student
2380-2383 - Ambassador, Federation Embassy on Breen; Diplomatic Liaison Officer
2383-2385 - Ambassador, Federation Embassy on Romulus; Diplomatic Liaison Officer
2385-PRES - Ambassador 2nd Bar, USS Resolution-A; Diplomatic Liaison Officer

Lu'Pal was born on Vulcan t he only child of two well established Scientist. At the age of sixteen, Lu'Pal attended the Vulcan Science Academy. After graduating, she decided to leave Vulcan and attend the Starfleet Academy to become an officer.

Her first assignment was on the USS Henrick, an Miranda class starship which spent much its time on exploration missions. Lu'Pal received a promotion to Ltjg. on the Henrick, but in 2357, she received a promtion to Lieutenant and transferred to Chief Science Officer on Deep Space Five. On DS5, Lu'Pal enjoyed being so close to the Romulan neutral zone, which gave the science deparment the opportunity to make several new discoveries.

In 2368, Lu'Pal was offered the position of Executive Offcier on the USS Washington an Excelsior class which she gladly accepted and was promoted to Commander. Lu'Pal excelled in this position and in 2372 was offered Commanding Officer when her Captain received a promtion to Commodore.

Captain Lu'Pal within her first year found herself in the Dominion War. The Washington survived many battles against the Dominion, until that factful day when the ship was destroyed by the orbital destroyers. Those who managed to make it off ship was relocated baclk to the Earth to work till the end of the war.

After the war Captain Lu'Pal was asked to teach at the Academy as a Science Instructor. Judging by her expertise in numerous sunjects when it came to sciences it seemed like thew most logical thing to do. In 2380, Lu'Pal volunteered to join the Ambassador Corps. One of the things she regretted about being a commanding officer was never having the opportunity to lead any diplomatic missions, so she spent six moths training and then was sent off to the Federation Embassy on Breen. On Breen, Ambassador Lu'Pal helped to better the relationship between the Federation and the Breen.

In 2383, after the bombing of Ki Baratan, Lu'Pal was assigned to Romulus in order to maintain a Federation diplomatic presence. Now after spending the last two years with the Romulans, Lu'Pal has now been promoted to Ambassador 2nd Bar and reassigned to the USS Resolution-A to replace Ambassador Stronghold who had been kidnapped and killed by the Tallix Sect.

Personality Profile:
Lu'Pal is your typical Vulcan. By the book and is eager to get results from her work than anything else.

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