Klingon Empire

The Klingon Empire has recently begun to research medicine and science. Many doctors in the Empire have been to Starfleet Academy Medical School in-order to become qualified medics. The Klingon equivalent to a 24th Century Starfleet Sickbay is at-least 2 centuries away, in normal development terms. The Klingons have requested help from the Federation in this area and Starfleet Medical have sent representatives to Qo'nos in-order to educate the Klingon "Doctors".

The Empires interest in such things has been recognised as a positive consequence of the Dominion War. Many Klingons who fought alongside Federation and Romulan troops developed an inferiority complex when they went into battle alongside their allies. They could see the Starfleet Soldiers and Romulan Centurions get injured in battle, receive quality medical care, and return to the battlefield in full health. Klingon Medicine, being what it is, many Klingons were better off without having any medical attention and died before getting back to the fight. Chancellor Martok, a recipient on many occasion of Starfleet Medicine, felt that to show injury in front of fellow Klingons on the battlefield is one thing, standing alongside fully restored Federation and Romulan Officers is quite another. Especially if the day before those same officers would have died in Klingon Medical Care.

Klingon scientific interest is also a recent development, however, the origins of this interest is a mystery, not only to the Empire but to the Federation as well. Even so, Starfleet welcomes the interest that the Klingons have shown in the Sciences, and have not hindered in any way the Klingons scientific interests.

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