Kimora Reeves

Lt Commander Kimora Reeves


Name: Kimora Reeves
Age: 30
Race: Human
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Birth Date: March 4, 2355
Birthplace: Warren City, Mars
Hobbies: Reading, Martial Arts
Languages: Federation Standard, Klingon, Breen, Romulan

Father: Vice Admiral Jason Reeves; USS Powell, Commanding Officer of the 8th Fleet
Mother: Asia Reeves
Sister: Leila Reeves(28)

Oustanding Cadet Award- 2375
Academy Award- 2377
Good Conduct- 2378
Service Ribbon (USS New Orleans)- 2380
Service Ribbon (USS Lexington)- 2383
Service Ribbon (USS Challenger-A)- 2383
Humanitarian Merit- 2379
Bravery Commendation- 2383
Breen Cluster-2378
Battle of the Briar Patch II- 2377

REPRIMANDS: Assualt on a fellow officer- 2378

2373-2377: Starfleet Academy, Cadet
2377-2379: USS New Orleans, Ensign, Operations Officer
2379-2380: USS New Orleans, Ltjg., Operations Officer
2380-2381: USS Lexington, Ltjg., Operations Officer
2381-2383: USS Lexington, Lieutenant, Operations Officer
2383-2383: USS Challenger-A, Lt. Commander, Chief Operations Manager
2383-PRES: USS Resolution-A, Lt. Commander, Chief Operations Manager

Kimora's early childhood was not a very stable one. At seven months pregnate her mother Asia separated from her father Jason and left to live with her family on Mars. Right after her birth, Jason and Asia decided to get back together to work out the marriage. When kimora was eight the marriage had finally ended. Due to the fact that her mother never wanted to be Starfleet Officers wife. For years Kimora resented her mother, for the marriage failing. She was also upset the her sister Leila and herself had to live with their mother on Mars.

The next ten years, Kimora couldn't stand living on the planet and felt that she had been screwed out of traveling around the galaxy. Against her mother's wishes, Kimora applied and was accepted into the academy. In the academy, Kimora majored in the operations field, as well as participated in many sports. After graduating, she found herself posted on the USS New Orleans, which spent the majority of the time patroling the Breen border.

In 2380, Reeves was transferred to the USS Lexington due to the lack of operation officers onboard. Three years later the ship was destroyed, due to the warp core being sabotaged. Many members of the crew were fortunate to reach the escape pods, while others weren't so lucky. Kimora has spent the last two months working at Utopia Planetia, waiting for her next assignment. When the postion for a Asst. Chief Operations Officer on the Challenger came up, someone put her name in and to her surprise, she got the position.

The Challenger seemed to be cursed, so was the rumor and lived to its name by constantly ending up in spacedock for repairs. And it wasn't too long after her arrival that she found herself moved up to the Chief Operations Manager. But what she found to be a great achievement was when she was specifically requested to transfer to the USS Resolution the head ship of the Second Fleet. Aboard the Res, Kimora lightened up a little and began secretly dating Commander Kenneth Hunt for almost a year in secret. Recently the two have agreed to be open about their relationship.

Personality Profile:
Kimora takes pride in being just like her father. Following in his example she hopes one day to move up through the ranks and to have a command of her own. Overall she cares very much about her family and friends, but due to the reasons of her parents spliting up Kimora tends to stay away from serious relationships.

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