Kenneth Hunt

Commander Kenneth Hunt


Name: Kenneth Hunt
Age: 38
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 195
Hair: BK
Eyes: BR
Birthdate: January 6, 2347
Birthplace: Houston, TX; Earth
Hobbies: Judo, Basketball, Dom-jok, Weapons and Studying the latest tactical and intel developments
Gender: Male
Languages: Federation Standard, Klingon, Bajorian, Vulcan, Breen


Father: Ernest Hunt
Mother: Karen Hunt
Cousin: Lt. Commander Jerome Hunt(29), USS Victory
Cousin: Lt. Commander Devon Hunt(28), USS Relentless

Outstanding Cadet Award
Academy Award
Good Conduct
Service Ribbon
Breen Cluster
Klingon Cluster
Cardassian Cluster
Dominion Cluster
Advanced Tactical Training
Bridge Officer Certification
Dominion War Service
10 Year Service Medal
USS Alabama Service Medal
USS Alamo Service Medal
USS Alamo-A Service Medal
USS Hera Service Medal

-Disobeying a direct order from a Commanding Officer(2379).
-Disobeying a direct order from Starfleet Command(2383).

Service Record:
2365-2369 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2369-2371 - Ensign, USS Alabama; Tactical/Security Officer
2371-2373 - Ltjg., USS Alamo; Tactical/Security Officer
2373-2375 - Lieutenant, USS Alamo; Chief Tactical/Security Officer
2375-2379 - Lt. Commander, USS Alamo-A; Chief Tactical officer
2379-2383 - Commander, USS Hera; Executive Officer
2383-2385 - Commander, USS Resolution-A; Second Officer/Intelligence Officer
2385-PRES - Commander, USS Resolution-A; Executive Officer

Kenneth was born to two college Professors Ernest and Karen Hunt. Even at a
young age his parents saw the potential and drive that Kenneth wanted to be
part of Starfleet, so when he applied and was quickly accepted that was no
surprise to them. Through his Academy years, Kenneth maintained a GPA and
focused his studies in the tactical/security field. But deep down his main
goal was to one day command a ship of his own.

Upon graduating 9th in his class, Hunt was assigned to the USS Alabama to
serve as tactical/security. Two years later with the recommendation of his
Chief, Kenneth was promtoed to Ltjg. and was reassigned to the USS Alamo. A
couple of years later was the star of the Dominion War, which the crew of
the Alamo found themselves in the middle of. During the battle of in Tyra
System the Alamo was one of fourteen ships to return from that battle. The
crew had suffered heavy losses that day, including the death of the Chief
Tactical Officer. Being the most logical choice, Hunt was promoted to
Liutenant and became the new Chief of Tactical/Security.


Kenneth was success at being the Chief and his talents at tactical helped
the crew to survive in many battles. But it was after the battle of
Cardassia, where the Excelsior ship was to be decommisioned due to being
unsalvagable. The crew and himself were transferred to the USS Alamo-A a
Galaxy class starship. With a new ship, Hunt was also promoted to Lt.
Commander and Chief of Tactical.

After spending four years aboard the Alamo-A, Kenneth was recommended by
Captain Solomon for the XO position aboard the USS Hera. At first Hunt was
hesitant to go, he served with the crew of the Alamo since the Dominion War.
Captain Solomon and himself easily got along, deep down Kenneth didn't
want to work under another Commanding Officer. But after some convincing,
Hunt accepted the offer and was promoted to full Commander.

In 2379, Commander Hunt arrived on the Nebula class starship. Like the
Alamo-A, the Hera also carried families on board. And as the XO, he found
himself quickly learning how to deal with many issues that came from dealing
officers with families. Another problem, he had to deal with was Captain
Bell who was strictly by the book. The two didn't get along for the first
three months, but after finally having it out in the captain's ready room they
found a new found respect for on another and even became friends.

Kenneth also became friends with the new Chief of Security, Lt. Commander
Gregory Turner. Throughout their time together on the Hera, they contsantly
watched each others backs and became more like brothers, considering that
they were both only children. In 2381, Turner would be transferred to
Starbase Pegasus. When an opening for Executive Officer, became open aboard
the Flag ship of the second fleet, Captain Bell immediately recommended
Commander Hunt.

In 2383, the crew of the Hera was instructed not to join with the rest of
the second fleet to face the Borg. Captain Bell made a decision to disobey
that direct order from Starfleet Command and proceeded to join the Fleet in
facing the Borg. Though the battle was a success for Starfleet, the Hera
suffered heavy casualities. Starfleet ordered the USS Hera to report to
the Deep Space Nine shipyard to spend the next three months being refitted.
Many of the crew were transferred to other ships.

Afterwards Captain Bell received a court martial for disobeying orders.
Commander Hunt who stood by his commanding officers decision spoke on behalf
of his Captain telling Starfleet that he supported Bell's decision to face
the Borg. As a result Captain Bell received a demotion to Commander, while Commander Hunt lost the position of Executive Officer on the Resolution and
was given the Second Officer position instead.

On the Resolution, Kenneth not only held the position of Second Officer but also became the head of the Intel department. After spending almost a year on board, he began a relationship with Operations Manager Kimora Reeves. While the two dated for almost a year in secret, just recently they have agreed to be open with their relationship. After Commander Katrina Hastings left the ship, Hunt was moved up to the Executive Officer position.

Personality Profile:
Early in Kenneth Hunt's career, he was a jump head first kind of guy and defintely cocky. The Dominion War changed his view and attitude on life. Serving with Captain Solomon allowed him to be reckless at times, but serving with Captain Bell taught him to look at the bigger picture. Hunt is about getting work done and following the rules. But every now and then, he reverts back to his old ways.


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