Kendra Sheppard

Kendra Ellena Sheppard


Basic Information:

Name: Kendra Ellena Sheppard

Nickname: Kenni

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Height: 4f3"

Weight: 55lbs

Date Of Birth: 2377, June 2nd

Age: 8

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Place of Birth: Earth

Interests: Horses, looking after her brother, reading and swimming.

Languages: English

Education: Basic primary Education on SB 23


Kendra was born to James and Selena Sheppard, both starfleet officers stationed on SB 23. She spent the first 6 years of her life as an only child before being joined by her little brother Edward. Their parents though devoted to their children, often left them alone with their nanny. In 2383, her parents were re-assigned to the USS Melbourne B and were killed in a battle with the borg. After her parents estate was settled and their home on Earth closed up, the children needed a place to live. She and her brother Edward were sent to SB 1 to live with foster parents Louise and Michael Pilewort. They became two of 6 other children living in cramped quarters on the Starbase.

Ignored for the most part Kendra took matters into her own hands. Unsure how to get out of the situation she tried to talk to her foster parents into having her and Edward sent else where. The father however grew abusive and gave her numerous black eyes over the few weeks they were there as well as many bruises. Edward was also not immune to the abuseā€¦ It seemed that he and his wife liked the income that the foster children brought in. And he had no love for them. At all. Scared Kendra took her brother and snuck out of the quarters with their meager belongings. Hoping to jump a shuttle to somewhere else She snuck them into the Shuttle bay and onto a cargo shuttle. Unbeknownst to her, the shuttle was only going on a short trip. To the USS Resloution A. Though Kendra was not scared. She decided that a starship would eventually go to places that were better then where she and Edward had been. They snuck aboard the Resolution and stowed away in the Jefferies tubes. The tubes allowed them to access cabins and to use replicators which Kendra used to replicate blankets, pillows, clothing and food for them. They have yet to be discovered.

Personality Profile:


Kendra is small and determined for her age. She protects her baby brother and is loyal only to him. When her parents were alive she was a bright and vibrant child. Now, she only strives to survive.

Family Information:
Mother: Selena Sheppard, Lt. jg, Deceased
Father: James Sheppard, Lieutenant, Deceased
Brother: Edward James Sheppard

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