Katrina Hastings

Commander Katrina Hastings


Name: Katrina Hastings
Nickname: Kat
Race: 1/2 Human, 1/4 Vulcan, 1/4 Betazoid
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 2nd April 2355
Place of Birth USS Enterprise D
Age: 28
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5f8
Weight: 67kg
Skin Tone: Light tanned
Handed: Ambidextrous

Level Years School Courses
Primary 2360-2367 School on Vulcan General Courses
Secondary 2368-2371 School on Vulcan General Courses
Tertiary 2372-2376 Starfleet Academy Engineering/tactical/Weapons Systems
Spoken Written
Vulcan Vulcan
Betazoid Betazoid
Romulan Romulan
Federation Standard Federation Standard
Deltan Deltan

Interests and Hobbies: Orbital Skydiving, Racket ball, Velocity, Praises Squares, Holo-programs (though has been dangerous to her health), Kal’Toh , Ice-skating.

Character History

Pre-Starfleet Background:

Katrina was born 2nd April 2355, 5 minuets after her brother Quade on the USS Enterprise D. Her father is a half human/half Betazoid scientist who works within the Science department at Starfleet academy on earth, Her mother is a half human/half Vulcan and is an Engineer, who use to be on the USS Enterprise, under Commander LaForge, Her mother is now retired and lives on Earth with her husband. Katrina and Quade grew up inseparable. They went everywhere together when they were children and even teenagers. Their mother and father knew early on that the children’s empathy and telepathy would be strong as combining Vulcan and Betazoid genes made the child or children concerned powerful enough to be mistaken for a full telepath. With this in mind both children were sent to Vulcan for training in their mental skills. They were sent to live there without their parents in 2358 and both grew up relying on each other, though they both know that their parents love them and they love their parents back.

Both children also undertook their general Schooling on Vulcan until the age of 16. It was in 2369 and they were 14 that they struck up a friendship with a Klingon on Vulcan by the name of T’Kalerk. He was the son of the Klingon Ambassador to Vulcan. They met when he and Quade almost came to blows over something trivial in the School yard. Katrina stopped the fight by knocking both their heads together. When they both came around they found themselves tied together with manacles at the ankle, knee, elbow and wrist.

Kat was standing over them.

She told them that for the rest of the day they would have to work together and if they managed it she would un-manacle them. After much snarling and hissing at the young girl they somehow agreed to work together and at the end of the day Katrina un-did their manacles. The three young people became close friends and on the twins’ 15th birthday T’Kalerk gave them both a D’ktahg Knife. When Kat and T’Kalerk got accepted into Starfleet T’Kalerk gave Kat a Bat’leth. He had it specially made for his ‘little sister’ Kat had just smiled and said she would hold him to his word to teach her how to use it when they began at the Academy in the new year.

Starfleet Background:

Unfortunately T’Kalerk died in a street fight on Kronos before he could attend the Academy. Katrina left Vulcan and returned to Earth to attend Starfleet Academy. Quade stayed on Vulcan and entered the Vulcan University of Sciences. He is now a junior lecturer at the university. Katrina was lucky enough to get into the Academy on her first try and she loved her time there though she missed her friend from Kronos and her twin brother. On her first term break Katrina and Quade voyaged to Kronos to pay their respects to their friend and his family. T’Kalerk’s father Moorak of clan K-Lor made the twins honorary members of the K-Lor clan.


Katrina returned to the Academy after the brief visit. Katrina studied hard at the academy and majored in tactical and minored in Security and Engineering. She took on extra courses in her time at the Academy and found her mental discipline came in handy with her studies. Katrina had many friends at the academy but she never had a lover. Kat concentrated on her studies with the goal of graduation at the top of her class, She graduated second, behind her fellow class mate Chase Dalton.

After her graduation, which was attended by her parents and her twin brother, Kat as she was called by her class-mates, was offered a position as Aide to Admiral Paul Carter, the head of the tactical department with the Academy. After that she was transferred to the USS Galaxy ‘s tactical department as the weapons Specialist. When the XO of the Galaxy Commander Von Ernst transferred to the USS Prospero as was Kat. She stayed on the Prospero for 6 months before being transferred to the USS Dominator to replace their Weaps officer who left after two tours of duty.

Upon her arrival on the USS Dominator, Katrina worked hard in the Combat Systems department, before being transferred to Engineering during a crisis. It was there she stayed. First as acting CHENG and then assistant chief engineer under Lt. K'tor, a Klingon exchange program officer, who asked her "Why am I here Lt. Why isn't that your desk?"

To which she answered "First of all sir. You outrank me. And secondly, I do not want it." She was calmly stating the facts. He only lasted two months before being recalled to his home planet.

This then shoved Katrina into the stressful position of being chief engineer on a ship where engineering seemed a lot like a massive black hole. Promoted to Lieutenant Katrina found herself also involved in a relationship with a marine officer. Staff Sergeant Juron Tethlin: Her relationship with Juron steamed from the Deltan sniper's need for help in surviving. Their mind link, which Kat at first considered using for help keep him alive, turned into a more in depth link and they became lovers and friends.

Though their relationship was not without problems. Deltans take an oath of celibacy and Kat and Juron's relationship clearly violated that oath. Though none of the command staff sought to stop them, Juron had pangs of guilt over it and eventually he and Kat had a … well not exactly normal relationship, but as normal as one could get on the Dominator. Though Kat did have a spat with Former MARDETCOM, Bahdaur verbally over Tethlin and her relationship. Only to find the man sympathetic and actually letting her and Juron's relationship continue, though the threat against her She’lat had been a bit unwarranted.

It was also during this time that Katrina's genetics flared up and she went into what she and her twin brother both called 'heat'. This phase is like the Vulcan Pon far but with the Betazoid PHASE in it. It sends her hormones and telepathy running riot and effects anyone she comes in contact with making them honey and basically driving herself to mate. Katrina will hopefully only undergo this once a year. Katrina's fear of medical has not been abated, even though she now trusts the CMO of the dominator a little more then she normally would.

In late 2379, Juron Tethlin died accidentally at the hands of his superior officer while still recovering from injuries sustained on an away mission. The MARDETCOM, Major Keen, unfortunately hit the wrong spot on the crazed Sergeant (What made him crazed is unknown to Katrina as no one as told her) and caused him to bleed internally and eventually die. Katrina, who was linked to Juron at the time of his death, collapsed in Engineering and was comatose for three days. When she recovered it was to find the ship about to be abandoned and the crew wound up on a deserted planet where they spent a while before being rescued.

Since their return to federation space, Katrina has returned to active duty and finds herself faced with the problems of the black hole engineering department once more. Depression and grief still clouded her life as she struggled to face her life without Juron and deal with her job. In late 2379, Katrina’s life took a drastic turn as she jumped off a 1000 foot cliff and was in medical for many weeks. This was caused by an orb that Juron left her, causing her to become unstable. Undergoing counseling she was eventually cured of her suicidal tendencies, which were caused due to the emotional link with her lover Juron. She has since locked the orb away on Vulcan in the crypt where Juron is buried at her request.

She was transferred off the Dominator in 2379 to Earth where she worked as a weapons system designer. In 2381, she was moved to DS4. It was here the first rumors of her drinking problem surfaced. Though never proven she was sent to Deep Space Arc as a weapons Design specialist. Then she was moved to Starbase One for a year. While here she undertook command exams and passed with Flying colors.

After a year and a few months, Kat was surprised by an offer to become Executive Officer of the USS Resolution under Captain Shanna London. Pleased, she accepted without hesitation.

Personality Profile:


Katrina is a softly spoken woman with a love of machines and small places. She loves getting her hands dirty and is quiet imaginative when problems are concerned. She does have a logical side due to her Vulcan heritage but it is tempered by the human and Betazoid components of her genetic make up. She does, however have a temper. It’s a SLOW BURN.

Kat has a wish to make friends as well as do her job to the best of her ability. She can be some what Stoic but often is quiet pleasant to talk to. Her Vulcan side only shows when people around her are panicking.

Since the death of Juron affected her hard, she has distanced herself from others.

Medical Profile:

Pre 2378: Katrina does not suffer Pon far though her genetics say she will suffer the Betazoid PHASE when she reaches middle age. Her life span is predicted to be longer then the normal Human/Betazoid but still younger then a Vulcan. Katrina has not got the pointy ears of a Vulcan nor does she have the eyebrows we all know and love for that race. Though it is interesting to note that her twin brother has slightly pointed ears.

Expected life span is 150 years. She ages slowly as well.

Post 2378: Katrina's genetics flare up and she goes into what she and her twin brother both called 'heat'. This phase is like the Vulcan Pon far but with the Betazoid PHASE in it. It sends her hormones and telepathy running riot and effects anyone she comes in contact with making them libidinous and basically driving herself to mate. Katrina only undergoes this once a year.

Katrina has been in medical for her jumping off a cliff. Her records are on file, and include a flat line and many broken bones.

Katrina has no allergies to date. She does how ever have an unnatural fear of Medical facilities and has done everything in her power to avoid physicals be they annual or recommended because of injury.

Kat has a psionic rating of 8 out of ten. She has learned to strengthen her mind, as well as leaning how to shield her mind from others and how not to read others minds. She is indeed a powerful telepath and Empath though rarely lets anyone know of her abilities as she does not want people to worry about her reading their minds. The interesting genetic make-up of Katrina Hastings, often confuses most doctors. Her blood is red, though she does have the genes for a Vulcan.

It is rumored that Katrina has a drinking problem since the death of her lover. No one knows for sure. As she keeps herself away from others. Tests have come back negative though, and they have been run at spontaneous times.

Military Service Record:

Service Record:

Year Rank Positing Position
2372-2373 Y-Cadet1.png Starfleet Academy Student
2373-2374 Y-Cadet2.png Starfleet Academy Student
2374-2375 Y-Cadet3.png Starfleet Academy Student
2375-2376 Y-Cadet4.png Starfleet Academy Student
2376- 2377 Y-0.png Starfleet Tactical Department Aide to Admiral Paul Carter
2377-2378 Y-0.png USS Galaxy Weapons Specialist
2378- 2378 Y-01.png USS Prospero Weapons Specialist
2378- 2378 Y-01.png USS Dominator Weapons Officer
2378- 2379 Y-01.png USS Dominator Acting Chief Engineer
2379-2379 Y-00.png USS Dominator Assistant Chief Engineer
2379- 2379 Y-00.png USS Dominator Chief Engineer
2380-2380 Y-00.png Starfleet HQ, Earth Weapon System Designer
2381-2381 Y-001.png Deep Space 4 Weapon System Designer
2382-2383 Y-001.png Starbase One Weapons System Designer
2383-Present r-o5.png USS Resolution Executive Officer

Decorations: NONE


Family Information:
Relation Name Age Status/Occupation
Father: Michael Hastings 55 Science teacher, Starfleet
Mother: T’Shar 53 Retired
Brother: Quade Hastings 28 Teacher on Vulcan
Klingon family: K-Lor Family on Kronos N/A N/A
Partner: Juron Tethlin Deceased Marine Sniper/Deltan Male
Pets N'Hariat 5 She’lat

Special Notes:

Starfleet Course Transcript

1st Year-Compulsory 2372 Mark
Advanced Mathematics 95%
Armed Combat Training 86%
Astrogation and Space Science 90%
Computer Operation 99%
Federation Cultures/Social Customs 78%
Federation History 85%
Federation Law 99%
Galacta I 99%
Hand-To-Hand Combat 90%
Introduction to Warp Mechanics 99%
Physical Conditioning I 76%
Officer Leadership I 95%
Starship life and procedures 80%
Starship Sensor Systems Operations 99%
General Medicine, Humanoid 85%

1st Year-Electives Mark
Alternate Time Probabilities 87%
Applied Electronics 97%
Computer Science/Technology 99%
Dimensional Mathematics 94%
Galactic Astronomy 94%
Small Systems Tech 97%
Physics 99%
Physiology, Human 88%


2nd Year-Compulsory 2373 Mark
Applied Medical Techniques 70%
Deflector Operation/Technology 97%
Galacta II 90%
General Medicine, Klingon 67%
Hand-to-Hand Combat II 80%
Klingon History and Culture 89%
Officer Leadership II 95%
Physical Conditioning II 70%
Starship Communications Operations 90%
Starship Helm Operations I 92%
Starship Navigation Principles I 88%
Starfleet Security Procedures 98%

2nd Year-Electives Mark
Advance Weapons Mechanics 97%
Archaic Weapons Systems 95%
Astrophysics 95%
Emergency Weapon Construction 94%
Plasma Physics 98%
Mechanical Engineering 100%
Physiology, Klingon 89%
Physiology , Romulan 88%



3rd Year-Compulsory 2374 Mark
Emergency Command Procedures 95%
Environmental Suit Operations 91%
Ground Vehicle Operation 88%
Ground Vehicle Maintenance 91%
Officer Leadership Development 95%
Physical Conditioning III 76%
Planetary Survival 86%
Small Unit Tactics 100%
Starship Navigation Principles II 98%
Shuttlecraft Operation 99%
Zero-Gravity Combat Techniques 95%

3rd Year-Electives Mark
Impulse Drive Systems 97%
Advanced Electronics 91%
Computer Cybernetics 92%
Starship Helm Opera orations 99%
Electrochemical Physics 98%
High Energy Weapons Systems 98%
History Of Federation Military Tactics 99%
High Energy Particle Physics 89%


4th Year-Compulsory 2375 Mark
Administration, Theory and Practice 87%
Alliance Government 86%
Cadet Cruise Orientation/Preparation 100%
Fed Diplomacy, Theory and Practice 78%
Instructional Techniques 97%
Officer Leadership Development 97%
Physical Conditioning IV 70%
Psychology of Command 98%
Spatial Combat Strategies 98%
Staff Officer Leadership Development 88%
Starship Navigation Principles III 97%

4th Year-Electives Mark
Advance Communications Application 95%
Advance Security Procedures 99%
Advance Warp System Technologies 98%
Hyperspacial Circuitry Construction 96%
Star Base Operations, 90%
Advanced Cybernetics 90%

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