Katey Adams



NAME: Katey 'Kat' Adams
RANK: Major
AGE: 34
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 131 lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black
BIRTHPLACE: Columbus Ohio, Earth, Sol System
DATE OF BIRTH: June 9th 2348
ACADEMY CLASS: Class of 2370
SPECIALITIES: Demolitions, Explosives, Unit Command, Large scale Combat Scenario's
HOBBIES: Spending Time with her daughter, Cooking, Romantic Meals with her husband
Father: Rear Admiral Matthew Jonas, Commanding Officer Starbase 47; Mother: Legate Diana Jonas, Diplomatic Liaison Starbase 47; Sister: Commander Georgina West, Executive Officer USS Luther; Husband: Bradley J. Adams, Civilian Archaeologist – Expert in Pre-Surak Vulcan artefacts; Daughter: Jennifer Adams, Civilian Child 2 years old

DECORATIONS: SFMC Academy Bar Marksman Qualification USS Luther Service Medal 1st Battle Chin’toka Award Battle of AR-558 Award Battle of Cardassia Award Dominion Cluster Cardassian Cluster Breen Cluster Dominion War Service Combat Merit 10 Year Service Medal USS Resolution Service Medal USS Resolution-A Service Medal Hazard Training

REPRIMANDS: None on file

B-Cadet1.png 2366-2367 Starfleet Marine Corp Academy Student
B-Cadet2.png 2367-2368 Starfleet Marine Corp Academy Student
B-Cadet3.png 2368-2369 Starfleet Marine Corp Academy Student
B-Cadet4.png 2369-2370 52nd SO Division, USS Luther Military Training Cruise
B-2Lt.png 2370-2373 2nd SO Division, USS Luther Demolitions Specialist
B-1Lt.png 2373-2374 2nd SO Division, USS Luther Demolitions Specialist
B-1Lt.png 2374-2375 2nd SO Division, USS Luther [5th Brigade, 9th Fleet] Demolitions Specialist
B-1Lt.png 2375-2376 2nd SO Division, USS Luther Demolitions Specialist
G-1Lt.png 2376-2379 69th MI Division, USS Righteous Demolitions Specialist
G-LtMajor.png 2379-2379 69th MI Division, USS Righteous Demolitions Specialist
G-LtMajor.png 2379-2381 69th MI Division, USS Righteous Executive Officer/ Demolitions Specialist
G-LtMajor.png 2381-2382 171st Battalion, USS Resolution Executive Officer/ Demolitions Specialist
B-LtMajor.png 2382-2382 USS Resolution-A Hazard Team Executive Officer/ Demolitions Specialist
B-Major.png 2382-PRES USS Resolution-A Hazard Team Leader
G-Major.png 2382-PRES 171st Battalion, USS Resolution Commanding Officer



Born in Columbus, Ohio on June 9th 2348, Katey Jonas, as she was born had a typical Starfleet childhood. Both her parents were in the Service, although her Mother was a member of the Federation Diplomatic Corp. Katey and her sister Georgina moved around from Starship to Starbase to Starship, before they both finally decided that they would follow suit when they were both 18. When George joined Starfleet Academy in 2362, Katey decided that she wanted to do something completely different. So, in 2366, she went to the Starfleet Marine Corp Academy at Fort Bliss, Texas and graduated as a Demolitions Specialist in 2370.

Her first assignment was with the USS Luther’s 52nd Mobile Infantry Division. She was one of many Demolitions Specialists amongst the unit, and so didn’t feel like she had that much to offer. In 2373 she was on a mission with the officers of both the Luther and the 52nd MID to a planet that was suspected to house Jem’Hadar troops and Weapons.

While the team were on the surface, the Luther came under attack by a Jem’Hadar cruiser. Both ships were crippled leaving the away team stranded on the surface until either the Luther could complete repairs and finish off the Jem’Hadar, or they’d be captured by the Dominion. While they awaited retrieval, they too came under attack by Jem’Hadar soldiers, and faced almost certain death.

There were many casualties of that engagement, including the Luther’s Commanding Officer, Captain Brent Jackson, who was on the Surface. That particular encounter with the Dominion at the beginning of the War left Starfleet to place Commander James King, Executive Officer (Who’d remained aboard the Luther during the Battle) in Command with the rank of Captain.

Captain King promoted the away team survivors to commend them for their actions. Included in that, was Katey. With the Silver bar on her should instead of the Bronze one, she was now one of the senior Demolitions Specialists in the Unit, and was often selected by its Commander for specialized assignments.

In 2374, the Luther was placed into the 9th Fleet stationed at Deep Space Nine. As a result, all the Starfleet Marine Corp detachments and Klingon ground troops assigned to the 9th Fleet ships were joined together to form the 5th Brigade. The Luther engaged in many battles throughout the war, and the 5th Brigade were called into action for the 1st Battle for Chin’toka, the Capture of AR-558 and the final assault on Cardassia Prime.

After the war, Katey just drifted through her career, realizing that she actually was good at combat. In 2377, she met and fell in love with a civilian archeologist who lived on the Righteous, Bradley J. Adams. They were married in 2378 on the Starbase 47, where her father performed the ceremony.


Not long after the wedding, Kat fell pregnant, and in early 2379, she gave birth to baby Jennifer. Also, in 2379, she received a promotion to Captain. She now served on the USS Righteous as part of the 69th MI Division. Before long, she was made the Executive Officer of that unit. However, soon after, she discovered that the new CO of the unit had feelings for her. As a married woman, she could not continue to work under those conditions, and so she requested reassignment. It wasn’t long before she got it. She was assigned to the USS Resolutions 171st Mechanised Infantry Division, and so took her daughter with her. She was pleased to discover that she would retain the role of Executive Officer.

After the destruction of the First Starship Resolution, the crew were transferred to the USS Resolution-A, and Kat was no different. She was initially assigned as Executive Officer of the ships new Hazard Team, until newly promoted Lt. Colonel Gray accepted a Transfer to Deep Space 3. Kat was promoted to Major and assigned as Team Leader of the Hazard Group.

However, Starfleet soon decided that a Hazard team was too small a unit for a ship the size of the Resolution, and so they returned the previous ships SFMC Unit, placing Adams in Command of the 171st Mechanised Infantry Division.

Katey, or Kat, as she prefers is a very out going person, who does her best to impress the people she works with. She has often consider what her life would have been like had she taken a different career route, perhaps been a helmsman like her sister. She’s always up for a laugh, and it isn’t often that she turns down the chance for a party. She loves her family, and would do anything for them, especially her daughter Jennifer.

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