Kalissa Kyler

Lieutenant Commander Kalissa Kyler


Basic Information:

Name: Kalissa Kyler

Nickname: Kali

Race: Trill (Joined)

Gender: Female

Height: 179cm (6f)

Weight: 58 kg (130 lbs)

Date Of Birth: Host: 2358
Symbiont: 2100

Host Age: 26

Symbiont Age: 282

Place of Birth: Host : Trill, T’ai Province, Tenara
Symbiont: Caves of Mak’ala

Interests: Ballet, Archeology, Studying different languages, marital arts

Languages: Klingon, Betazoid, Trill, Standard, Bajoran, Romulan, Vulcan

Education: Standard Schooling on Trill from the age of 4 to the age of 15
Starfleet Academy, four standard years.
One year Starfleet Security and Operations school (Terra) with honors

Starfleet Record:

Service Record:

2373-2377: Starfleet Academy

2377-2378: Starfleet Security and Operations school

2378-2379: Deep Space 4
Security Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade
2379-2380: USS Hydrana
Security Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade
2380-2382: USS Olympus
Assistant Chief Security Officer

2382-2383: USS Montana
Assistant Chief Security officer

Lieutenant Commander
2383-2384: Starbase 345
Chief of Security

Lt. Commander
2384-Present: USS Resolution
Commodore’s Protection Detail Commanding Officer.


2377: Grankite Order of Honor: ‘For rescuing a fellow cadet in a training mission gone wrong.’



Specialties: Hand to Hand Combat, Has a high rate of Marksmanship, has an up-to-date pilots license and is cleared on all major starships as well as auxiliary craft.


General History:


Kalissa was born on Trill into a loving family. She has three older sisters and she is the youngest of the family. Her parents are both unjoined Trills as are her sisters. Her father is a doctor on Trill and her mother is a happy housewife. Her eldest sister Lilly is a scientist on Scientia colony and the next eldest Glade is a civilian teacher on the USS Striker. The third, Aalycia is married and lives on Terra with her husband and two children. Kalissa grew up on Trill with her family and was a very active child, she was always into things and could never be found when there were chores to do. She and her sisters always got along and they write letters to each other often. They grew up supporting each other in everything that they did. If one was sick then the other three would be found beside her.

At the age of 4 Kali started Ballet and continued dancing, Singing and acting all through her childhood and teen years.. she even continued it when her other dream came true. Kalissa always wanted to go to Starfleet and study starship operations and warp drive. She had no interest in joining with a symbiont and was content to continue her life as an unjoined Trill. She completed standard education on Trill and applied to Starfleet at the age of 15 and half. She passed her exam with flying colors and was accepted immediately to the academy. She moved straight away to Terra and began her studies taking on a huge course load. Kalissa, majored in Starship operations and Security and Minored in helm, Engineering and Navigation. She completed one year at Starfleet Engineering and Operations school (Terra) Completed with honors.

She loved her time at the academy and earned the nickname ‘Cadet 007’ because of her knowledge of gadgets and computer systems and because of her popularity with the male cadets. Kali dated rarely and never had a relationship with any of her fellow cadets but that never stopped the guys from trying. Kali had many friends from both sexes and was often out partying on free weekends. She joined the academy’s drama society and made a lot of her friends that way as well as joining the Academy’s swim team. She worked hard while at the academy and was soon placed in charge of her own unit.

The unit was called “Omega”. All members of the six person squad have a small tattoo on their right shoulder blade of the Omega signal. The squad included three humans, Adriana Edwards, Jake O’Neil and Charlie Harris, a Vulcan, S’lek, and a Betazoid, Jasmine Serefel and Kali During a training mission Kali and her unit were assigned to land a shuttle on a planet with a hostile environment. They were to land retrieve an object and get back to the shuttle and back to the space ship. The planet known as Bersallis 3 frequently has firestorms and the cadets job was simple. That was until a member of the team decided to explore the area without his teammates. Kali and the others finished the job and when she counted heads she realized that Charlie Harris, was missing. She knew that a firestorm was coming and after contacting Charlie she learned that he had fallen and hurt his ankle and was stranded.

Kali made a decision and sent the rest of the team back to the ship with the object and after grabbing enough supplies for two people she started out on a trek to rescue her fellow cadet. She found him and managed to get them both to safety before the approaching firestorm hit. They hid in a cave until they could be rescued. With the heavy ionization in the atmosphere transporters were useless and they had to wait for am other shuttle to be sent down. When they were finally back on the Starship USS Tuena, Kali was commended and when they returned to the academy Admiral Hayden gave Kali the Grankite Order of Honor: ‘For rescuing a fellow cadet in a training mission gone wrong.’ Though nothing was ever said publicly Charlie and Kali became closer with him backing her up in difficult situations and the like. He became a sort of body guard and most of the squad knew this and the Omega’s became closer then ever due to the adventure that their squad leader and the 2IC had gone through.

The young Trill was happy and continued her studies and graduated from the academy and the schools with honors and in the top 5% of her class.

After the Academy she was assigned to DS4 as a security officer. She was assigned to DS 4 as an security officer when the station ended up being attacked and destroyed. She and a fellow trill were some of those rescued, but the other trill Helena was dying and the symbiont was transferred without much discussion about the unsuitability and completely ignorance of the newest host. After the joining, Kali found herself, assaulted mentally, by the past lives and emotions of Kyler’s hosts.


Kali now had the memories of the 6 other hosts including the memory of her dear friend Helena. Kali picked up a lot of interests from her Symbiont, like a thirst for knowledge in Archaeology which came from the 4th host and a love of languages from the 5th host. She has adapted to these interests and added her own in the time since that she became Kyler’s 7th host. These overwhelmed her at first and sometimes she will slip into memories and use the information in those memories to help herself and her fellow crew mates.

She was transferred to the USS Hydrana where she served for a year before being transferred to the USS Olympus as their Assistant Chief of Security. Kali draws on all her past hosts to help her through the day and has not yet preformed the Zhian'tara as required by Trill law. She was transferred to the USS Montana as Assistant Chief of Security. She hopes to proceed further up the chain of command but does not want to push it.


Her time on Montana was strange and filled with things that affected her in many ways. She had a uneasy relationship with her co and often found herself arguing with Thomas Carey over things. After a physical brawl between the two she finally left Montana looking for a better place where she would not be constantly screwed over by her CO’s. She was sent to Starbase 345 as their chief of Security but it was not a posting she wanted. It was boring to her. So she asked for a transfere.

She got one in the form of the USS Resolution as the Commodore’s Protection Detail Head. Something she thought would be a good thing until she saw the chief of Staff… Thomas Carey. Double UGH.

Personality Profile:

Kali can be shy and reserved when she doesn’t know anyone, but once she does she can be a very outgoing person. Kali has a temper but it is a slow fuse and she can be often found working out if it gets to much. The fact that she wasn’t trained as a host affects her and she does sometimes show signs of stress if memories surface at inopportune moments.

Physical Profile:

Tall with lightly tanned skin and crescent shaped Trill markings, she has light brown eyes that in some lights can seem to be amber and long dark hair. She has a dancers body from her years as a dancer. She always wears her hair down when off duty but when on duty it is up in a pony tail with the tail hanging loose.

Family Information:

Father: Jex - Doctor
Mother: Miran - Housewife
Siblings: All sisters
• Lilly - Scientist
• Glade - Teacher
• Aalycia - Civilian

Special Notes:

Hosts' Background:

Kali has the life memories of six past hosts, all affect her in some ways and she does sometimes show signs of stress if memories surface at inopportune moments.

1st Host: Cade Kyler: A Prominent Scientist on Trill. He was a married man and had three children and died from old age. Cade joined to Kyler at a very young age.. at the age of 17 he was considered as a host and Kyler accepted him straight away. They had a long life and it was rich of science and discovery.


2nd Host: Ayden Kyler: A politician and a bachelor of the highest order, Ayden died in an assassination attempt on his party’s leader. Ayden was a respected member of the community and a respected member of galactic politics. He was shot by a sniper that was aiming for his Lover. Ayden was gay. He was 25 when he received the Symbiont and he was 40 when he died.

3rd Host: Jarrah Kyler: A Starfleet captain, Captained the USS Nottingham. Jarrah was a dedicated solider and he loved the stars and being in space. He died in a battle with the Klingons at the neutral zone.

4th Host: Meriden Kyler: An Archaeologist of renown loved life and loved history. She was one of a number of federation archaeologists on a dig on Tartallurs V, a now dead world rich in its heritage of it past occupants where she was mortally wounded in a cave-in. She was transported directly back to Trill where Kyler was given to Zuri.

5th Host: Zuri Kyler: Zuri was very hesitant when offered the Kyler Symbiont… a new applicant fresh from the Initiate program, Zuri doubted her own capabilities in handling the Symbiont. She eventually got over that and began her work in her chosen field of diplomacy. She became a diplomat to the federation from Trill. Had a very quiet life. Died of old age. Zuri spoke many federation languages and loved learning them. Was raped by an Andorian ambassador.

6th Host: Helena Kyler: Helena was honored to be granted the opportunity to host Kyler and soon after graduating from Starfleet academy she joined with Kyler and became a security officer on DS9, she died due to wounds caused by the destruction of the base. The symbiont would have died there but for an unjoined Trill by the name of Kalissa Hardens.


The Zhian'tara is the Trill rite of closure, in which a joined Trill meets with the previous hosts of their symbiont. During the rite a Guardian telepathically transfers the personalities and memories of the previous hosts from the host to the bodies of voluntary friends. The former hosts' personalities assert themselves and the new host can converse and interact with them; this allows the new host
to "meet" the other hosts who had been, until then, only memories and emotions. The object is to allow the new host to understand more completely how the past hosts influence the new hosts. It is up to the volunteer friends to decide when to release the consciousnesses back to the original Trill. Zhian'tara is considered so important a ceremony that the Symbiosis Commission requires it be performed and will go to some lengths to see it done.

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