Jilrian Shi El

Ensign Jilrian Shi'el, Security officer


Basic Information

NAME: Jilrian Shi'el
NICKNAME: Jil, Shilly
SPECIES: Bajoran
SEX: Female
AGE: 24
BIRTHDATE: May 14, 2360
BIRTHPLACE: Musilla Province, Bajor
HEIGHT: 5' 1"
WEIGHT: 124 #
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Dark brown
LANGUAGES: Cannot speak. Communicates using both standard Terran sign
language & a self-devised series of gestures. Understands Federation
standard, Bajoran, Cardassian, & Andorian.
HOBBIES: Terran mystery fiction. Animals (especially Terran dogs).
Hiking. Camping. Water sports. Archaeology.


Father: Jilrian Drake (died at Batal labor camp, 2364)
Mother: Jilrian Sinto (died fighting with the Bajoran resistance, 2366)
Brother: Jilrian Tris (born, 2357. Current whereabouts, unknown. Presumed dead)


Self-educated aboard Terok Nor, 2365-2369
Civilian schooling aboard Deep Space Nine, 2369-2374
Federation Integration Center, Andor, 2374-2377
Federation Starfleet Academy, 2377-2381


2381-2385: Security Officer, USS Armstrong [Ensign]
2385-pres.: Security Officer, USS Resolution [Ensign]






Jilrian Shi'el was born in the Musillia province on Bajor, nearly a
decade before the planet was liberated due to Federation involvement.
She was the second child in her family. Her parents, who were farmers
and owned an impressive stretch of land, were arrested and placed in
the Batal labor camp when Shi'el was 3 years old. Their crime was
refusing to turn their land over to the local Gul.

And their neighbors were surprised the Gul even bothered to give them
the opportunity to refuse before sending them to the camp.


It was at Batal that Shi'el's parents lost their children. And
Shi'el's older brother, Tris has not been heard from since. It is
conventional wisdom to assume he died during the occupation, probably
in a labor camp, or worse.

But, to this day, Shi'el refuses to believe he is dead.

Almost immediately upon her family being placed in the labor camp,
Shi'el was turned over to doctor Crell Moset, to be used in his cruel
and often torturous experiments. She was only three years old at the
time and really has no firm recollection of what Moset did to her.
Whatever experiments the Cardassian doctor performed on the young girl
did not leave any obvious physical scars. But they did leave her with
one serious disability.

Jilrian Shi'el cannot speak. She is almost completely mute.

Whatever experiments Moset performed on her, her vocal chords were
permanently atrophied. And they have been all but useless since she
was 4 years old.

This made for a very strange childhood for a young Bajoran girl. But,
even from a young age, Shi'el learned to adapt.

She remained in Moset's custody until she was 7 years old, after which
time she was sent to work aboard Terok Nor. And the station was her
home for the next decade. Shi'el became one of thos fixtures of the
station, during the occupation. Soon, everyone visiting Terok Nor knew
to expect to see the energetic young girl running around doing various
sundry chores for whomever would pay her to do them.

With the help of an old Bajoran woman she called Halla, Shi'el learned
to read, and to write. And as she grew up she developed a love of
history that would lead to a passion for archaeology in her adult

When the Cardassians ended their occupation of Bajor in 2369, and
vacated Terok Nor the station became a Federation outpost known as
Deep Space Nine. Shi'el, then nine years old, was working as a
waitress in a bar run by a Ferengi called Quark.

Not long after Starfleet took command of the station the Operations
Chief's wife opened a public school. Shi'el attended regularly, and
still worked in the bar during the evenings. She had no family, and
soon the officers assigned to Deep Space Nine became her family.

Shi'el was a teenager by the time the Dominion War became a reality.
And life aboard Deep Space Nine became something very different.
Something the young girl was not ready to face. Leaving the station
with a group of mostly elderly Bajorans, Shi'el settled for a time at
the Dakeen Monastery. But, monastic life did not appeal to her.

She managed to stow away aboard an Andorian freighter, and by the time
she was 15 she was living on Andor. Within a year she had been
reported as an orphan and she found herself, now, at the Federation
Integration center on Andor, while Federation counselors tried to find
anyone she could claim as family.

Shi'el continued her own brand of self-education while living on
Andor. And since no family or even distant relations could be located
on Bajor, Shi'el stayed at the Integration Center until she was old
enough to take the next step in her life.

At the age of seventeen, Shi'el submitted her application to Starfleet
Academy, as a security cadet. Despite her passion for history and her
tendency to be a bit of a bookworm, Shi'el felt she was best suited to
serve Starfleet as a security officer.


She was small, but tough. She had seen her share of hardships that
gave her an edge, and she she was well suited for taking care of
herself, having had to survive on her own for such a long time. With a
bit of training, Shi'el rationalized, she could succeed as a security

After all, it was the position in which her main weakness, verbal
communication, was not much of a necessity.

Shi'el virtually buried herself in her studies, and her training. To
her own surprise she excelled in her hand-to-hand training. She
learned the basic arts of self defense easily, and by practicing on
her own reached a high level in both standard Terran and Klingon
martial arts styles. She learned security protocols, easily enough.
And she also absorbed as much as she could about popular culture in
the Federation.

This sort of trivial knowledge always helped her develop her own
"gesture language" so that she was easily understood by most people
she tried to communicate with.

Shi'el graduated with some sadness, having made some close friends at
the Academy. But, she was also ready to move on with her life, and her
career in Starfleet. Her first posting, aboard the USS Armstrong, gave
her the chance to do so almost immediately. The Armstrong was assigned
to patrol the region of space, close to Shi'el's homeworld, where
Cardassian, Breen, and Tholian space converged near the Kalandra

The Armstrong saw plenty of action, and Shi'el proved herself to be a
valuable officer on several away missions. She also earned a
reputation of being a deadly shot with a hand phaser.

After four years aboard the Armstrong, Shi'el's reputation earned her
a transfer to the USS Resolution. She would be serving as a security
officer under Lieutenant Commander Alejandra Saenz. An officer who's
reputation served to encourage Shi'el that she would see plenty of
action aboard the Resolution.


Despite the fact that Shi'el cannot, for all intents and purposes,
make a verbal sound one could not consider her "quiet". She is very
outgoing, almost hyperkinetic, and very gregarious. She has a very
open personality and often goes out of her way to make friends.

Since she is small, and still young she can often seem childlike and
innocent. But she has had her share of life's experience; often more
so than one would expect in someone of her age. She is no stranger to
romance, having had at least three "boyfriends" in her past. But, now
she is more careful when it comes to relationships. She wants someone
who can keep up with her energy, and will make the effort to
understand and communicate with her- someone who will try and learn
her own individual gesture language.

And she despises jealousy. If someone acts jealous of her, they can
expect a cold reception from Shi'el from then on. And she is not
likely to trust them afterwards.

Never exposed much to the Bajoran religion in her youth, Shi'el has
developed a cynical attitude towards religion and spirituality,
preferring to explain phenomena she encounters scientifically.

Shi'el is a good security officer, despite her small stature and waif
like appearance. And she has a reputation of doing her duty, and
staying at her station even after being relived if she feels she still
has a responsibility there.

Her silence, and the fact that her disability has enhanced her other
senses make her uniquely qualified for stealth work and covert ops.
But she loves her work as a regular security officer- especially
bridge duty, and away missions.


Jilrian Shi'el is a small woman, with long dark hair, and a darkly
tanned complexion. She has large, expressionful dark eyes, and the face of a woman fresh out of her teenage years. This effect is enhanced by the fact that her self-developed "gesture language" often takes the form of facial expressions similar to pantomime. And these exaggerated facial contortions can serve to accentuate her youthful appearance.

Mute since she was a very young girl, Shi'el has developed an
intricate language of signs and gestures that she often uses to
communicate. She also speaks the standard sign language used in the Federation. But she tends to prefer her own gesticular vocabulary.

This language is surprisingly easy to understand, even by people who have not known Shi'el long. Since she bases her gestures on imagery that will be widely known, and is often drawn from popular culture, literature, and well known metaphor it is easy for people to pick up on the meanings in her gestures.

This makes it easy even for people who do not understand sign language to grasp at least the basics of anything Shi'el is trying to convey.

Although Shi'el's vocal chords were damaged at a young age, and they did not develop into her adulthood, she is not completely soundless. She cannot utilize her vocal chords to form words for speech. But she can make small, breathy sounds. Almost like little grunts or peeps. These sounds will escape at a moment of pleasure, shock, or surprise. But she cannot achieve any real volume to her voice.

Federation doctors have offered to attempt to repair Shi'el's larynx, or give her a prosthetic that could synthesize speech. But Shi'el has always refused. She prefers to "speak" the way she has all her life. And she would actually feel very awkward if she were to suddenly speak "normally", or be in a position to give up her own language of gestures and pantomime.

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