Jessica Barcant

Cadet Jessica Barcant


Basic Information

Name: Jessica Katherine Barcant
Nickname: Jessie or Jessie Kat
Race: Human
Rank: Security Cadet (Forensic Science, General)
Age: 21 (April 1, 2364)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5' 9.75" (177 cm)
Weight: 135 lbs
Measurements: 32B-24-30
Place of Birth: Cape Town, South Africa, Earth
Marital Status: Single

Physical Profile:

Jessie is very tall and statuesque with long blonde hair. Her ears are pierced. She works out a lot, and doesn't really have the look of a security officer or forensic scientist to her.

She is an avid marathon runner, and used to come quite well in numerous events when she had the time to participate before joining the Academy. She still does training and running, even if she can't participate in actual runs out in space.

Interests: crime scene analysis, épée fencing, Anbo-Jytsu, Aikido, sailing, fishing, gymnastics, acrobatics, endurance running

Languages: Afrikaans, Dutch, French, Fed Standard


2382-2385: Starfleet Academy

Service Record:

2382-2383: Cadet, General Studies, Starfleet Academy
2383-2384: Cadet, Security Major/Forensic Science Minor, Starfleet Academy
2384-2385: Cadet, Security Major/Forensic Science Minor, Starfleet Academy
2385-pres: Cadet, Security, USS Resolution-A


Jessica was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 2365 on April 1st. Her parents, Pier and Natalie, run a fishing & tourism company on Table Bay, and Jessie (as she prefers to be called - or Jessie Kat for those who know her close) spent a lot of her childhood out on the sea. Her parent could just be barely considered middle-class and although she had a happy childhood, there was a lot that they could not afford. Most of her clothes, books & toys were second-hand, and she did not have many in fact.

As a young child, she loved stories and when she was old enough, she began reading detective novels like Sherlock Holmes. This would eventually lead her onto a passion for forensic science. She was also quite athletic, and did good at sport. Her father got her into running as it was a hobby of his, and she began competing in endurance running.

The public schools she went to were not the most prestigious, but they were cheap and she got a good grounded education. With her sporting talents, she was able to get scholarships to help with tuition and material costs. Through school, she was able to take up a study of the martial art Aikidio, along with acrobatics and gymnastics.

After finishing schooling in South Africa, she applied to Starfleet Academy, and was provisionally accepted on a scholarship for disadvantaged students. She pushed herself hard, and showed the Academy that the scholarship was worth it, being upgraded to full by the end of her first year. The track she was accepted into was Security - which she excelled in due to having reached sandan (third degree black belt) in aikido and her athleticism - with a minor of forensic science.


Her marks were quite good, but not the highest in the class. As part of her studies, she was able to take up fencing, chosing the épée style.

For her cadet cruise, Jessie has been assigned to the USS Resolution-A.

Personality Profile:

Jessie is a friendly person who likes being around others.

When she is really anger, she has trouble controlling her temper, such as when racism rears its ugly head. She passionately dislikes racism in any form and will not tolerate it. She also hates to be bullied, and is liable to lash out. She is attending anger-management with counselling, after an incident when she beat up another student for grabbing her ass.


Father - Pier Barcant (47, Dutch heritage)
Mother - Natalie Barcant (40, Huguenot heritage)

Special Notes:

Jessie has a very strong Afrikaans accent.

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