Jennai Angelique Hawkins

Lieutenant Jennai Angelique-Hawkins

Name: Jennai Angelique-Hawkins (nee Angelique)


Nickname: Minx

Race: Human (Unknown Medical Condition)

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Widowed

Height: 6'

Weight: 137 lbs

Size: 36C-24-35

Date Of Birth: July 8, 1652

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Place of Birth: Marseilles, France, Earth

Interests: acrobatics, archery, computer games, dancing, electric guitars, flying in any shape or form, horse-riding, modelling, painting, reckless life-endangering activities, sailing, sculpting, tracking, French, Celtic & Scottish music, heavy rock music, wood-carving, weapons, anthropology, archaeology, card games especially poker and blackjack, dabbling with chemistry experiments - mainly explosives, lock-picking, pick-pocketing, and other shady activities

Languages: French, UK 'Proper' English, US 'Bastardised' English, Aussie, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Latin, German, Italian, Inuit (Eskimo), Russian, Federation Standard, Cree, Ojibwa, Lakota, Apache, Navajo, Sioux, Klingon, Vulcan, Rihannsu, Ferengi, Tellarite, Bajoran, Gorn, Cardassian, Andorian, swearing in many more


1653-1673: Rural female peasant skills
1732-1734: Training by Joanna in swordsmanship, theft, bribery, seduction
1735: Taught to read by King's scholars
1790-1792: Taught how to be a harem slave
1800-1830: Learnt how to survive and hunt from Native American tribes
1979-1981: Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Classical Studies and Mediterranean Archaeology) magna cum laude, UCLA, Los Angeles
1981-1985: Bachelor of Science (Computer Science and Aerospace Engineering) with Honours, Annapolis Naval Academy, San Diego
1986-1987: Flight Training, Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida

Service Record:

1730-1760: French Musketeers - King's Guard
1790-1792: Turkish Harem - Harem Slave
1831-1861: U.S. Marshal Service - U.S. Marshal
1912-1918: Royal Australian Nursing Corps - Nurse
1914-1918: WW I Europe, Royal Australian Nursing Corps - Nurse
1981-1985: U.S. Navy - Cadet, Annapolis
1986-1987: U.S. Navy - Flight Trainee, Naval Air Station
1987-1989: U.S. Navy - Ensign, Fighter Jet Pilot
1989-1989: U.S. Navy - Lt, Fighter Jet Pilot, Top Gun advanced flight program, Oceanside
1989-1996: U.S. Navy - Lt, Fighter Jet Pilot
2369-2373: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
2373-2373: USS Sulu - Ensign, Helm Officer
2373-2375: New Zealand Starfleet Stockade - Inmate
2376-2377: USS Prometheus - Ensign, Helm Officer
2377-2377: LOA
2377-2378: USS Prometheus - Lt JG, Chief Helm Officer
2378-2380: USS Prometheus - Lt, Chief Helm Officer
2380-2380: USS Cairns-A - Lt, Chief Flight Controller Officer
2380-2381: USS Cairns-A - Ensign, Flight Controller Officer
2381-2382: USS Cleopatra - Lt JG, Flight Squadron Leader
2382-2384: USS Cleopatra - Lt JG, Assistant CAG/Flight Squadron Leader
2384-2385: USS Cleopatra - Lt, CAG
2385-pres: USS Resolution-A - Lt, Chief Flight Controller Officer


1991 Commendation of Bravery under fire, Kuwait during Gulf War
2373 Grankite Order of Honour, Rigel Colonies
2373 Prantares Ribbon, Rigel Colonies
2373 Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry
2373 Graduation From Starfleet Academy
2374 Commendation of Bravery, Makricor
2374 Starfleet Medal of Honour


2369 Developing a computer virus that switched segments of private logs and unleashing it
2369 Implicated & arrested by Federation Security for 'smuggling illegal substances into Federation territories' (Romulan Ale)
2370 Powderizing a sublight workpod with an enhanced version of C4 explosive
2370 Sexual harassment of a senior officer (as part of a prank that went wrong)
2371 Reprimanded for 'incredibly gross insubordination towards superior officer's
2371 Buzzing Starfleet Academy in a F-14 Tomcat
2372 Buzzing Starfleet Academy in a F-15E Strike Eagle
2372 Placed in brig for 24 hours after causing a brawl in a Diplomacy 101 tutorial
2373 Sent to New Zealand Penal Facility for 2 year after physical assault on a senior officer requiring hospitialization
2376 Reprimanded for showing up to duty shift in the nude
2378 Reprimanded for unofficer-like behaviour by causing an armed standoff due to sleeping around with numerous senior staff
2380 Reprimanded for turning an admiral's daughter into a lesbian
2380 Reprimanded for showing up to duty shift in the nude
2380 Demoted for flagrant insubordination and threats to senior officers
2381 Reprimanded for showing up to duty shift in the nude & had combadge tacked to breast
2381 - 2385 Numerous assorted reprimands - Starfleet policy to not bother listing Jennai Angelique's reprimands anymore


Pre-French Revolution History:


Born in 1652 AD France, Earth, Jennai spent her early life with no knowledge of her heritage. She thought of herself as just a simple peasant girl who had a short life of hardship, service and having babies, even though she wished she could get more from life.

At the age of 21, Jennai was raped then killed when her home was destroyed by English soldiers. A day later, she 'awoke' to find that everyone from her village had been killed and it had been torched. Her whole life had changed overnight and it scared her a lot. Jennai found shelter in the burnt out ruins of a barn and managed to find food. She realized that she was very different, and her body was somehow able to heal itself, even from a state of death. This also includes the fact that she does not age, being at a perpetual physical age of 21 years. Out of fear, she decided to hide this knowledge from everyone.

She was discovered by a friendly French woman, Joanna, who quickly offered to protect Jennai and teach her how to fight, along with how to steal, bribe and use her body to get anything she wanted out of men - something that Jennai had already started learning. Under Joanna's tutelage, she excelled at it. After a short while, their friendship blossomed into love, and their activities became a lot more intimate. Neither of them previously had showed any tendencies towards women, to their amazement.

By mutual decision, Jennai and Joanna both joined the French Musketeers, bodyguard to the king. While in his service, Jennai was presented a finely crafted French broadsword as reward for saving the King from an assassin by taking a sword strike in his place and managing to take out the assassin while injured. Jennai's quick thinking was able to cover the 'seriousness' of the wound. Jennai refused any other honours, apart from the sword, as she told the King she was only doing her duty.

In 1735 when the King found out that she was a peasant and could not read, he forced her to learn, knowing that she would need that skill in the future.


When the American colonies did a deal with the French monarchy, a number of soldiers, including Jennai, Joanna and some of the Musketeers, were sent to Boston where they helped out with the American Revolutionary Wars against the English before heading back to France. It was a joy for her to travel overseas and she was impressed by the Americans.

French Revolution:

When Revolution broke out in Paris in 1789 and quickly spread to the rest of France, Joanna and Jennai were fled to England after the King was beheaded, since as the King's bodyguards, they would be next. From there, they split up. At this time, Jennai headed East into lands she had no idea about. While she was staying in Constantinople (current day Istanbul) in Turkey, she was kidnapped and placed into a harem of one of the minor nobles. With help from a guard who took a fancy to her, she was able to escape with only her pride hurt. Jennai also found out with great sadness that she couldn't have children. Moving further, she finally reached Japan, where she studied sword fighting under Japanese masters until 1800, finally receiving a matched set of katana and wakizashi. She decided to head back to the Western world, and moved to the United States of America, as they now called themselves.

From 1800 to 1830, Jennai befriended and learnt from various tribes in North America, ranging from the Inuit Eskimos in Alaska and the Sioux, Lakota, Apache, Navajo and Comanche in what became the USA. With her training, Jennai was able to quickly enter the ranks of the US Marshals, the people who kept the law in the Wild West. Over a 30 year span, Jennai became a legend amongst the outlaws, who all learnt to fear the name of the Black Raven, her chosen alias at that time. Part of the rumours of the Raven's legend was due to the fact that she always 'seemed' to live through countless duels, some of which she should not have due to obvious wounds.

Shortly after in 1862, Jennai emigrated to Australia, where she stayed for until 1900. She ended up getting married to a nice man, and had a wonderful life until he had to sign up for the Boer War. He died during the conflict though. During this time, she managed to buy a large estate in France that included her home village plus the surrounding lands.

For 10 years during the early 1900's, Jennai worked in a circus touring the continental United States. Here, she learnt all about the art of knife-throwing and acrobatics, especially on trapeze without any nets.

In 1912, she headed back to Australia and joined the Nursing Corp. In 1914, she was sent to Europe as a nurse to help the efforts of the Allies in WW I. After World War I finished, Jennai spent the next 80 years travelling and working, including a 10 yr stint in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police where the skills she learned from the Native American Indians were vastly improved. She married once again during the period to a man who she finally told about herself. He didn't push her away though, and they had a wonderful time together.

Navy Aviation:

As a necessary part of life, Jennai decided in the late 70's to study at some of the world's most prestigious universities, as a means to keep up her knowledge. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies & Archaeology with some subjects in Anthropology as well. But shortly after in 1981, she decided to join the United States navy as a pilot. In 1985, Jennai completed training at the Annapolis Naval Academy in San Diego as an aviator with a Bachelor of Science in Comp Sci & Aerospace Engineering followed by a couple of years at Pensacola Air Naval Station. All in all, she would spend the 10 years flying fighter planes. During 1989, she and her wingman were sent to the Top Gun advanced flight program at Oceanside. The honour of being allowed into the highly exclusive program was a great achievement for a female fighter pilot, and Jennai plus her wingman ended up passing with flying colours at the top of the class.

During the Gulf War against Iraq, Jennai flew on many night-time missions in the F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighter and daytime missions in Boeing Apache AH-64As helicopters. The Apache, Tomcat, Nighthawk and the Strike Eagle were her favourite of all the US Navy flying vehicles.

In 1996, her wingman was killed in an Apache helicopter crash during the political instability between Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Latvia, and Jennai would have died if she hadn't been slightly unusual. Her regenerative powers worked fast enough so that she was able to down-play the injury. She was given the choice of an honourable discharge if she wanted to, and decided to take it and leave the Navy to get new experiences.

Space - The Final Frontier:

Shortly after leaving the US Navy, Jennai applied to join the National Aeronautics and Space Agency, NASA. With her exceptional piloting skills, Jennai quickly was assigned to join the space program and became one of the first women astronauts. She flew a lot of missions as pilot, but was quite disheartened when the space program was put on hiatus after the Colombia mission. She was pleased to be assigned as flight commander on one of the later Discovery missions after it was reinstated, travelling to the International Space Station numerous times.

Her fellow astronauts were amused yet not really surprised when Jennai volunteered to be involved as one of the test subjects in one of the more controversial yet amusing & interesting experimental studies about the effects of zero-gravity during sex.

However, when the world was thrown into another war, Jennai had to leave NASA and fight. She was in Montana using her NASA expertise when people from the future arrived to help Cochrane launched his first warp ship. She was intrigued by them and although they couldn't say much, she did give away some of her past to one of them. Many years later in a time after the Enterprise had returned to its own time, Jennai met up with the man who she had met and they became close for awhile.


Later on when the Vulcans landed, she was quite pleased to meet real live aliens, and got them to teach her some of their language. She made the decision to do her best to get out into space.

When FTL space travel became possible enough, Jennai wandered from planet to planet around the growing Federation as a pilot for hire, continuing what she had always done. She signed up on one of the Warp-capable freighters and moved around between ships. People just naturally assumed she was a boomer anyway. She worked with the Vulcan Science Academy and later with the Andorians. It was partly due to this that she got permission to serve on the first of the early NX-class vessels, Enterprise, for a couple of years without Earth Academy training before leaving to explore herself.

In 2200, she decided to find a use for some of the 'useless' wealth she had built up in banks over a period of 400 years. Weeks later, a very large monetary donation was received anonymously to the Interstellar Orphans Fund, sent through the Ferengi Homeworld. She did leave some money to live on though.

In 2369, Jennai finally decided to join Starfleet, and knew she had to come clean about herself. In secret co-ordination with the Starfleet Academy Commandant and the Starfleet Admiralty, she was allowed in despite her advanced age and unknown reasons for her natural ability to heal herself of virtually anything, and it was decided that she wouldn't openly tell anyone during her Academy years.

Starfleet Academy:

During her academy studies, Jennai received a series of reprimands. The first occurred when she developed and unleashed a computer virus that randomly switched parts of private logs. The virus ran nearly a year before she was discovered. The idea had come from records of a previous cadet, one Starsa Taran from Oppalassa. (NRPG note: see TNG novel 'The Best and the Brightest').

In her second year, she was nearly expelled due to a series of serious safety regulation breaches. Using her night access to the chemistry labs due to taking Advanced Chemistry, Jennai secretly developed a highly-enhanced version of the chemical explosive, known as C4 in the 20th Century. When it was done, she demonstrated her project by powderizing an empty sublight Type M1-A Sphinx Workpod in front of the Science Project committee.

During the holidays between her second and third year, Jennai willingly volunteered to travel to Vulcan, and let the Vulcan Science Academy figure out how her talent worked. The investigation came up mostly blank except for that it seemed like her cells naturally rebuilt themselves, and the records were sealed.

Over the next 2 years, she received reprimands for displaying an ancient US Air Force Pilot test of skill , that was forbidden, called a 'buzz'. On one occasion, she used a borrowed F-14 Tomcat from the San Francisco Scenic Tour company and on the second occasion, she used a F-15E Strike Eagle, also from the same company. In her last year, she was held in the Academy brig for 24 hours after causing a brawl in a Diplomacy 101 tutorial.

Over her academy years, Jennai was personally involved or responsible for 68 practical jokes on fellow cadets or Academy staff. For one of her pranks, she received a reprimand for sexual harassment of a senior officer, and kept away from the Lt in question during the rest of her time.

During a formation-flight training exercise in the Rigel System in 2372, a distress call from a passenger liner being attacked by Orion raiders came in over her small 1-seater space fighter. Due to solar radiation, the signal was not picked up the other cadets nor by the Rigel Colonies. Jennai charged into to protect the liner, despite her fighter having no weapons for the exercise parameters, and proceeded to perform high-speed manoeuvres around the Orions. Her efforts were distracting enough so that the Orions were not able to concentrate the liner. The nearby training vessel picked up that she was leaving formation and quickly realized something was amiss. The Orions retreated when two Starfleet destroyers stationed at Rigel IV for minor repairs headed their way, leaving Jennai and the liner alone. For her actions and self-less heroism, she received the Prantares Ribbon, Grankite Order of Honour and a Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry.

While on a holiday camping trip after the Rigel incident, Jennai and a group of other cadets discovered and managed to stop an illegal exotic animal slavery ring. Charlie's parents were unfortunately killed and the Forestry Rangers agreed that it would be best for Charlie to stay with Jennai after they failed to get him to let go of her. Her quad quickly adopted Charlie as their mascot.

During her academy years, Jennai spent most of her holiday breaks on archaeological digs or investigating other cultures. She was one of the members of a group who discovered a collection of Preserver ruins on the planet Bezaride in the Pallas XIV system, and has spent many months either on the Bynar home planet or aboard the Yonada spaceship orbiting New Fabrina (home of the ancient Fabrini race). She has written many articles in both anthropology and archaeology.

To this day, she has no exact idea on how or why her body regenerates itself so quick, and has not been able to find out, even when she participated in the Vulcan Science Academy investigation.

USS Sulu History:

On completion of her academy studies, Jennai received a transfer order to the helm department of the USS Sulu. On the day she was finishing packing up her Paris apartment, she met a young man who she ended up going to bed with although she didn't know his name,

Arriving aboard the Sulu, she happily found that the man, Brayden, was also an officer on the Sulu, and they quickly started a passionate relationship.

During her first mission on the Sulu, the ship was sent to the planet Makricor under a first contact situation which had gone wrong. Jennai was the pilot of a shuttle team taking an away team in while the Sulu went elsewhere. The shuttle got shot out of orbit and crashed. The team leader was prepared to break the Prime Directive, so Jennai led a mutiny. Her new lover died during the mission, and she felt very bitter towards the Captain due to a total lack of preparation for quick retrieval.

When the teams were rescued, Jennai received a Starfleet Medal of Valour. Even so, for other actions during the mission, she was sent to the Starfleet Stockade in New Zealand for the period of one year.

USS Prometheus:

Once she was released on good behaviour, she requested a transfer to any other ship in the fleet, even a Klingon garbage scow. Fleet gave her the choice and she picked the USS Prometheus. Within twenty minutes of boarding, Jennai managed to get reprimanded for turning up nude for duty. The captain, MacKenzie Hawkins or Mac as he liked to go by, saw right through her, and took the good with the bad. Over the space of a few months, she started a number of casual relationships with various male crew members, including the captain, chief of security and chief of marines. Things culminated in an armed standoff on the bridge between the Security staff and the marines, leading to Jennai getting severely reprimanded and brigged for awhile. It wasn't long though before her relationship with Mac became much more intimate, although she made it quite vocal that she wasn't into marriage at the time. She wouldn't move in with him, but probably spent more time in his quarters then her own. Mac knew that she had issues with monogamy, and accepted that she had terrible problems with being faithful & that it wasn't meant to hurt.

After a single mission, she decided that she needed some time away from Starfleet. On her application form, she comically put down the reasoning as she wanted to 'explore the galaxy, right wrongs and pat small furry animals'.

Upon returning, she found that she had been promoted to Chief Helm Officer of the Prometheus. Jennai stayed aboard for two years before she ended up screwing up again. She became involved in an intense sexual relationship with an admiral's daughter who came aboard, who eventually turned lesbian. Calm minds managed to smooth over the admiral's anger and Jennai was reprimanded again.

USS Cairns-A:
She was eventually transferred to the USS Cairns-A by order of the Admiralty when it was commissioned as Chief Helm Officer, due to her extensive experience with the Multi-Vector Attack Mode.

Jennai was demoted to Ensign for flagrant insubordination during a hostile situation and threats to beat on a senior officer. Over the past four years, her behaviour has come in waves of good and bad. She continued on as Assistant Chief for another year before her presence was requested by her previous captain from the Prometheus, now Commodore Hawkins, for a position on a newly commissioned Starfleet fighter carrier, the USS Cleopatra.

USS Cleopatra:
Once arriving, Jennai was assigned a flight squadron leader of a group of experimental fighters, while reopening her relationship with Mac who she had been in a serious relationship with, including the casual comments that someone needed to make a decent woman of her. The assistant Chief of Air Group (CAG) job was given to her in 2382 when the previous officer transferred. It didn't take long before Mac popped the question again in the middle of a staff meeting, and to his surprise, she finally gave in and said yes.

A few weeks later while on leave on Earth, Jennai and Mac were married in a church (despite Jennai being an atheist), even though she could never have children. One thing that being married to him did do was calm her wild ways down, although he did tell her that he knew monogamy would be hard for her. He wasn't that surprised about the amusing incidents he found in his office with her being au natural. A few months later, Mac helped Jennai get through the pain when her beloved pet tamarin, Charlie, passed away from old age - despite what modern medicine could do.

When Jennai became depressed, Mac bought a German Sheppard puppy and put it on the bed while she slept. She woke up to the puppy licking her face, and rapidly went back to her chirpy self. She named it Fuzzball.

For the next two years, Jennai and Mac had a happy life aboard the USS Cleopatra, and in 2384, she was promoted to the CAG role when the previous CAG died in a space battle.

What no one knew was that barely a year later, the USS Cleopatra was involved in a mission that went terribly sour fast. While Jennai and her fighters were out defending a Starfleet station from attack by pirate raiders in another system, Mac was down on an away mission to help an Andorian colony when terrorists detonated bombs.

Jennai arrived back with her squadrons to sit at Mac's bedside for a couple of hours until he passed away. He told her that he didn't want her to grieve too long and made her promise to move on with her life. The ship was recalled to Earth, where Mac was given a state funeral & buried at Arlington.

USS Resolution-A:
Jennai couldn't bear to stay aboard the Cleopatra with all the memories and requested a transfer. She has been assigned to the USS Resolution-A, and brought Fuzzball with her.

Personality Profile:

Jennai is still grieving over her recently deceased husband, MacKenzie Hawkins. She drinks a lot to hide the pain, and probably should be going to counselling. She also feels terrible guilt when she thinks of being with others, even though Mac wanted her to move on.

Jennai has a warped sense of humour, and delights in playing practical jokes. She also tends to make light of serious situations as a defusing technique, or flashing some skin to distract people. This became necessary for her, as a way to release her guilt and pain due to losing so many friends close to her throughout her long life. Note to Klingons - check your beds for tribbles ;-)

Jennai has a fascination in learning new languages, and is always on the look out for new ones to learn.

Jennai shows a strong love of all manner of explosions, ranging from simple miniscule ones that hardly any damage upto full warp core explosions.

Jennai's general choice in music tends towards that of the 1980's to 1990's of Earth, and played very very loudly. However, she does also find that French, Scottish and Celtic folk music pleases her.

Jennai is a uninhibited nudist, and has a very open mind towards sexual relationships, including with other women. Sometimes, she has a habit of being overly-friendly at the wrong time. Her intense passions have led her into lots of trouble in the past. The words 'sex kitten' do no justice to her behaviour at times - she can't help flirting.

She is willing to try anything at least once, such as when a boyfriend put her bare-assed over his knee once & smacked her until she stopped swearing.

Jennai has no qualms at all about using her body to get what she wants.

Physical Profile:

Jennai is a very sensual, voluptuous, curvaceous and attractive woman. Due to a very strenuous exercise program, she is in incredibly good shape and very thin. She finds great amusement in the way Starfleet uniform designs show her natural assets to her advantage. She never ages and keeps her beauty through the centuries.

She can be regularly found in the ship's bar either chatting with friends and playing early 20th century computer games on a modified PADD or writing holodeck programs on various topics from flying various vehicles, combat Sims or reckless life-endangering sports, all without the safeties.

Her natural hair colour is a dark brown, but she has on times changed the colour using dyes. She prefers to keep her hair's length a bit below her shoulders. When she is on duty, she leaves it straight but it normally doesn't stay that way after exercise, becoming a tangled mess. Her eye colour is dark brown.

Jennai has her Starfleet serial number tattooed under her right breast, and has a number of body piercings, some in very intimate areas. She also has a tattoo of a rose on her left ankle. Recently, she had the symbol of the fleur-de-le tattooed on her back. She is not exactly sure why natural inks doesn't seem to be pushed out, but is glad.

Jennai always carries a Swiss Army knife stuck in her left boot, and has commented that she feels naked without it. The model she normally uses has scissors, a couple of knife blades, small Phillips and flathead screwdriver, twicers and a corkscrew.

Medical Profile:

Jennai has a medical condition of unknown origin or classification. The Vulcan Science Academy and Starfleet Medical have no explanation as to why it her cells naturally rebuild themselves when damaged. There is no trace of genetic, biological or mechanical method of regeneration - it just seems to happen.

She still feels pain though, and tests found that it cannot be transferred to other beings.

She is deeply saddened that she cannot have any children, as her body seems to 'repair any damage' even if it isn't an invading virus or bacteria.

Psychological Profile.

Jennai has been diagnosed with serious pyromania, and she would have to regularly visit sickbay for small burns if her body didn't heal so quick.

She is also gifted with an ego the size of Jupiter about her flying ability. Her Academy professors classed her as a 'stubborn, reckless, attention-seeking hot-shot with a mischievous streak'. She is also a very out-going, loyal and friendly person, but if anyone gets on her bad side, they had better watch out.* read that as takes no bleep from anyone*

Her typical reaction to something not going right, arguments or machines, is with her fists. This was demonstrated during a Diplomacy 101 tutorial that broke new grounds in the area of street brawling. When she gets mad, she really gets mad and tends to lash out with fists and swearing of the most lewd and disgusting nature.

Special Notes:

Jennai is a very accomplished artist in the fields of sculpting, wood-carving and painting. She was lead guitarist in a very popular but loud rock & roll band at the Academy, and has kept up her practise. Her quarters are scattered with half-finished paintings & sculptures, along with clothes and padds. Jennai doesn't like cleaning up much, and her quarters tend to be a dump.

Jennai has a bad habit of being very intrigued with activities that are shady at best and considered illegal at worst. Jennai is an excellent pick-pocket and con-woman. She also is very good at both manual & electronic lock-picking, computer hacking and is very good at scrounging, although sometimes she uses contacts in black markets.

Her quarters are full of all sorts of weapons, including a working crossbow. Her most prized possessions are a katana, the French broadsword from King Louis XIV and the decorations she keeps in a force-field case on her bedroom wall. Jennai has placed a personal holo-emitter in her quarters that continually simulates the branches of a tropical rain forest.

Every year, Jennai will make a pilgrimage back to France to visit the graves of her parents unless extreme circumstances come up. In 1897, Jennai used some of the wealth she had gained to buy the land where her village had been and the surrounding land for miles. To this day, she has kept hold of it at all costs, leaving it as a permanent memorial to her lost family, friends and village.

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