James Stronghold

Admiral James Stronghold

Name: James Edward Charles Stronghold II
Nickname: JC


Code Name: Husker/Leonis - Unknown to the Fleet
Date of Birth: 2327
Age: 58
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Education: Standard Education in England and then Starfleet Academy

Starfleet History:

Awards and Reprimands are Pending.

Service Record:

2344-2347: Cadet, Starfleet Academy

2348-2350: Ensign, USS Tribu, Tactical Officer

2350-2351: Lieutenant JG, USS Carrington, Assistant Chief Tactical Officer

2351-2352: Lieutenant SG, USS Carrington, Chief Tactical Officer

2353-2354: Lieutenant Commander, Starbase 232, Executive Officer

2354-2357: Commander, Executive Officer, Starbase 232

2358-2359: Commander, Executive Officer, Starbase 232

2360-2368: Captain, Commanding Officer, Starbase 232

2369-2372: Commodore, Starbase 232

2373-2378: Commodore, Fleet Ops, Starbase 232

2379-2380: Rear Admiral, Starbase 232, Co of Sector Fleet

2381-2384: Admiral, Starbase 232, CO of Sector Fleet

2385-2385: Admiral, Commanding Officer of Second Fleet, Stationed, USS Resolution

Wife: Emily, age 53
Daughter: Brianna, 36 (Deceased)


Born 2327 to James Edward Charles Stronghold I and his then wife Louisa, James is the eldest of 4 children. His life was mapped out for him from the start. He would go to university and then join his father in the family law firm. But James had other ideas.

In 2344, after finishing his normal schooling and graduating top of his class, James packed his bags and moved from the London Home to San Francisco. He applied and joined Starfleet without the blessing of his parents.


James worked hard at the academy and graduated top of his class and was sent to the USS Tribu as a Tactical Officer. There he met a young school teacher named Emily Johnson. They dated for about two years and when James was transferred to the USS Carrington, Emily went with him and they were married there.

It was not long after that they discovered that Emily was incapable of having children. This shocked and dismayed them but they chose to adopt a child, rather then have a surrogate.

In 2353, James was promoted and sent to Starbase 232 but before they went there, they went to earth where they adopted a young 7 year old El-Aurian child named Brianna. Emily was interested in the younger children. But none of them seemed to suit her. She and James were leaving when they saw the young 7 year old Brianna sitting alone on a swing. She had not been included in their tour as she was the eldest of the children and was out of the age range they had specified.

When asked, the orphanage matron, disdainfully replied that Brianna was never going to be adopted as her past was a large stop sign to the prospective parents. When pressed further, the story came out. IT melted both Emily and James’ hearts and they offered to take the child. They took her home with them three days later. But Brianna was a silent child, not use to affection of any sort. It took them years to break through to her, Years of hugs and kisses. And eventually they became a family in truth.

James worked hard at both his job and his family. And in 2361, he met his new XO, David Carey, a young man who would later become his daughter’s lover. (Something that would cause issues in the future).


James watched as his daughter grew and eventually applied to Starfleet though James made sure his fragile child did her studying on the starbase and not on Earth where his family was. Even though the past had been repaired James knew his daughter was not fully accepted as she was not Genetically a Stronghold to his parents and siblings. But to Emily and James, Brianna was. And they taught her to be strong as possible.

As the years passed, James remained on the Starbase, gradually earning his ranks until 2384 when Brianna, several months pregnant and David went missing. James threw himself into the search for his daughter and future son in law.

A search that to all appeared to be doomed, more so when their bodies were found. Grief stricken, James and Emily considered leaving the life of the fleet until James was offered a new job. Head of the Second Fleet. The same fleet his future son in law had been CO of. Unsure if he would take it James took a few days to discuss it with his wife. And eventually they agreed to take the posting on a temporary basis. They were sent to the USS Resolution.

Personality: James is a rather quiet man who does not interfere with his Subordinates and often can be found looking for a poker game. He is a loving husband and father and often takes time off to spend with his wife and daughter (when she was alive).

Interests: Poker, Horse back riding, a good Malt Whiskey and Spending time with his family.

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