James Bradshaw




NAME: James Bradshaw

RANK: Major
SPECIES: Human (Earth)
AGE: 50
HEIGHT: 6’6”
WEIGHT: 195 lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black
BIRTHPLACE: Dallas Texas, Earth
DATE OF BIRTH: February 11 2333
ACADEMY CLASS: Class of 2354
SPECIALITIES: Infiltration, armed and Unarmed Combat
HOBBIES: Horse riding and breeding, fencing, chess
FAMILY: Fleet Admiral Howard Bradshaw I (Dec), Mother Stephany Bradshaw (Dec), Brothers Admiral Howard Bradshaw II, Captain John Bradshaw Sr., Sisters Caroline Bradshaw, Sarah Bradshaw, Nephews Lt. Howard Bradshaw III Lt. JG John Bradshaw Jr

Academy Bar 10 Year Service Medal 20 Year Service Medal Dominion Cluster Cardassian Cluster Breen Cluster Dominion War Service Ribbon Romulan Cluster SFMC Medal of Valor Purple Heart Combat Merit Expert Marksmanship
Intelligence Star Semper Fidelis Cross USS Montana Service Ribbon Battle of JanoaUSS Montana-A Service Ribbon Bronze Service Award (OOC Award) Exploration Ribbon Zeta Gelis Cluster Expedition Graveyard Survivors First Contact (x6) Breen Border Relief Force Hrakert Rift Expedition

REPRIMANDS: None on file

2350-2351 Starfleet Marine Corp Academy Student

2351-2352 Starfleet Marine Corp Academy Student

2352-2353 Starfleet Marine Corp Academy Student

2353-2354 Starfleet Marine Corp Academy Student

2354-2357 119th Company [USS Cutter] Engineering Specialist Officer

2357-2360 211th Battalion [USS Calburn] Engineering Specialist Officer

2360-2362 211th Battalion [USS Calburn] Engineering Specialist Officer

2362-2364 Starfleet Marine Corp Intelligence HQ Student

2364-2376 ch'Rihan Deep Cover Operation

2376-2376 Starfleet Marine Corp Intelligence HQ Debriefing

2376-2382 Orion Syndicate Deep Cover Operation

2382-2382 Starfleet Marine Corp Intelligence HQ Debriefing

2382-2382 USS Montana Chief Engineer

2382- 2385 122nd Battalion [USS Montana-A] Commanding Officer

2385-PRES 82nd Battalion [USS Resolution-A], Commanding Officer

BIOGRAPHY: James is somewhat of a mystery. Not a large amount is known about him or his upbringing. I will share what is known with you in the hopes that it will help to make him a more interesting person.

James was born on earth in 2333 to Fleet admiral Howard Bradshaw and his wife Stephany. His child hood was that of a fairly average child though everything he did was geared toward Starfleet. He grew up as somewhat of a fleet brat following his dad to work every day he could and when he was not with his father he was off on his own. Guess you could say he was very much a daddies boy at least early on.


About the time he entered school it seemed that a gift had opened up before the young Bradshaw he was a genius when it came t school work and very very athletic as well. Almost to the point of raising a few questions about weather or not he had been genetically manipulated by his parents. This of course was denied by the entire Bradshaw clan and considering there standing in Starfleet it made since that they would not do that to one of their own. At least it was hoped that they would not. But the suspicion was still there and it followed the young man all through school.

James enrolled in the academy starting in the engineering branch. Though he soon found that this was not exactly what he wanted and in the last semester of his fourth year he started taking classes for a Marine Officer. In the end he graduated from the academy in a very rare situation. He was in the top 10 percent of his class which was great but not only that he was in the top 10 percent with two career paths before one as a marine the other as a engineer. He choose the path of a marine for the time being but still keeps his engineering skills as sharp as possible.

His first assignments were fairly exciting and had earned him some unwanted attention of Starfleet intelligence. In 2362 after a impressive run as a marine in the fleet and through no choice of his own he was transferred to SFI headquarters on earth to undergo some special training. They believed that he had the makings of a 1st rate Intel operative and one who if groomed right could be very valuable as a deep cover operative in some of their more risky missions.

Since he was able to grasp the more advanced areas of covert operations so quickly as soon as he was finished training he was sent to one of the most dangerous assignments that Intel had. Part of this is likely due to the fact that the head of Intel was flexing a little muscle and showing one of the fleets proudest and most highly decorated families that he not they still controlled things. At least in his own mind.

For several years nothing is officially known about James Bradshaw or what he really does on these classified missions. Though it is speculated that he was on Romulus and in the Orion syndicate most of the time. One ting that was made known was that in addition to the standard Intel training James also received training in the special operations area as a way to give him a better chance of survival.

James does not talk about his time in the service of Intel at all instead preferring to focus on his career before joining that group. He current assignment as the Marine CO for the second USS Montana shows that he is trying to get back to his old roots. In Starfleet. Rather then in Intel. Though it was through direct order from Intel that he was assigned to the Montana in the first place.

PERSONALITY PROFILE: James is a very quiet officer though he does have a temper that once flared is not easily put down. (Note: Last time it took 6 security officers to detain him.). He does not talk about either willingly or unwillingly what he did during his time in SFI. Though he does use his classification of Ultra black to the fullest from time to time. After all once in a while it is kinda nice to be known as the man who does not exist.


SPECIAL NOTES: James has several alternate personalities and at times has had to impersonate admirals or other senor officers to get what he wants. This is specifically true after he joined Starfleet Intelligence and is believed to be the reason for almost his entire career to be classified ultra top secret. The data to date is only available to one person, the head of Starfleet Intelligence.

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