Jack Reeves


NAME: Jack Reeves
RANK: Civilian
SPECIES: Human (Earth)
AGE: 37
HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 183 lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
BIRTHPLACE: San Antonio, Texas, Earth
DATE OF BIRTH: May 27th 2348
HOBBIES: Spending time with his son;
FAMILY: Wife: Lieutenant Martha Stevens-Reeves, Starfleet Engineer (Deceased, 2375 - Engagement with Dominion Cruiser); Son: Mark Reeves, 11 Year Old Child USS Resolution-A;

Jack was born in 2348 into a Starfleet Family. His parents encouraged him to be whatever he wanted to be, and for a long time there was a real belief that he would join Starfleet too. Jack had the test scores, and the potential to be a good Starfleet Officer. He even took the Starfleet Academy entrance exam, and passed. But somewhere between then, and the beginning of the Semester, Jack decided that wasn't what he wanted to do. Instead, he began travelling the Quadrant, earning passage aboard Starships and Freighters, doing odd jobs when he could. This did not sit well with his parents, who wanted little to do with their son.

He spent 4 years, hopping from ship to ship, working with the Cargo haulers, and taking Bar Tending Jobs. In 2371, while working on behind the Bar on a Starfleet Ship - the USS Mercutio - , he met, and fell in love with one of the ships Engineers, an Ensign Stevens. It turned out, that the two grew up not far from each other, and would've even been in the same classes at the Academy. What began as some what of a fling, very quickly developped into an extremely committed relationship, and the two were wed in August of 2372, on the 1st Anniversary of their meeting.

Living on the Mercutio was where Jack discovered his true talent, writing. In 2373, Jack Reeves became a fully fledged Author, his first Novel being published - "The Syndicate". Throughout '73, Jack and Martha tried for a baby, and in September of that year, they were rewarded with the news that they were expecting. In May 2374, baby Mark was born. Despite the ongoing War with the Dominion, Jack knew that he was at his absolute happiest. He had the woman that he loved, and the son that meant the world to him.

In 2375 though, disaster struck, as the Breen entered the War effort. The Breen forces were retreating from Earth after their attack on Starfleet Headquarters, and the Mercutio was dispatched to intercept. During the Mercutio's engagement with the retreating Breen Vessels, the ship took heavy damage, and suffered casualties. Amongst these casualties was his wife; a Plasma conduit feeding power to the Thruster Assembly ruptured while she was attempting a repair on the system. She was killed instantly. She was amongst 29 fatalities that day.

For a few years, Jack stayed with the Mercutio, not really having anywhere else to go. He wrote nothing while he remained on the ship, and shut himself off to many people he and Martha had been close too. The only friend he had that stuck by him was Carl Foster, who was the ships Tactical Officer. It was Carl who convinced Jack to take Mark, and go home to patch things up with his family.

His father quickly recjected the prospect of speaking to his son, but Jack was able to see eye-to-eye with his mother, and soon, Jack's Grieving process actually became positive. In 2381, Jack finally released his second Novel, the eagerly anticipated "Beyond". The novel was well received, and pushed Jack to make sure he continued doing what he'd twice proven himself to be good at.

In 2384, Jack released his third Novel, "Blood Sacrifice", a tale set during the Federation's War with the Dominion. Despite the positive reception, Jack wasn't happy with the book, and began preparing for his fourth book. Its the development of this story, that has led him to where he is now, the Starship Resolution-A.

Jack is a man who's had a lot to over come, the death of his wife, raising his son alone for 10 years, estrangement from his family. He's easy to get along with, but sometimes he has his head in the past, thinking of what he's lost.

Jack's Grandfather was famed Late 23rd Century / Early 24th Century Starfleet Officer Hank Reeves. The family resemblence is striking.


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