Guillermo Rosas

Lt. Commander Guillermo Rosas


Name: Guillermo Rosas
Rank: Commander
Species: Human
Age: 40 (Physically), 130 (Chronologically)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 187 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Birthplace: Madrid, Spain, Earth
Date of birth: Earthdate: January 19th, 2254
Academy Graduating Class: June 4th, 2275

Molecular biology / molecular science.

Horseback Riding
2-D Chess
Classical Violin.

Mother: Maria Rosas (deceased).
Father: Roberto Rosas (deceased).
Brother (Older, 1st): Roberto Rosas II (deceased).
Brother (Older, 2nd): Eduardo Rosas (deceased).
Sister (Younger): Juanita Fernandez (deceased).
Oscar Rosas (Nephew, 104 years old, child of Roberto Rosas II).
Susan Rosas-Jones (Grand Niece, 68 years old).
Mary Jones (Great Grand Niece, 23 years old).
Starfleet Academy Ribbon (2275).
Klingon War Service Ribbon (2275).
Good Conduct Ribbon (With Four (4) Oak Clusters) (2278, 2371, 2374, 2377, 2380).
10 Years Service Ribbon (2375).
USS Copernicus Ribbon (2275).
USS Bozeman Ribbon (2278).
USS Bozeman II Ribbon (2372).
Bridge Officer Certification Ribbon (2378).
Dominion War Service Ribbon (2372).
Second Battle For Earth Ribbon (2373).
Battle of Cardassia Ribbon (2375).
Purple Heart (With One (1) Oak Cluster) (2368, 2373).

Reprimands: None on File.
Service record:

Starfleet Academy, 2271 – 2275
Cadet Training Cruise, USS Potemkin, Summer, 2274.
USS Copernicus, 2275-2278, Science Department.
USS Bozeman, 2278, 2371-2372, Science Department.
USS Bozeman II, 2372-2383, Science Department.
Personal Leave, 2383-2384.
USS Resolution, 2384, Science Officer.

Guillermo was born during a time very different to the one we live in now. A time when the Federation was much more fragile, though still a great power. A time when Starfleet captains were given much more discretionary powers, as they could not always contact Starfleet for advice or orders in the midst of unusual, unexpected, dangerous or even surreal situations. A time when the Klingon Empire was enemy to all that sided with the Federation, and where war was not only a reality, but a fact of existence (though it rarely ever touched the core planets of either group). It was the 23rd Century, the time of such heroes as Pike, Daystrom, and of course, James Kirk. But his story does not revolve around these figures. Instead, Gil's tale is one that was, until certain events touched his life, quite normal by comparison.

Roberto and Maria Rosas were both Starfleet, assigned to duty stations on Earth; Roberto was a Commander who never quite made Captain, and was given administrative duties at Starfleet Headquarters, and Maria was a Lt. Commander in charge of in processing at the Academy, even though they lived at their traditional family home in Madrid. He grew up as a member of a large family, with his parents, two older brothers, and a little sister, and yet never had problems receiving love, affection, or attention from his parents. He learned to ride horses at a young age, and was classically trained in the violin. Though his other siblings all decided to go their own ways, Gil wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, and join Starfleet, though he longed for Starship duty rather than any kind of desk job. And so he worked hard, getting as good a grades as he could in high school, staying with sports to keep him physically fit (though he never really took a liking to any of them), and doing everything he could to get into the Academy. With the help of his mother and father, he managed to get in a year after his high school graduation, where he set out upon the first steps to the greatest adventure he would ever know.


Starfleet Academy, for him, was actually not so bad. He made friends quickly, worked well with others, and discovered many of his true life's interests there, including parasailing (using the sail gliders of three centuries past, to be specific).. He also began to grow up a bit more; as a kid, he was always shy around strangers, but here he began to get more outgoing, and grow to like and trust people more easily. Finally, he discovered his true love was for the field of science… specifically (but not limited to), the sciences surrounding the makeup of all things, both living and nonliving… and so he continued down the career path of the Blue uniform, intending fully to become one of the great Science Officers of his day. Graduating in 2275, at the height of the Klingon War, and was immediately assigned to the USS Copernicus, a science vessel exploring along the fringes of known space, but always staying within the known borders (it was not equipped to deal with the sorts of things the Enterprise and its kin saw every day). Three years of this, however, was more boredom than he could take, but he did his duties, and did them well, but because of the assignment actually maintained much of his naivety about life in Starfleet. Thankfully, he did his duties well, and was granted a new assignment in something slightly more exciting this time. The primary border patrol ship for Starbase 12: the USS Bozeman.

Arriving at the same time as his new commander, Captain Morgan "Bulldog" Bateson, and on the same shuttle, in fact, Gil learned many of the intricate details of the history and legacy of his ship. The term "coast guard," the legacy of her name "Bozeman," and many other such things… things that would have bored a normal man of his young age. For Gil, he grew fond of his new commander, and believed that this assignment would be the best of his life. He even learned, on the shuttle ride over, the intricacies of 2-Dimensional Chess, and found he was far better at it than 3-D Chess (at which he was not only bad, but atrocious). The captain also felt a certain liking for the young officer, and over the next two weeks intended fully to help his career excel in any way that he could. Unfortunately, two weeks was all they had before a run-in with a Klingon raider sent them into an area that would later be named the Typhon Expanse, and cause them to be caught in a temporal anomaly… one that would send them 90 years into the future, and hurling, quite literally, at the USS Enterprise-D.

No one knew how many times they had crashed into one another in the temporal loop this caused, but afterwards, the effect on the Bozeman crew was more shattering than any warp core explosion. For Gil, it was no different.

No, he wasn't married… or even engaged, as his EXO had been. No, he didn't have children, or any legacy to leave behind. But for Gil, the loss of his family was devastating. If not for the crew of the Bozeman, sticking together through it all, he probably would have fallen apart within the first year. Instead, they all worked together, formed their own circles, used their time in service benefits (after all, no one of their rank had more time in service or in grade than they did, with 90 years on the record) to build up substantial benefits to themselves and their fellows. Through it all, Gil quickly lost all of his naivety, and became a much harder, much colder person, one who only showed any true affection to his fellow crewmates. Quickly, the Bozeman crew were put on permanent active duty once more with their old ship; though it wasn't glorious duty, running passengers and cargo for Starfleet, it gave them a sense of purpose once more. And finally, in 2372, with the decommissioning of the USS Bozeman, the crew was given yet another glorious assignment; to help retrofit, repair, and test-run the newest ship of the line that the Federation had created. The USS Enterprise-E. After that adventure, in which they actually ran into their old enemy, the Raider Kozal who had fought them over 90 years before in the Typhon Expanse, yet another assignment waited for Gil and his crewmates: the USS Bozeman II.


Though this assignment lasted only seven years, for Gil, it was probably the best of his life. He became completely caught up on 24th Century Science and science technology, and found himself able to work as well as any Science Officer in the fleet. He also began to open up more, and had a series of short-lived, but meaningful, relationships with some very beautiful young women. He even discovered, by finally LOOKING, that he actually did have some family left, including one of his brother's children, and their child, and great-grandchild as well. And, perhaps the most exciting and frightening event in his life thus far… even more than being torn temporally from his world… was the Second Battle For Earth, where the Bozeman II helped to spearhead the battle against the Borg. Of course, this was not his ONLY combat experience, and the Bozeman also was a part of the Dominion War, and the final battle IN that war, the Battle of Cardassia.

These experiences wearied the now 39 year old man (at least, physically; in terms of years, he was much closer to 130), and so Starfleet, understanding, granted him a one year Personal Leave period to relax and calm himself. But once he was back, his Captain (the one he would think of as HIS Captain for his entire life, Morgan Bateson) would not just let him sit idly by. With all of this experience under his belt, Captain Bateson saw the perfect opportunity for Gil, and, after talking with his long-time crewmate, was able to pull in a few last favors to ensure his next assignment was something that would both help his career and his personal life as well.

The USS Resolution.


Gil is a very reserved person, one whose only real rapport is with the members of the former Bozeman crew. This has begun to change in the past eight or so years, but it still takes him time to get used to new people, and ESPECIALLY to trust them. He is quiet a great deal of the time, until he decides to trust someone… and then he opens up the other part of himself. The part that is flamboyant, constantly challenging (whether in Chess, in work, or anything else they might both do at the same time), and somewhat of a jokester (though his sense of humor is very dry).

Special Notes:

Every year, on the anniversary of his ship's disappearance (August 17th), Guillermo makes a trip to the Typhon Expanse… he doesn't really know why, but it just feels like the right thing to do. He speaks fluent Spanish, and sometimes will slip into it when talking to himself (or cursing at things during combat).

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