Ginnette Maxtor

4th Year Communications Cadet, Ginnette Maxtor


Age/Date of Birth: 22/18,09.2362

Hight/Weight 160 cm/67 kg,s

Hair/Eyes: Strawberry Blond/Green
Species: Trill (Joined)
Birthplace S,tra Provence
Gender; Female

Family Father Doras Minas (Unjoined) A barkeepetr
Mother Jannine Minas(Unjoined) An hairdresser
Twin Sister Geraldine Minas (Unjoined) A school teacher

Education Primary Normal Trill Straght A student
Secondary Normal Trill Streight A student
Tertiary Starfleet Academy

Academy 1st yr Basic officer training
2nd yr Pre Specialist training
3rd yr Communications school

Communications 3rd year Basic communications Training
School 4th yr Cadet cruise (USS Resolution)

Hobbies Orienteering and Debating.

Appearance Ginette is a fairly average Trill girl with a rather
sallow appearence.she
is a little boyish due to being tlat chested,
with copper ringlets

Personality Ginnette is an extroverted, Warm and friendly girl. She

is very talkative. Somewhat to the point of iritatejng others around her.

History Ginnette was born in S,tra Provence Trill on 18
september 2362

She was a bit of a tomboy growing up. While her
slightly younger
identical twin sister Geraldine was a girly
In her preschool years she was always getting in trouble for her shear cheek towards her elders.
As she went through primary school the cheekiness continued getting into fights making her a regular in detention. Getting suspended once for fighting after getting into a bad fight injuring her opponent. still getting straight as,a. that year.
she was still adventurous in high school and very lippy Joining the
school Orienteering and Debating Societies Doing well at both She also
liked school trips. In fact it was on a school trip that she was
joined One day while on afield trip off planet with her teacher, And a
few off world friends her Teacher Miss Maxtor A Joined Trill fell of
a cliff badly injureing herself the injuries ultimate proving fatel.
The doctor a Trill asked"Is any of you Trill"

Ginette answered that she was So sne recived the Maxtor symbiont

In fact it was her love for adventure that drove her into starfleet. And her talkativeness that decided her that she should speciialise in communications
At Starfleet Academy she was the life and soul of the party. She did
well in her coarse,s especially communlcations. Which became her

Past lives Miss Maxtor . Maxtor is a young symbiote in only her second host

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