Evaline Pallax

Name: Evaline Pallax
Prior Family Name: Niyaki


Nickname: Eva. goes by her nickname, not full. Some call her
Genghis Khan, but only the brave or stupid use it to her
face. To Klingons, she knows to go by Pallax of House T'Mok.

Race: Trill
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair: Fiery Red
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale white
Date Of Birth: March 26, 2361
Age: 25. Symbiot is 207 years old
Place of Birth: Trill Homeworld

Interests and Skills:
From Merrick - history, pottery, languages

From Jensen - flight, martial arts, wrestling, boxing,
extreme sports, swords, sword-making

From Travis - mountain climbing, navigation, astronomy

From Yellen - arguing, diplomacy (although Eva finds it puts
her to sleep), gambling, cigars, spending time with men

From Het - fine wine, drinking, spending time with women,

From Josan - figuring how things work, model ship-building,
artistic drawing

From Eva - computer design, robotics, ship-board operations,
starbase operations, transporters, sensor detection
algorithms, resource management, athletics, marathon &
cross-country running, Latin American dancing, modeling,
pleasurable activities & company

From Eva: Trill, Federation Standard, Rihannsu, Ferengi, Jem'Hdar
From Josan: Binar, Borg
From Het: Risan, French
From Yellen: Orion, Ferengi, Bajoran, El Aurian, Vulcan, Andorian
From Webster: Japanese, Arabic, Klingon
From Merrick: various ancient and outdated historic Trill
languages, Preserver

Starfleet Record:



2349 - 2352: Cadet - Starfleet Academy, Engineering Cadet

2352 - 2356: Ensign - USS Picon, Engineer

2356 - 2356: Lt Jg - USS Picon, Engineer

2356 - 2357: Lt Jg - Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Corps
Engineer, Utopia Planitia Shipyards

2357 - 2359: Lt - Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Corps Team
Leader, Utopia Planitia Shipyards

2359 - 2380: Lt Cmdr - Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Corps
Team Leader, Utopia Planitia Shipyards

2380 - 2384: Cmdr - Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Senior
Design Engineer, Utopia Planitia Shipyards

Eva Niyaki 2377-2381: Cadet - Starfleet Academy, Operations

2381-2382: Ensign - Starbase 21, Operations Officer

2382-2383: Ensign - USS Poseidon, Operations Officer +
Command School Correspondence Couse

2383-2384: Lt JG - USS Poseidon, Ast. Chief Operations

Eva Pallax

2384-2385: Leave of Absence, Trill Homeworld

2383-2384: Lt - USS Resolution-A, Ast. Chief Operations

- Numerous Marathon wins, various years
- Pilot Wings, 2381
- Winner of Danula II Marathon, 2380 & 2381
- Starfleet Academy Graduate, 2382
- Starfleet Operations Academy Graduate, 2382
- Technical Excellence, 2384
- Bridge Certification, 2384

2379 - Reprimanded for kicking a senior officer in the groin
during a self-defence course.

2380 - Reprimanded for sleeping with an instructor over a 3
month period.



The Pallax symbiot was born in one of the symbiot pools on
the Trill homeworld in what would be 2148 in the Terran
timescale. Scientific tests showed that Pallax had a high
aptitude for learning, so it was decided that the best
starting point would be one of historical work.

1st Host (Merrick Pallax, 2124 to 2151)

Her first host, Merrick Pallax, had been born on the Trill
homeworld about 18 years earlier, and was a quiet timid
Trill historian with numerous degrees in archaeology and
ancient history.

For the next 27 years, Merrick and Pallax shared a wonderful
life, where he travelled around the homeworld & worked for
the Trill Science Ministry's archaeology department

While out on a dig in 2205, Merrick was injured badly in a
cave collapse, and rushed to one of the major hospitals. It
was quickly found that his injuries were too severe and that
he would die soon.

2nd Host (Jensen Pallax, 2151 to 2200)

Pallax requested through Merrick to have the chance to help
out its planet, and that wish was granted. A second host for
the Pallax symbiot was found in the Trill Defense Ministry,
an experienced starfighter pilot named Jensen, who was aged
23. The transfer was done successfully, and Jensen & Pallax
stayed with Merrick for the rest of the night until he
passed away in his sleep.

Jensen's family history was that of making swords, and could
be traced back hundreds and hundreds of years. His
grandfather and father taught him their skills, and he was
very good at it. When he joined with Pallax, he continued,
refining his craft.

Jensen Pallax tirelessly for the next 15 years defending the
Trill homeworld as a pilot, before he was promoted into the
senior command chain of the Ministry. About this time, he
met and married a beautiful unjoined female staff officer
named Silene.

He rose up in position over the next 13 years until
eventually, he was put in charge of the Defense Ministry - a
position he held with honor for the next 20 years. Although
he was quite old, he had a very keen mind and was incredibly
trusted & competent. He could still run rings around the
newbie pilots.

In 2252 at the age of 70, he started developing headaches
and went to see the medical doctors. He was diagnosed with a
fairly rare but entirely fatal & debilitating brain tumor.
Quick tests were done, and it was shown that the Pallax
symbiot would be totally immune from any possible harm.
Pallax requested to stay with his friend. Jensen retired
with a prognosis of a few years, and spent the next few
years happy & travelling with Silene around the Trill

3rd Host (Webster Pallax, 2200 to 2254)

At the age of 72 for Jensen, Pallax was transferred to the
next host, Webster, that night. Jensen passed away shortly

Out of Pallax's hosts up to that point, it was Webster who
was the first who decided to take Pallax out into the
universe. Heading out on a freighter, they travelled through
the Federation and eventually turned up in Asia on Terra a
couple of years later.

Travelling to Japan, he found an interesting idea that he
decided to learn, helped on by Pallax's description of
Jensen's swordmaking. It took awhile, but eventually, he
found a master sword smith who was willing to take him on as
a pupil. For the next forty years, the master taught him all
about making swords using many different techniques, some
Japanese and some non-Japanese such as how to make Damascus
steel swords. Part of the training was also on how to use
the swords, since that was part of the test to ensure they
were high quality.


So that his Trill status wouldn't be found out, he had to
leave Terra and headed to the Klingon homeworld, Kronos,
where he found a Klingon house that was willing to teach
him. Webster was taught how to make various bladed weapons,
such as the Bat'leth, Mek'leth and d'k tahg. The Klingons
were initially just humoring him, but he followed through
with everything and gained their respect. He eventually
joined the house of T'Mok, something that Pallax was proud

Ever since, all of Pallax's hosts except two have openly
worn d'k tahg most of the time on the symbiot's request -
one that Webster created by his own hand.

4th Host (Travis Pallax, 2254 to 2296)

Webster fell gravely ill one night, and was rushed to a
medical facility on his death bed, where Pallax was
transferred to its fourth host, Travis.

Travis was a 30 year-old ship's captain, a passionate
explorer, in a convoy of Trill ships that travelled through
the Federation on trading missions. However, it was also
decided by the Trill Government to not formally reveal the
symbiots or participate much at all with the humans apart
from trade and helping with various little things as needed.
Travis enjoyed the uniqueness of humanity.

This happened for the next 42 years before Travis grew old.
The ships headed back to Trill, and Pallax was transferred
into her fourth host, a 23 year old diplomat named Yellen.

5th Host (Yellen Pallax, 2296 to 2343)

Yellen was quite flamboyant, and was the first of Pallax's
hosts that didn't actually find any attraction to the female
species. For the symbiot, it was quite a new experience,
which it grew to enjoy.

While Yellen initially worked for the Trill Diplomatic
Service and rose fast in rank, a number of the Trill
diplomats including Yellen eventually were hired out to the
Federation after about ten years before transferring to
become full Federation ambassadors shortly after.

Yellen spent 30 extremely rewarding years negotiating
various treaties and ceasefires with & between Federation
member worlds, allies and hostile powers.

Although Yellen respected Pallax's desire to show off the
d'k tahg, he could not wear it in public except when dealing
with Klingons due to the potential diplomatic problems,
which Pallax accepted.

Retiring at the age of 70, Yellen headed back to Trill
knowing his life was nearing its end and Pallax was
transferred into its fifth host, a young artist named Het,
who lived on the homeworld.

6th Host (Het Pallax, 2343 to 2356)

Het was very talented at all areas of artistic endeavor -
sculpture, painting, drawing, wood-carving, music,
literature. Het also was a serious partygoer, drinking
heavily & took recreational drugs often. He was a serious
womanizer - like Casanova or Don Juan incarnate, and
actively indulged with any partners willing, numerous at a
time. Even the Pallax symbiot lost track of the incredibly
frequent yet brief stream of young nubile lovers that Het
went through, and disliked that Het refused to carry around
the prized d'k tahg (or even accept any Klingon house

Eventually, twelve years of heavy abuse on his body was too
much, and he was rushed to a hospital run by the Trill
Symbiosis Commission. Tests showed that his heart was
failing and due to a number of enzyme problems, there was
not enough time to find a replacement heart nor would an
artificial one suffice.

Pallax was transferred back to the symbiot breeding pools
once Het's heart gave out for the next 6 months until a
suitable replacement host could be found.

7th Host (Josan Pallax, 2356 to 2385)

The Commission chose a dedicated & entirely 'un Het-like'
trill, Josan, who was currently working as an engineer in
Starfleet. He was a quite quiet and private person. By this
time, Starfleet & the Federation at large had learned about
the symbiots, so it was an acceptable choice.

Josan took a term of leave from Starfleet and transferred
back to the Trill homeworld. The joining was done, and Josan
stayed for six months to make sure everything was okay
before going back to Starfleet.

Josan was willing to continue the traditions that Pallax had
tried to instill since Webster first visited Kronos, and
gained permission to carry a d'k tahg. However, he didn't
really show much except token effort with it.

Josan had recently graduate from the Academy and had been
promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade four months earlier when
he shifted from serving on starships & went into the
Starfleet Corps of Engineers. He performed well, and rose up
to the rank of Captain in 2366.

For the next nineteen years, he worked on various design
projects, putting his personal touch on many different class
of ships, starbases and other Federation & Starfleet

During an tragic accident at Utopia Planitia on Mars, Josan
was declared brain-dead. However, Pallax was fine and
Josan's body was suitable to provide a stabilizing platform
until another host could be found.

The symbiot was transported at high warp back to the Trill
Homeworld for emergency transplantation. Due to the time,
the Commission was forced to use speed up the selection

Eva was eventually chosen as the eighth host of the Trill
symbiot known as Pallax, and is the first female one.

Eva's Earlier Life

She was born on April 6 in 2360 as a fiery Aries redhead on
the Trill homeworld to two unjoined Trills, Kelbin and Leona
Niyaki. Her father was a diplomat, and her mother was a
teacher who taught at a local university. Consequently, she
was taught both Trill and Federation Standard at home.
Shortly after Eva was born, her father was assigned to
Earth, and the family travelled there.

started her in an 'Under 6' athletics training program when
she was five. Although the little children were pretty much
more like a rabble, they all enjoyed it and it was obvious
that Eva had talent. She did even better over the next two
years, wining a number of medals for 100m and 200m runs,
relays, long jump and high jump.

However, when she was a few months from being nine years
old, she was involved in a shuttle accident, which killed
both her parents and left her as a quadriplegic with massive
nerve, muscle, spinal and some organ damage. Medical
equipment was all that kept her alive.

Using advanced medical techniques and developments that came
out of studying the Borg, a combined Trill, Vulcan &
Starfleet medical team developed a way to replace many of
the damaged parts of her body with synthetic equivalents.

To allow her brain to control these, certain circuitry had
to be implanted in her brain. One interesting system added
actually provides her a way to connect to Federation
computer systems via special subcutaneous terminal discs in
her finger tips.

While trying to understand more about what had been done,
she became intrigued with computers & how things worked.
Because she had a lot of time during recovery, she threw
herself into learning, and picked up a couple of languages -
Rihannsu and Ferengi.

Although it took a fair while, Eva eventually returned to
her athletics, and ran her first marathon at the age of 14.
She was looked after at medical facilities and attended
local schools until she was 16. Over this time, she was
curious and regularly bullied the Starfleet staff to talk to
her about what they did.

During the time between 14 and 16, she improved her marathon
records, competing all across the United States, Europe and
Asia. She won her first marathon for her age group in the
San Francisco Marathon, sponsored by Starfleet, when she was
16. Over the next two years, she won a few more marathons in
Boston, New York and London.

Joining Starfleet

She applied to join Starfleet at age 18, and was accepted.
She had also applied to join the Trill Symbiotic Selection
program, and part way through, she found out that she had
been accepted.

Due to her athletics and running, Eva found that the
physical training was abreeze. Although she could be a bit
demanding, she was put in a flight that was made up of
equally competitive cadets, and she fitted in very well. She
was quite smart and did not need as much time to study as
other, so tend to party quite a lot.

She also took a lot of interest in martial arts during this
time as part of the 'sports' program. Her chosen forms of
martial arts, which she eventually trained to black belt
level, are:

- Zui Quan, known as drunken boxing, which is a style of
wushu kung fu that imitates a drunkard in its movements

- hapkido (a dynamic and eclectic Korean martial art that
employs joint locks, pressure points, throws, kicks, and
other strike and trains to counter the techniques of other
martial arts as well as common "unskilled" attacks)

- Shaolin Kung Fu

Part of the choice of these was that it tended to cause the
other cadets to have difficulty in defeating her, so fed
well with her competitiveness.

Once the initial generalized training was over, Eva threw
herself into her work, and received nothing below
distinction for her first year courses.

At the beginning of her second year, Eva took a major of
Operations with minors in Communications & Helm/Navigation.

During her last year, Eva and one of her instructors, Lt
Cmdr Peter Garrick, started an intensely passionate & sexual
relationship after a few meetings in the Academy pub. This
continued for about three months, and they quite often took
romantic holidays away. He got her quite interested in Latin
American dancing, especially the Tango, Salsa, Rumba and
Lambada. Eventually, the relationship was found out and
Peter was transferred elsewhere with a demotion to Lt. They
continued by correspondence for awhile before breaking up.

Continuing, she graduated from the Academy and was assigned
to Starbase 21 as an ensign in Operations. While on the
starbase, she began working on a private project - to build
a robotic pet in the form of a panther, which she eventually
named Shadowcat. Contacting Starfleet's resident cybernetics
expert, Commander Data, Eva managed to figure out how to get
a working simplified positronic brai that could support a
feline simulation. It took her a fair while to get the
initial prototype working, especially walking, but
eventually her robotic pet learnt to walk, prowl and
eventually run quite fast. She coated his skin with ablative
armor to protect him and a tritanium alloy skeleton for

Shadowcat resembles an Earth jaguar. He is capable of
masking himself from many forms of detection: he walks
without a sound, becomes virtually invisible in subdued
light or shadow, and he can shield his internal
electromagnetic radiation from monitoring devices. Superior
sensors in his nose module give him highly advanced senses
of smell, hearing and electromagnetic wave detection

She worked there for a year before transferring to the USS
Poseidon, an older vessel, for starship duty in Operations.

In 2383, Eva was promoted to Lieutenant Junior-Grade aboard
the Poseidon. With permission from the Poseidon's Captain &
Chief Operations Officer, Eva requested & started a
correspondence course with Starfleet Academy to complete
Command School, as she wanted to prepare herself for a more
superior role. In 2384, she was once again promoted to
Lieutenant and assigned as Assistant Chief Operations
Officer, mainly due to her willingness to take more

Aboard the Poseidon, she was given access to a full
cybernetics lab, and upgraded Shadowcat's systems with
subspace communications, a limited holographic masking
system and a shielding system allowing him to take weapon
shots & explosions for a period. Shadowcat was used on a
number of missions for recon.

She continued for a few months when all of a sudden, the
Poseidon received word to head at high warp to the Trill
Homeworld, since Eva had been chosen to become a symbiot
host despite her earlier injuries & bio-synthetic organs.

8th & Current Host (Eva Pallax, 2385 onwards)

Arriving at the Trill homeworld, she beamed down and was put
through the standard medical tests done by the Trill
Symbiosis Commission. She passed, and was taken to the
joining pools, where Pallax had been resting after removal
from Josan.

Due to the circumstances, Eva stayed on Trill for awhile
before she was given clearance to go on with her life.

Upon finishing up, she received transfer orders to the USS
Resolution-A, where her skills and talents would be far
better used.

Personality Profile:

Out of all Pallax's previous hosts, Eva is very much close
in personality to Jensen, Webster and Het. In fact, she is
probably closest to Het in the ways of her romantic life.
She is most unlike Merrick in nearly every personality

Eva is lively, energetic and daring, and a fighter
too. Everything she does, she throws herself into, and is
definitely very spunky.

She is very exuberant, and willing to trying anything at
all. She is very uninhibited and doesn't really wear clothes
when she is alone.

She hates being told what to do, and chose Operations
because machines don't speak back.

She craves adventure, and love to travel. She joined the
Symbiotic Selection Program to be a pioneer and be
independent from a life she could see would be boring if she
stayed at home.

Eva is very hyperactive, and has terribly problems with
sitting still for periods of time. She tends to nervously
fidget, hums often, chews pens or things within reach
without thinking and taps on desks & consoles.

Since her past few hosts have been male, her symbiot is
quite interested in exploring a female host's body - which
doesn't mind Eva, who was always very outgoing.

Her style is brisk, edgy and uncompromising. People who
associate with her soon learn that they have to keep up — if
they don’t, they'll soon fall by the wayside.

Eva is impulsive yet will come up with all sorts of
brilliant ideas. Occasionally however, she will occasionally
get things wrong, too. Eva isn't afraid of making mistakes
and learning life lessons the hard way - her Aries'
fearlessness kicking in again!

If she can tap into the gentler and cooler side of her
character, it would temper her passion and energy superbly.
But she can't.

doubly strong for Eva. She can be very demanding, and not so
good at tolerating opposition in any form — Eva makes those
of different views from hers prove their case. Some of the
previous junior staff who she worked with & those who have
to deal with her gave her the unofficial nickname of
'Genghis Khan'.

This increased Martian energy gives her lots of oomph and
physical stamina. Eva need to get involved with as much
physical activity as possible to release her frustration.

Psychological Profile: Eva has an instinctive understanding
of what has to be done and there’s no procrastination in her
manner - she hates laziness aggressively and has chewed out
junior officers publically before. She accepts all
experiences as a challenge, something to be jumped into with
passion and excitement - It's all one big learning curve for

Eva has ample confidence and self-assurance, which are at
the heart of her nature and are among her greatest
strengths. She can come across as being overly assertive,
perhaps even self-centered. Although she doesn't actually
try to be, she can come off as insubordinate to senior

Her freedom-loving spirit means she likes having space to
get on with her work on her own terms. Some people
misinterpret her energy and focus as insensitivity, even
rudeness. She has to try to make an effort to let others
know that it isn't personal, but rather for the public good.

Eva always prefer to get on with the job rather than to
sitting around waiting for something to happen. This means
that she can be a little impatient with people who work at a
slower pace.

All of her personality traits reflect tons of energy,
enthusiasm and confidence but Eva is also misunderstood by

Eva gets complaints that she is tactless, indifferent or
overly hostile & quick to snap when they offer her advice.

not everyone is as quick-witted and capable as she is, and
has to be aware that she need to be gentle and patient when
dealing with weakness or slowness in others.

Eva has to try to pay more attention to detail, rather than
just focusing on the big picture, which is what she
instinctively does.

Trill society has a taboo against resuming relationships
with loved ones from one's past joining, on the principle
that each life must be unique. This taboo does not extend to
non-romantic/familial relationships or non-Trills.

Single time anonymous romantic relationships with non-Trill
do not count, which for Pallax is probably a good thing as
at least two host (Het and Eva) seem to enjoy that.

Physical Profile:

Eva is very tall, and can come off a bit intimidating.

She has shoulder-length fiery red hair that she doesn't tie
up, instead leaving to hang.

Eva has an excess of energy, and tends to have trouble
keeping still. Consequently, she has to do things to burn it
off. This equates to a lot of running, martial arts and also
tends to lead to a lot of pleasurable experiences as well.

Medical Profile:


The hosts, as they are called, are humanoids that appear
much like humans, except with distinctive black or brown
spots visible from the top of the head, down each side of
the face and neck, and down across the shoulders and the
sides of the chest, thighs, legs to their feet. Their hands
are noted for being unusually cold to the touch. Trill are
strongly allergic to insect bites, because the toxins
interfere with the biochemical connections between host and

The symbiots are helpless, worm-shaped life forms who
contain the memories of their previous hosts, and who
inhabit the abdomens of the humanoid hosts.

When a host and a symbiot are joined, the resulting
individual is considered a new being. When a host dies, the
symbiot is transplanted into a new host. A symbiot who is
neither implanted into a new host nor returned to their
habitat (pools of nutrient-rich liquid on the Trill
homeworld) will quickly die, as will a joined Trill host
within one to two days after which the symbiot is removed.


When she was younger, Eva was involved in a serious
accident, and left as a quadriplegic with massive nerve,
muscle, spinal and organ damage. Medical equipment was all
that kept her alive. Luckily, her symbiot managed to be
protected from damage.

Using advanced medical techniques and developments that came
out of studying the Borg, a combined Trill, Vulcan &
Starfleet medical team developed a way to replace many of
the damaged parts of her body with synthetic equivalents.

To allow her brain to control these, certain circuitry had
to be implanted in her brain. One interesting system added
actually provides her a way to connect to Federation
computer systems via special subcutaneous terminal discs in
her finger tips.

Later when she joined Starfleet, she learnt to take
advantage of this, allowing her to mentally hook directly
into the computer systems in a way no others really can.

The major organ damage was to her kidneys, which have been
replaced with bio-synthetic versions. These are quite
advanced, and actually perform a bit better then her
original ones.

Family Information (Eva):

Parents - Kelbin and Leona Niyaki (Both deceased, 2368)

Partners - A long string of casual partners. Not many
lasting ones.

Siblings - None

Children - None

Special Notes:

Eva has a thing for stay animals, especially puppies.
Consequently, she has two small fluffy white Maltese
terriers named Jack and Jill, a black Border Collie named
Eddie, and a Golden Retriever named Bonnie.

One section of her quarters has been modified into a
cybernetics lab, allowing her to work on Shadowcat.

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