Dreadnaught Known Crew

AS Crew are identifyed for the Dreadnaught, They will be listed here for Future Reference.

DAVID.jpg NoPic.jpg NoPic.jpg NoPic.jpg
Commanding Officer Executive Officer Chief Of Security Chief Tactical Officer
WolfDavid Carey Neroth Skal Koral
NoPic.jpg Katrina_Hastings4.jpg NoPic.jpg NoPic.jpg
Chief Medical Officer Chief Engineer Chief of Intelligence Marine Detachment Commander
Nighthawk Kit Katrina Hastings Lady Noir Jem
NoPic.jpg NoPic.jpg NoPic.jpg medium7.jpg
Chief Of Operations Chief Of Flight Control Starfighter Commanding Officer Chief Diplomat
Freelance Unknown Unknown TwilightBrianna Stronghold

Other Crew:

Skids, Transport Chief
Chuck, Engineer
Teo, Engineer
Black Widow, Childcarer
Ebony, Marine

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