Dreadnaught Deck Listing

Dreadnaught's Deck Listing

Deck Description
1 The Main Bridge, Commanding Officer’s Ready Room, Executive Officer's Office, Main Briefing Room
2 Senior Officers Quarters, Upper Torpedo turret
3 Officer Quarters, Holodecks, Springball and Volleyball courts, Observation Lounge,
4 Officer Quarters, Crew Lounges, Ship's Library, Holodecks
5 Tactical Office, Primary Security Office, Crew Quarters, Combat Information Centre (CIC)
6 Maintenance, Crew Quarters, Crew Lounges
7 Primary Sickbay, Living Quarters
8 Crew Quarters, Transporter Rooms, Conference Rooms
9 Commanding Officer’s Cabin With Security Check Points
10 Primary Computer Core, Operations Center, Maintenance, Crew Quarters
11 Crew Quarters, Marine Barracks, Torpedo storage, Main Torpedo Room,
12 Crew Quarters, Marine Barracks, Main Impulse Engines, Main Lounge Lvl 2
13 Main Lounge, Docking Clamps, Shuttlebays 1 & 2 (upper level)
14 Holodecks 4-6, Recreational Facilities, Gymnasium, Shuttlebays 1 & 2 (lower level)
15 Medical Laboratories, Docking port, Environmental Control and Life Support
16 Transporter Rooms 3 4 & 5, Crew Quarters, Recreation facilities
17 Torpedo Bay 2 Control & Storage, Cargo Bays
18 Cargo Bays, Cargo Transporters 1-5, Matter storage pods
19 Crew Quarters, Living Quarters, Enlisted lounge
20 Crew Quarters, Recreation facilities, Living quarters
21 Maintenance, Cargo bays, Marine HQ, Marine training facilities
22 Upper core injection assembly, Primary Power Distrbitution Node and Controls, SIF Maintenance and Monitoring, Storage Lockers 1-3
23 Upper Engineering Support Area, IDF Maintenance and Monitoring, Storage Lockers 4-6
24 Main Engineering, Engineering Labs 1 & 2, Storage Lockers 7-9, Cargo Transporter 9
25 Main Engineering, Engineering Labs 3 & 4, Auxiliary Life Support, Secondary Power System Control Suite
26 Main Engineering, Quartermaster's Office, Chief Engineer's Office
27 Deuterium Storage, Deflector Control, Lower Level Torpedo Bay Control, Dorsal Docking Port
28 Deuterium Fill Ports and Storage, Engineering Support, Parts Storage, Secondary Computer Core
29 Antimatter Storage Pods , Environmental Control, Antimatter Injection Reactors, Viewing Lounges, Cargo Bays
30 Antimatter Storage Pods, Engineering Support Labs, Emergency Batteries, Secondary Antimatter & Deuterium storage
31 Transporter Rooms 6 and 7, Cargo Transporters 6-8, Life Support Systems
32 Security, Brig, Armory, Cargo bays, Waste Management
33 Cargo Bays, Industrial Replicators, Torpedo Bay 3 Control & Storage, Tractor Beam Control
34 Maintenance Access, Primary Sensor control
35 Torpedo storage, Rear Torpedo Room, parts storage, Cargo Bays
36 Engineering Support, Cargo Bays
37 Engineering Support, Cargo Bays
38 Engineering Support, Cargo Bays, Sensor Arrays
39 Observation decks, Auxilary Craft Maintenance, Drop bay (upper level)
40 Drop bay (lower level), Sensor Control, Tractor Control
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