David Carey




NAME: David Carey
RANK: Admiral
AGE: 51
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 185 lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Brown
BIRTHPLACE: Dallas, Texas, United States of America, Earth
DATE OF BIRTH: July 24 2331
ACADEMY CLASS: Class of 2353
HOBBIES: Martial Arts, Antique Weapons, Cowboy Hats, Old Detective Novels, Dixon Hill, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Hockey, Horseback Riding
Ex-Wife: Amanda Cahill, 1st Ex-Wife; Ex-Wife: Christina Locrina, 2nd Ex-Wife; Ex-Wife: Sh'an'ia, 3rd Ex-Wife; Ex-Wife: Lieutenant Deanna Alexandra Faal-Carey,4th Ex-Wife ; Sons: Michael Smith, Trevor Carey, Robert Carey, Peter Carey; Daughters: Jolene Carey, Vivian Carey
Academy Bar 10 Year Service Medal Bridge Officer Qualification 20 Year Service Medal Dominion Cluster Cardassian Cluster Breen Cluster Dominion War Service Medal of Honour Purple Heart Christopher Piker Medal of Valour Silver Cross Combat Merit USS Resolution Service Medal Battle of Juanitor Medal USS Resolution-A Service Medal

Three; for beating up Several Officers after Shift Hours.


Y-Cadet1.png 2349-2350 Starfleet Academy Security Training
Y-Cadet2.png 2350-2351 Starfleet Academy Security Training
Y-Cadet3.png 2351-2352 Starfleet Academy Security Training
Y-Cadet4.png 2352-2353 Starfleet Academy Security Training
Y-0.png 2353-2356 USS Wolverine Security Officer
Y-0.png 2356-2361 USS Scorpion Security Officer
Y-00.png 2361-2364 Starbase 232 Executive Officer
Y-00.png 2364-2369 USS Hawk Assistant Chief of Security
Y-00.png 2369-2372 USS Wolf Chief of Security
Y-001.png 2372-2374 USS Essex Chief of Security/ Second Officer
R-000.png 2374-2377 USS James T Kirk Executive Officer
R-0000.png 2377-2380 USS Evolution Commanding Officer
R-0000.png 2380-2381 USS Resolution Commanding Officer
Y-0000.png 2381-2382 Starfleet Security Junior Director
R-Commodore.png 2382-2383 USS Resolution-A Director of Operations, Annex Sector
R-Admiral.png 2383-PRES Second Fleet Flag Officer

Born in Dallas Texas, Earth he was brought up by stories of the old west, cowboys and Indians. From the time he was five he started wearing cowboy hats and has never been seen without one. In the year 2341 he decided he wanted to make a difference in life so he decided to join Starfleet. At the age of nineteen he sent in his application and was accepted. In the academy he was elected president of student council, and he was Captain of the Hockey, Rugby and wrestling teams. He was one of the highest people in his class and graduated with top honours. He was offered a post on the USS Wolverine.

On the Wolverine he met Amanda Cahill, an engineering officer whom he liked, he asked her out, and after six months they were married. This marriage was short lived due to the fact that she wanted to settle somewhere and raise a family and he wanted to stay in Starfleet. After their divorce, they communicated frequently. After several years on the Wolverine he asked for a transfer to the USS Scorpion. After the transfer to the Scorpion he was involved in many away teams but none of which were any importance, just science surveys, or diplomatic missions. But on one particular one he was wounded when a supposedly peaceful talk between two people, one person involved, surprisingly a Starfleet officer, opened fire killing four and injuring eight with a Phaser rifle set to wide spread beam.


After being beamed back to the ship it was several days before he would be able to return to duty. After being on the Scorpion for three years he was transferred to Starbase 232 where he was given the Executive Officer's post for 3 years before being transfered to the USS Hawk where he went back to being a normal security officer due to his belief he was not yet ready for command. On the Hawk he met Christina Locrina the chief Science officer of the ship although he was quite younger than her she asked him out. He said yes and after two years of dating they got married. Together they had two children, Trevor and Robert. Then in an unfortunate accident onboard the science lab onboard exploded during an experiment, killing all that was in the room including Christina suddenly he became a single parent. David couldn't stay onboard the ship everywhere he was it reminded him of Christina so he asked for a transfer off the ship.

The USS Wolf needed a chief of security so they offered him a position onboard, and David accepted. Onboard the Wolf, David did a lot of things but he did not do it eagerly. After the death of Christina he was thinking strongly about leaving Starfleet. But the Captain of the ship ordered him to see the counsellor for help so he did as he ordered and after several months of counselling he was able to get hi mind focussed on the job and did an exemplary job at it. With his two kids growing it was going well, when the opportunity came to be Lt Commander onboard the Essex he readily accepted and moved with his two kids.

The Essex went smoothly, he had a job that he loved, Second Officer and Chief of Security, his kids were happy again, and he started seeing Sh'an'ia, a Civilian onboard the ship. During shore leave on Risa with Sh'an'ia, he popped the question, but she declined, saying she just wanted more time. He understood, and didn't ask her again for a long time. She did however, agree to move in with him.

In 2374 he was transferred to the USS James T Kirk as first officer and Sh'an'ia moved right with him. While on the James T Kirk David asked Sh'an'ia again and this time she did accept. With Sh'an'ia his fiancée he was happy as can be and nothing could break them up not even the Dominion war. Battles were common and David lost many friends in the war but he did not let that bother him, in fact it added to the determination that he had to keep on fighting the good fight. In 2375 Sh'an'ia and he was married, wasn't much of a ceremony, it was interrupted when three Jem'Hadar attacked the ship, after the battle they had the reception where Sh'an'ia gave David a wedding gift that wouldn't be ready for another 9 months, he would be another father but this time to a daughter.

David was ecstatic with two sons he wanted to have a daughter. Just short of being given command of the Evolution his daughter was born, which they named Jolene. The Evolution was a Nova class which was nearing its end, after one year Starfleet tried to put it out of commission, But David fought Starfleet HQ as long as he could, but after another two years he lost the battle and it was decommissioned. After being given Command of the USS Resolution, he and Sh'an'ia were divorced, due to the strains on their relationship caused by the Evolution, which was performed in the Traditional Vulcan way by her parents.

In December of 2381, Admiral Matthew Summers removed Carey from Command of the Resolution, and sent him to Starfleet Security. After finding out why Summers forced his way into Command, Carey was determined to get his ship back, and eventually was returned to the Resolution, with a Promotion to Commodore. However, this was a new ship, Pathfinder Class, and in the end he turned down Command, becoming Director of Starfleet Operations in the Annex Sector, easing the workload of Captain Emma Travis who had been temporarily taking on that particular role for nearly two years.

Shortly after, Captain Travis was given back her responsibilities of her job as Starfleets Director of Operations for the Annex Sector, when Carey was promoted to Admiral, and appointed as Flag Officer for the Second Fleet.

At the end of 2382, Christina Locrina messaged David, the only thing about it was that she was killed two decades ago in a lab explosion, After trailing the source, he found out that this was not so as it was indeed her. Upon returning to the resolution, things changed for him, he divorced Deanna Faal, and became romantically involved with the Chief Diplomatic officer of the Resolution. Ambassador Brianna Stronghold.


After the negotiations at Romulus, Brianna moved in with them, and Deanna took both their kids and departed for Earth for an indefinite period of time. Not long after, Brianna had found out she was pregnant.

So he opted to stay onboard after thinking about leaving the ship to stay with her, and help her through the pregnancy.

He is a Cowboy Captain does things on the Whim, but does as he is ordered to do by Starfleet. He is a patient guy but to some extent, if it takes too long for something he is very liable to get in a bad mood, which is not a pretty site. Some say he doesn't have very much a sense of humour.

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