Crew Openings

Vacant Positions For USS Resolution!

Command Master Chief – Command Department

Chief Operations Officer
Executive Officer's Yeoman

Chief Flight Control Officer
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
Fight Control Officer
Chief Shuttle/Runabout Pilot
Assistant Chief Shuttle/Runabout Pilot
Shuttle/Runabout Pilot

Security Officer
Master at Arms

Chief of Intelligence
Assistant Chief of Intelligence
Intelligence Officer

Chief of Science
Astrometrics/Stellar Cartographer

Communications Engineer
Matter/Energy Engineer
Warp Drive Engineer
Structural and Environmental Engineer
Sensor Maintenance Engineer
Shuttlecraft Maintenance
Computer Engineer
Transporter Chief
Engineer's Mate (NCO)

Head Surgeon
Head of Pediatrics
Chief Nurse

Assistant chief of Counseling
Morale Officer

Starfleet Marine Personnel
g-o3.png 171st Battalion, Executive Officer Available.jpg NoPic.jpg
Starfighter Wing
s-o4.png Angel Squadron Co Available.jpg NoPic.jpg s-o3.png Angel Squadron XO Available.jpg NoPic.jpg

Civilian Positions On request

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