Crew Biographies

Character Biographies

Crew Manifest Dearly Departed Former Crew
Department Pages Chain Of Command Second Fleet
StarFleet Personnel
Second Fleet Flag Personnel
r-a4.pngSecond Fleet Commanding Officer Available.jpg NoPic.jpg
USS Resolution Crew
Command Department
r-a1.png2nd Fleet's Flag Ship's Commanding Officer Shanna London SLondon.jpg
r-o6.pngExecutive Officer Thomas Carey TCarey2.jpg y-o4.pngSecond Officer/Chief Operations Officer Evaline Pallax eva1.jpg
r-e9b.png Command Master Chief Available.jpg NoPic.jpg y-e7.pngCommodore’s Yeoman Catalina Teodoro teodoro.jpg
Operations Department
y-o4.pngChief Operations Officer Evaline Pallax eva1.jpg y-e7.pngCommodore’s Yeoman Catalina Teodoro teodoro.jpg
Security Department
y-o4.pngChief Of Security Kalissa Kyler bca2.jpg
y-o4.pngMIA/Assistant Chief/Hazard Team Leader Michael Carey smith3.jpg y-o1.pngSecurity Officer Jessica Barcant jessie.jpg
Engineering Department
y-o5.pngChief Engineer PENDING UPLOAD NoPic.jpg
y-o3.pngAssistant Chief Engineer Available.jpg NoPic.jpg y-o1.pngEngineering Officer Tom Simmons TSimmonsa.jpg
Medical Department
g-o3.pngChief Medical Officer Margaret O'Doyle ODoyle01.jpg t-o3.pngAssistant Chief Medical Officer Kathryn Dallas NoPic.jpg
Tactical Department
r-o4.pngChief Tactical Officer Brennan Thorne b_thorne-2.jpg r-o3.pngAssistant Chief Tactical Officer Natasha Hunter 243422~Elle-Macpherson-Posters.jpg
Science Department
n-o4.pngChief of Science Available.jpg NoPic.jpg n-o2.pngActing Chief/Assistant Chief Science Officer Miw-Sher Heru Tehuti miw_sher-1.jpg
Flight Control Department
r-o3.pngChief Flight Control officer Available.jpg NoPic.jpg r-o2.pngAssistant Chief Flight Control officer Available.jpg NoPic.jpg
Counseling Department
t-o4.pngChief Counselor Tony Stoffels TStoffels.jpg
t-o3.pngAssistant Chief Counselor Available.jpg NoPic.jpg t-o3.pngCounselor Samantha Darin viv2.jpg
t-o2.pngPediatric Counselor Sorcha Kavanagh betcash.jpg Civilian.PNGMIA/Civilan Counselor Stephanie Argelian aurelieclaudel.jpg
Departments Outside chain of Command
Starfleet Marine Personnel
g-o4.png82nd Marine Battalion Commanding Officer James Bradshaw JBradshaw.jpg g-o2.png82nd Battalion Sniper Persephone Zarethan anne.hathaway.jpg
Starfleet Intelligence Department
B-Colonel.pngChief of CIC Available.jpg NoPic.jpg B-Commander.pngAssistant Chief of CIC Available.jpg NoPic.jpg
Ambassadorial Department
Ambas-2-Bar-Ambassador.jpgDiplomatic Liaison Officer Available.jpg NoPic.jpg
RomulanCommander.jpgRomulan Ship Board Ambassador Taev tr’Killentaic 150px-Quantum_singularity_lifeform_Romulan.jpg RomulanCommander.jpgMIA/Romulan Officer Shiarrael t’Nairrehk Shiarrael.jpg
Civilian Personnel
Civilian.PNGMIA/Civilan Counselor Stephanie Argelian aurelieclaudel.jpg Civilian.PNGCivilian Tutor Monet claudia_black_03.jpg
Civilian.PNGCivilian Writer Jack Reeves JReeves1.jpg Civilian.PNGCivilian Bartender Dorin Mott caeli.jpg
Civilian.PNG Civilian Child Age 10 Mark Reeves NoPic.jpg Civilian.PNG Civilian Child Age 10 Iris Zarethan iris3.jpg
Civilian.PNG Civilian Child Age 10 Kali Zarethan kali2.jpg Civilian.PNG Civilian Child Age 8 Kendra Sheppard LaylaRhiannon-LaylaRhiannon-77d5.jpg
Civilian.PNGCivilian Child, age 7 Michael London-Lorce NoPic.jpg Civilian.PNGCivilian Child,age 6 Kiera Kavanagh ElleFanning.jpg
Civilian.PNG Civilian Child,age 6 Kayla Kavanagh fanning_elle.jpg Civilian.PNGCivilian Child, age 5 Sierra Hunter 65615.jpg
Civilian.PNGMIA/Civilian Child, age 2 William Argelian-Hammond William_Argelian_Hammond.jpg Civilian.PNGCivilian Child, age 2 Edward Sheppard 84210.jpg
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