Civilian Personnel

Civilians On Board the USS Resolution.

Some are just plain Civilians with no links to crew, others are family members and children of crew members. Please respect this characters as you would a Starfleet Crew member.

Civilian Personnel
Civilian.PNG Wife of Admiral Stronghold Emily Stronghold Rebeccacruz-Rebeccacruz-d709.jpg
Civilian.PNG Civilian Tutor Monet claudia_black_03.jpg
Civilian.PNGCivilian Writer Jack Reeves JReeves1.jpg
Civilian.PNG Civilian Bartender Dorin Mott caeli.jpg
Civilian.PNG Civilian Child Age 10 Mark Reeves NoPic.jpg
Civilian.PNG Civilian Child Age 10 Iris Zarethan iris3.jpg
Civilian.PNG Civilian Child Age 10 Kali Zarethan kali2.jpg
Civilian.PNG Civilian Child Age 8 Kendra Sheppard LaylaRhiannon-LaylaRhiannon-77d5.jpg
Civilian.PNGCivilian Child, age 7 Michael London-Lorce NoPic.jpg
Civilian.PNGCivilian Child,age 6 Kiera Kavanagh ElleFanning.jpg
Civilian.PNG Civilian Child,age 6 Kayla Kavanagh fanning_elle.jpg
Civilian.PNG Civilian Child,age 6 Gabrielle Kanakarides f45c.jpg
Civilian.PNGCivilian Child, age 2 William Argelian-Hammond William_Argelian_Hammond.jpg
Civilian.PNGCivilian Child, age 2 Edward Sheppard 84210.jpg
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