Catalina Teodoro

Catalina Teodoro



Name: Catalina Teodoro
Nickname/Alias: Cat or Lina
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 2355-3rd -may
Place of Birth: Location Unknown
Age: 29
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Klingon, Federation standard, Betazoid, Portuguese
Interests: Sailing, Belly Dancing, Cooking, Camping, Horse Riding

Family Information:
Mother : Unknown
Father: Unknown
Adoptive Parents: Liana Teodoro and Michael Teodoro
Siblings: None

2360-2371: Schooling in Portugal, Earth
2371-2372: Basic Training
2373-2378: Starfleet Command Training School

Starfleet Service Record:

Crewman Recruit
2371-2372: Basic Training

Crewman Apprentice
2373-2377: Starfleet Command Training School
Command Yeoman Trainee

2377-2378: USS Cairo B
Executive Officer’ Yeoman

Petty Officer 3rd Class
2379-2380: USS Cairo B
Executive Officer’ Yeoman

Petty Officer 2nd Class
2380-2381: USS Cairo B
Executive Officer’s Yeoman

Petty Officer 1st Class
2381-2384: USS Cairo B
Executive Officer’s Yeoman

Chief Petty Officer
2384-present: USS Resolution

Background Section:

General History:


Catalina Teodoro, was born in 2355. As near as authorities can tell, she was born on the 3rd of May. She was found on the steps of a catholic church in Portugal on Earth. From there, the days old baby was taken to an orphanage. Named Catalina, she was adopted out to the Teodoro family. They were a rich family who owned a large plantation outside of Lisbon. Adopted for Status, Catalina’s adoptive parents basically left her to her own means. She was raised by nannies.

When Catalina was 16, she applied to starfleet basic training. After one year, She moved to Starfleet Command Training School to train as a command Yeoman. In 2377, she graduated and was sent to the USS Cairo B.

Catalina spent four long years on the USS Cairo B. During which time she was promoted each time the crew reviews came around, as the Xo never really wanted a yeoman and was hoping that if he promoted her high enough she would be snatched up by some officer who wanted a Yeoman. The four years were spent by Catalina, running to and fro from the replicator with Hang over cures for the Xo and often doing the paperwork he did not want to do.

In 2382, she applied for a transfer but it would not be for another 2 years before it was granted. She transferred to the USS Resolution hoping to get a boss who appreciated her more then the last.

Personality Profile:

Catalina is quiet and diligent. She works hard and never takes things for granted. A perfectionist of the highest order she will often organize things without being asked. As she is a quiet person, she often stands to the side and is never really noticed.
When off duty Cat likes to relax in crew areas and watch the ebb and flow of her fellow crew members. But then she is rarely off duty.

Physical Profile:

Catalina has black hair, blue eyes and stands at 5f7 and weighs in at 115lbs.

Special Notes:

Hates Coffee but can make a mean cup of it if needed.

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