Brianna Stronghold


Brianna Stronghold


Basic Information:

Name: Brianna Elspeth Stronghold

Nickname: Bri, or Anna

Race: El-Aurian

Gender: Female

Date Of Birth: 2349, date unknown

Age: 35

Looks: 20

Marital Status: Engaged

Place of Birth: Unknown/Not specified

Interests: Swimming, Reading, Rock climbing,
Orbital Skydiving, Kal’Toh,

Languages: Federation Standard, Vulcan, Bajoran, Klingon.

Family Information:

Adopted mother: Emily Stronghold, Civilian, SB 232
Adopted Father: Admiral James Stronghold, CO, SB 232
Fiancé: Admiral David Carey (MIA/KIA)
Children: None as Yet


General Education on Starbase 232, until she was 16.5

2363-2367: Starfleet Academy Training on SB 232. Special Admiral Dispensation.

Starfleet Service Record:

2363-2367: SB 232
Starfleet Academy Training- Special Admiral Dispensation

Ensign- Lt jg
2368-2370: USS Carlyle
Tactical Officer


2370-2371: USS Saratoga A
Assistant Chief of Tactical Officer

2372-2374: USS Galaxy
Chief of Tactical

Lt. Commander
2375-2376: USS Highlander
Chief of Tactical-Second officer

2377-2380: USS Highlander
Executive Officer

Envoy General
2381-2381: Starfleet Ambassadorial Corps

3281-2381: USS Excalibur

Ambassador 2nd Bar
3281-2381: USS Carlyle

Ambassador 3rd Bar
2382-Pres: USS Resolution
Head Diplomat


2367: Graduation Ribbon
2369: Promoted to Lt. Jg
2370: Promoted to Full Lieutenant
2375: Promoted to Lt. Commander
2377: Promoted to Commander
2381: Promoted to Ambassador
2381: Promoted to Ambassador 2nd Bar
2382: Promoted to Ambassador 3rd Bar



General History:


The small El-Aurian child, now known as Brianna, was found at age five on the doorstep of an Indian orphanage. Taken in, it was discovered that she had been sexually and physically abused. The search for her family was in vain. So she was put up for adoption. Given the name Brianna, she was paraded before many rich couples who were looking for the perfect child. All passed on her, when her history was told to them. Two years passed and the orphanage despaired of ever having her adopted.

In 2353, a starfleet officer and his wife came to the orphanage to look at the children. Emily and James Stronghold, were stationed on Starbase 232, where, he was the Starbase’s Executive officer and she was a civilian store owner on the Base’s promenade. Emily was interested in the younger children. But none of them seemed to suit her. She and James were leaving when they saw the young 7 year old Brianna sitting alone on a swing. She had not been included in their tour as she was the eldest of the children and was out of the age range they had specified.

When asked, the orphanage matron, disdainfully replied that Brianna was never going to be adopted as her past was a large stop sign to the prospective parents. When pressed further, the story came out. IT melted both Emily and James’ hearts and they offered to take the child. They took her home with them three days later. But Brianna was a silent child, not use to affection of any sort. It took them years to break through her. Years of hugs and kisses. And eventually they became a family in truth.

She went to school on the station and at 16 and a half, she applied to undertake her fleet training on Starbase 232. When it was granted, she spent four years with her parents, studying Tactical and Engineering. She went back to earth for her graduation and found that her grades had caused her to graduate in the top 1% of her class.

In 2368, she was assigned to the USS Carlyle. While on the Carlyle, she regressed into her anti social behavior. The counselor surmised that this might because of the way people treated the young El-Aurian. She was 21 but looked 16. She worked hard to prove herself and was promoted to Lieutenant jg in 2369. She made no friends in her tour of duty on the Carlyle. And in 2370 she transferred to the Saratoga and was assigned as its assistant Chief of Tactical.

Brianna’s tour of the Saratoga was uneventful and she managed to secure a transfer to the USS Galaxy in 2372. When she arrived she was assigned as Chief of tactical much to her surprise. It was here that she made her first friend. Her new friend was a small black panther cub. She named the Cat Aphrodite. In 2375, Brie and Andromeda were transferred to the USS Highlander where Brianna spent a year as Chief of tactical before being promoted to Commander and being made Executive officer. Three years of being an executive officer has molded her into prime Commander officer material. But she changed her mind. And went back to Starfleet to undertake Ambassadorial training. No reason was given for her sudden change of heart. And she has never discussed it with anyone. From there, she was promoted to Ambassador (1 bar) and sent to the USS Excalibur for two months before she left, citing dislike of the pompous ass captain. She was then promoted to a 2nd Bar Ambassador and sent to the USS Carlyle where she was involved in talks with the Breen. After that she was sent to the USS Resolution, as a 3rd Bar Ambassador, to lead their new diplomatic Department.


Brianna found herself in a relationship for the first time in her life early on in her duties on the RES. Though it started with a one night stand, her relationship with David Carey soon grew to the point where she and Aphrodite moved into David’s Cabin after he left his ex-wife Deanna Faal. It took a bit for the crew to accept her and in some cases they still haven’t. Being seen as the bad person in the situation was hard for Brianna who struggled to keep her private life out of the Ship’s water cooler gossip system. After a swimming accident on Risa she and David became engaged and discovered that she was pregnant. Due to personal preference, both David and Brianna never asked for the child’s gender, content to know that the child was healthy.

At nearly 4 months pregnant, David took her to a remote place to get away from the stress of living on the Resolution and to give them time to themselves without worrying about the gossip. But it was a short lived vacation when they and her bodyguard, Aphrodite were kidnapped and all clues to their whereabouts were scattered to the 4 corners of the galaxy. She and David later learned that they were being held by the Tallix Sect.

Personality Profile:

Brianna is still a quiet person. On Duty she is all business. But once her cabin door closes behind her, she reverts to her normal self. A quiet unassuming person, she likes her privacy. Since her arrival on Res she has not handled the stress well, but is slowly getting better and it is her belief that had the entire crew not gossiped about her and certain members had not treated her with disdain she would have been able to keep her private life quiet and not have had the stress at all. But She understands that the RES is a family and people will gossip no matter what.

Physical Profile:

Hair: Black
Eyes: Green/Blue
Height: 5f9
Weight: 120lbs
Skin Tone: Olive

Psychological Profile:

A child of rape and abuse, Brianna has been in counseling for many years. Every year she returns to SB 232 for vacation and often spends time in intensive counseling. While on the Resolution she has been seeing Tony Stoffels and has made some progress in her life.

Special Notes:

Her cat, the Black panther Aphrodite is nearly 10 and can be found with Brianna, even when Bri is on duty.

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