Brennan Thorne

Lieutenant Commander Brennan Thorne


Basic Information

NAME: Brennan Thorne
POSITION: Chief Tactical Officer
RANK: Lt. Commander
AGE: 34
HEIGHT: 6'6"
WEIGHT: 224 lbs
EYES: Violet
HAIR: Black
BIRTHPLACE: Shrewsbury, England, Earth
DATE OF BIRTH: 6.12. 2351
ACADEMY CLASS: Class of 2372
SPECIALITIES: Flight Tactics, tactical targeting systems, piloting, phaser/phaser rifles, 3rd degree black belt in karate and tae kwan do, Intelligence Operations, Strategic Battle Ops, Fleet Coordination, Elite Survival Training
HOBBIES: Painting, holodeck adventures, computer programming, horseback riding, guitar, violin, saxophone, human history and archaeology, fencing and swordplay, martial arts, reading, space exploration, galactic cartography
LANGUAGES: Federation Standard, Gaelic, Spanish, French, Klingon, Cardassian, Romulan, Vulcan


Father: Admiral Brian Thorne (deceased)
Mother: Dr. Victoria Cale-Thorne (deceased)
Siblings: Ali Armstrong (31), Dianna Caldwell (29), Decker Thorne (25)


Medal Of Valor (2373)
Silver Star (2373)
Bronze Star (2374)
Combat Action Medal (2374)
Prisoner Of War Medal (2375)
Golden Shield (2375)
Hero of The Federation (2376)
Intelligence Star (2384)

REPRIMANDS: None on file


Cadet 2368-2369 Starfleet Academy Tactical Training
Cadet 2369-2370 Starfleet Academy Tactical Training
Cadet 2370-2371 Starfleet Academy Tactical Training
Cadet 2371-2372 Starfleet Academy Tactical Training
Ensign 2372-2373 Deep Space 9 Tactical Officer
Ensign 2373-2374 USS Exeter Tactical Officer
Lieutenant JG 2375-2378 USS Venture Tactical Officer
Lt. JG 2378-2381 USS Sovereign Tactical Officer
Lieutenant 2381-2383 USS Sovereign Asst. Chief Tactical Officer
Lt.Commander 2383-2384 Starfleet Intelligence Intelligence Agent
Lt.Commander 2384-2385 USS Titan Asst. Chief Tactical Officer
Lt.Commander 2385-PRES USS Resolution-A Chief Tactical Officer



Brennan was born June 12, 2351 to Brian and Victoria Thorne in Shrewsbury, England. His mother was a doctor and on sabbatical in her home town of Shrewsbury and his father was teaching at Starfleet Academy. For the next 12 years Brian spent his life on earth, Space stations throughout the Alpha quadrant and 3 starships. His childhood was full of adventure, exploration and adventure… everyday was filled with imagination and danger. Brennan was always a tough young boy, but never a bully. He had always helped others, befriended outcasts and tended to enjoy helping those who needed it even at a young age. He was even a caring, protective big brother as he was the oldest of 4 children in the Thorne family.

During his childhood he studied strategy, tactics from the time he was 8 and started karate and tae kwan do classes by the time he was 4. He enjoyed reliving battles from the history of Starfleet and the Federation practicing at winning and perfecting the battle over and over again in the holodeck, all before he was 14.

He passed his Starfleet entrance exams and finished in the top 10 of entrees, with the recommendation of his father he was accepted to Starfleet Academy.

His time at Starfleet Academy was heaven for him. Brennan has the ability to let his brain become a sponge and just take in all he can learn and his classes just opened up new avenues. He became addicted to studying, to bettering himself as a cadet and gaining as much knowledge as possible. He finished his time at Starfleet, ranking number 11 in a class of 2,500.

Upon graduation he was immediately assigned to Deep Space 9 where disputes with the Dominion and the Cardassian Union were escalating out of control. His service on the station was exemplary, working hard and doing his duty to the best of his ability and when the Dominion War started he was on the battle lines, protecting the station.

In the evacuation of Deep Space 9, Brennan earned the Silver Star for his heroism in saving civilians and Starfleet personnel from an explosion on 3 decks while the Jem'Hadar were overtaking the station. He and 3 other officers held off 2 battalions of Jem'Hadar.

When Deep Space 9 fell to the Dominion in 2373, Brennan was reassigned to the USS Exeter which was fighting on the front lines in the Tendaras cluster region of the Alpha quadrant. It was during his service on the Exeter that Brennan earned the Bronze Star, Medal of Valor and the Combat Action Medal.
The Medal Of Valor was earned for heroic actions in the defense of Betazed, Combat Action medal in classified actions on a moon in the Draygo Star system and the Bronze Star was earned in the Battle of Regulon.

Brennan drove himself to be the best, not to a point were he stepped on fellow officers but just an internal drive to serve with distinction in valor even before he earned the medals. His father had never pushed him into a Starfleet career, he only encouraged his oldest son to do his best. But over the years it became an obsession—striving for excellence in his career.

Towards his last months on the Exeter, he met a gorgeous woman named Heather Logan. After 6 months of dating and falling in love, he married her despite the Dominion War. He arranged for her to serve with him on the Exeter and later on the Venture.

His time on the USS Venture was some of the most dangerous action of Brennan's career. The Venture was assigned to the Cardassian border attacks and later was instrumental in the invasion of Cardassia Prime. On a rescue mission on the planet Panora in Cardassian space, Brennan was captured. He held high ground against a battalion of Jem'Hadar with four of his men, while Starfleet marines accomplished their mission. Only problem was the fleet, including the Venture, was ordered to retreat—leaving Brennan and four Venture crew behind.

In torture sessions, Brennan's left eye was torn out of his eye socket and crushed right in front of him. He spent almost 4 months as a prisoner until the Federation Alliance started to take back Federation territory and the prison was abandoned.


Once back on the Venture, he learned that his wife had been killed in the line of duty due to a photon torpedo hit right where she was, blasting her and 5 other crew into space. He mourns her on the date of her death every year, but it is rare that he speaks of Heather to anyone.

Brennan went on to take part in the invasion of Cardassia Prime, where his actions earned him the Hero of the Federation for actions and uncommon valor in the line of duty. He was earning a reputation for having the mentality that he could hold out against overwhelming odds and found a way to accomplish his mission assignment. But on this assignment, even he was amazed. He does not speak of this action and tries to shrug off the award. The files of the action are well documented but not included in this dossier. Except for earning the Golden Shield, his career was uneventful after the war. He served with distinction and showed fine skills and exceptional performance. He welcomed the solace of peace and normal Starfleet operations on his reassignment to the USS Sovereign in 2378.

He was then assigned to Starfleet Intelligence, service record of this time is classified. But it is known this part of his career was assigned to him because of his valor in the Dominion War. Not much else is known or released by SI.

In 2384, Captain William Riker specifically requested him as his Assistant Chief Tactical Officer. He enjoyed his time on the USS Titan, and gained deep respect for Captain Riker. And finally in 2385 he was promoted to Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Resolution, where he serves currently.


Uncommonly driven, not because he must or is pushed but because it is what he expects of himself. He is the kind of person who cares for others, but shows it through actions and not words. He is gruff, tough, all business on duty—in fact some cadets and Ensigns find him scary and intimidating. He is a no-nonsense officer. At times can be reckless in the line of duty, but not where it harms others or puts his people in danger, but only himself. Despite popular opinion, he does have a sense of humor, enjoys relaxing and spending time in one of his hobbies.


His left eye has been replaced with a cyber optical implant, similar too Geordi LaForge's eye implants but of course updated to modern technology of 2385. There is a scar below his left eye where the knife cut after removing the left eye. He did have plastic surgery to repair the scar, so any tearing or scar tissue seen under the eye is minimal.

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